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The Bechtel/First Net/JADE HELM Military Connection  

First Net - the federal parent cell tower, surveillance agency for  
LA RICS, the local Los Angeles daughter cell tower surveillance agency


1) Update on satellites over LA and call for volunteers in Los Angeles
2) The Bechtel/First Net/Jade Helm 15 Military operation connection

1) Update on satellites over LA and call for volunteers in Los Angeles

I sent the below note out to my local Los Angeles list but wanted to send it out nationally/internationally as LA RICS is denying the use of satellites "at this time". 
Sent locally 2 days ago... if you already received this just scroll down to item #2)



Hello All,


We are working round the clock to stop the LA RICS, federal, microwave surveillance program in it's entirety.  LA RICS is now denying any use of satellites and saying the LA Times article got it wrong.  Since this is being implemented under Homeland Security, it is possible they could be using satellites in this infrastructure and just not tell us, or they may not be using them now but could integrate them at a later date and no one would be the wiser.  Anything is possible when using " Homeland Security" under "The Patriot Act".  Regardless, they are promising their new plan of eliminating cell towers where people are objecting, but still being able to obtain the coverage they need by saturating all 4,060 square miles of LA County, which leads us to believe they will be CRANKING the power up worse than usual on these deadly radiation structures.

We have a plan though...we want to flyer each area where they want to put the towers in and have the residents call their supervisors and complain that they don't want the tower.  The supervisors are listening and we can stop the towers in these areas by doing this.  Hopefully, when we are done, there will be NO AREAS where people don't complain about the towers and thus have the installation stopped.


If you are able to help go knock on doors, speak with residents and flyer any area where the cell towers are to be put in, please get in touch with me and we can send you the list so you can choose an area within which to flyer and talk with people.  We have approx. 67 areas to do.  It's an ambitious project and we are short on time and people, so we are going to need help with this. 


Thank you so much.  We can do this, but we can't do it alone and we need your help.


Sincerely, Liz





PS, Supervisor Don Knabe's son, Matt Knabe, is a senior partner at Englander, Knabe and Allen, a prolific lobbying firm with Motorola as one of their chief clients. But for political reasons, he voted with the committee last time to reject the program, even though he verbally and publicly supported the LA RICS/First Net federal cell tower program. 



2) The Bechtel/First Net/Jade Helm 15 Military operation connection   



What is JADE HELM?... 

                JADE "Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution."

                HELM "Homeland Eradication of Local Militants"


Petition Against JADE HELM

I don't know how to say this, but LA RICS, part of First Net, the federal wireless, surveillance program, is what may be, a military operation, being implemented by "the military within the military".  In other words, the people who control the US president, much of the CIA and large portions of other privately funded Federal Reserve or US tax dollar military agencies and operations...Yes, I am talking about the banksters...the very same people who concocted First Net.

You can go right to 3.10 minutes if you don't want to watch from beginning... 

First Net, a Military Search And Destroy Application, Tied to Jade Helm 15 



Vid,  What is Jade Helm 15 and Dissident Extraction Drills?    



Video - Closing Walmarts to use as military bases for JADE HELM... 






Veterans Today Magazine: JADE HELM "Oh so real" 



This article contains some stuff I don't personally support and find offensive, but some of the info on First Net is eye opening... 



Alex Jones, Info Wars 

Vets Plan Counter to Jade Helm 



Satellites are being considered and may very well be implemented now or in the near future with First Net, but companies who make money from cell tower installations are heavily pushing those... 

"Ubiquitous US coverage provided through satellite network integration" (last bullet) will not solve the problem. Satellites have low bandwidth, are more expensive to operate, and are not reliable under a number of attack scenarios (nation state, cosmic solar flares, etc.). "   



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