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  • Dairy Barn & Milk House 
  • Summer Kitchen 
  • Hog House & Sheep House 
  • Chicken Coop 
  • Machine Shed
  • Historic Farm
  • Demonstration Plots
  • 100 Acres of
    Agricultural Open Space
  • Picnic Pavilion 
  • Interpretive Shelter
  • Farm Discovery Trails
  • Fruit Orchard
  • Farm House
    (not open to the public)
All buildings are open when staff is on site with the exception of the Farmhouse.
Grounds Open
Dawn to Dusk
Office Hours
M-Sa | 8am-3pm
Doc, one of our Belgian Draft Horses
Rosie the barn cat
Barnyard Bulletin FAQ
As agricultural interpreters and livestock ambassadors, we love interacting with all of our visitors and answering your questions. Thanks to all of your help, Primrose Farm has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, and grown into the beautiful yet rural family getaway that we adore today. With the influx of visitors, us farmers began collecting a list of frequently asked questions about the farm and its livestock in order to put together some sort of FAQ for our regular visitors. Peruse through some of our Q&A bullet points to learn some interesting and fun facts about the quirky animals that call Primrose Farm their home!

Do you need roosters in order for Hens to lay eggs?
You do not need roosters to lay eggs. If you are interested in fertilizing eggs to hatch baby chicks, then yes you will need a rooster for that! However, Columbian Wyandotte hens will lay on average 1-2 unfertilized eggs each day regardless of any males in the flock.

What do you do with the milk that the cows produce?
When cows begin lactating for motherhood, they on average produce 3x the amount of milk that their calf needs. We do not profit or sell any of the milk that our cow's produce for a multitude of reasons, including sanitary and legal restrictions. Because of this, we give our calf a portion of the milk that is nutritionally regulated for her and dispose of the rest.

What is a "Dual Purpose Breed"?
A dual purpose breed is a type of animal that serves more than one purpose for humans. For example, our Shropshire Sheep are a specific breed of sheep that produce wool that can be used for clothing and blankets, and they are also bred for their meat as well. Other animals that we have on the farm that can be considered Dual Purpose Breeds are the Columbian Wyandot chickens, and our Jersey cows.

Why are the cows
so skinny?
There are two different categories of cows in the animal kingdom; beef cows and dairy cows. Beef cows are typically bred to be very muscular and round, in order to produce as much meat as possible. Dairy cows however are meant to produce milk, and are not primarily bred for beef production. Because of this difference, they hold their weight differently than a beef cow. Dairy cows also burn a significant amount of calories while producing milk, and therefore lactating cows may look leaner than a heifer or a cow that has not recently given birth. Our lactating dairy cows are fed double their rations and given on average 3-5 hours of grazing time to prevent any malnourishment.

Can you ride the horses at the farm?
Although Bob and Doc, our Belgian draft horses, are trained to pull people and machinery behind them, they have never been trained to carry someone on a saddle. Draft horses are primarily used to work, so instead you would normally see them carrying wagons, carriages or heavy farm equipment through the fields. They are also so large, it would be near impossible to securely fasten a person on their backs comfortably.

If you have any additional questions while visiting the farm, please feel free to approach a farmer at any time, as we love answering your questions! Our main goal here at Primrose Farm is to educate the public on the importance of farming, and to bridge the gap between the barnyard and your dinner tables. Thank you all once again for your support of the farm and we hope to see you soon!

These programs are held at Pottawatomie Community Center, 8 North Avenue, St. Charles. 
NEW! Candle Making
Ages 6+
Th  Oct 5  |  6-7pm   
RES $10/NR $15  (#14410)

Candle making is a fun and easy way to bring out your inner crafting genius! All ages are welcome to participate in this step by step tutorial instructed by a Primrose farmer. Choose your own color, design and scent to make your very own wax creation. All students will be able to take home their candle at the end of the session. Sign up today!

NEW! Homemade Cheese
Ages 7+
Th  Oct 12  |  6-7:30pm   
RES $10/NR $15  (#14411)

Everything is more delicious when it is homemade, and cheese is no exception! All ages are welcome to participate in this program, where a Primrose farmer will teach students how to prepare delicious mozzarella cheese. Participants are welcome to take home any cheese that they create to enjoy with the whole family.

Click on code #s to register.
NEW! Brew Your Own Beer
Ages 21+
Th  Oct 19  |  6-8pm   
RES $20/NR $30  (#14412)

Learn the art of craft brewing in our brand new adult program! Students will participate in a step by step tutorial taught by an experienced brewing instructor on how to create your very own home brew. After all of the heavy duty work, students will also enjoy a craft beer tasting provided by the instructor. Sign up today and hone in on your newest hobby!
Enjoy Farm Fun on Select Wednesdays & Saturdays
On-site registrations accepted. All ages welcome. 
Ages 15 & under must be accompanied by an adult. Please arrive 10 minutes early to register on site.
Chicken and Egg
Every Wednesday & Saturday
RES $5/NR $8 per person
See, hear and touch the Columbian Wyandotte chickens that call Primrose home and help gather farm fresh eggs straight from the nest. All pickers take home a share of the eggs collected!   

Hands-on Milking
Every Wednesday & Saturday
RES $5/NR $8 per person
Spend your morning cozying up to the Primrose cows! Meet these lovely ladies and discover what goes into dairying - the breeding, raising and milking of dairy animals. Then get up close and personal with one of the 'fresh' cows and try your hand at milking. 
Hold Your Horses
First & Third Saturdays
RES $5/NR $8 per person
Crazy about horses? Here's your chance to mingle with some gentle giants - the Primrose Farm Belgian draft horses. Explore basic grooming techniques and learn about equine care practices of today and yesterday.
Feed the Animals
Second & Fourth Saturdays
RES $5/NR $8 per person
Please feed the animals! It's not often that you'll hear this being said on a farm. Get a unique - behind the scenes - opportunity to help feed the farm's animal residents. Learn about the care and feeding of livestock and how their specialized diets vary throughout the year. 

Let the Primrose Farm staff tailor a one-of-a-kind scouting program to learn about agricultural farming, animal care and husbandry, environmentalism and hands-on history to meet your specific badge needs! All scout troops are invited to work alongside the farmers and educators for a unique learning experience.

Caring for farm animals, milking cows, tending to the vegetable gardens, beekeeping, hiking trails, wagon rides and exploring historical sites are just some of the activities available.

Boy Scouts: Custom Programs
Boy Scout Badges
Eagle Scout Projects

Girl Scouts: Custom Programs
Girl Scout Badges and Journeys
Gold Award Projects

These 1-hour programs are offered weekdays and Saturdays at your troops' convenience. Fee is $5 per scout. A tractor-drawn hayride can be added as an additional $2 per person. To schedule a program or for more details,
call 630-513-4370.

Celebrate your Birthday
with a Barnyard Bash
at Primrose Farm!

Dress up in your overalls,
bandannas and boots for some fabulous and festive farm fun.

Weather permitting,parties are held either in the Summer Kitchen, under a picnic pavilion or at a picnic table in the farmyard.

For ages Ages 3-12
Available April to October

To reserve a date, call 630-513-4370.
For more info, click here.
Volunteer Opportunities

Do you need community service hours for school, scouts or church? Are you looking for an opportunity to get your hands dirty and give back to the community?

Primrose Farm is always in search of volunteers to help with livestock chores, gardening and farm clean up. Ages 15 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For more information click here, or call 630-513-4370. 
  Saturday, December 16  |  3-5pm
RES $25/NR $38 per household  (#14578)

Winter on the Farm
Saturday, January 6  |  1-5pm
RES $7/NR $11 per person  (#14579)
Wagon Rides: RES/NR $2 per person 
All programs are held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles (unless otherwise noted).
630-513-4370  |  primrosefarmpark.com
RES=Resident / NR=Nonresident