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July 27, 2016
It's official: we are $1 million closer to making sure our Sanctuary stands strong for generations to come! The $500,000 matching fund established in April by five parishioners has generated an additional $500,000 for the "How Firm Our Foundation" capital campaign. The dollar-for-dollar match inspired 101 gifts to the project, including many second gifts.

"With each of us generously giving what we are able, we have reached this new milestone," said Rev. Aimée.  "I am so inspired by what we have been able to accomplish together, and I give thanks to God for each of you."
Capital Campaign Now Focuses on Reaching $10.1 Million Milestone
To date, we have received 187 gifts getting us to nearly $9.4 million of our overall $11.6 million goal. While that is a tremendous achievement, we need to raise another $740,000 to reach the $10.1 million needed to begin the formal construction process.

The vestry has set a goal of reaching this milestone by late summer or early fall so that they can commission the architect to proceed with necessary construction documents.

"I know we still have a way to go, but with each of us working together, with the help of God and stretching as able, we will make this goal a reality," Rev. Aimée said. "Thank you for the ministry we've accomplished together, and thank you for what we will continue to pursue in order to achieve this landmark effort."

Click on the image above to see the latest campaign status report.
Steel Spires Dropped in Dramatically by Construction Crane
A crane places one of two twin steel cages that will be faced with stone. It was learned during demolition that the spires on our old Bell Tower likely were built following the infamous 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake. That won't be an issue in the future.

A lovely silhouette takes shape.

Do you recognize our cupola?
Challenging News . . . 
Bell Tower Work Reveals More Surprises
By Chip Nichols, Sanctuary Project Facilities Committee

When we broke through the walls behind and adjacent to the deconstructed Bell Tower to make space for the forms used to pour the concrete pilasters that will support the new Bell Tower, we discovered a distressing lack of structural support, including the absence of headers for the main and side doors. In preparation for our permit filings, Bob Easton and our structural engineer began preliminary investigations beyond the entrance area and determined that the north aisle floor is actually two inches lower than the center aisle floor, the north side wall tilts out three inches at the top, and the roof over the aisle is sagging because of inadequate original construction, including the absence of any ridge beam (what we thought was a beam is actually a hollow conduit).
Bob believes the same conditions exist at the south aisle area. Strengthening of the roof framing has always been budgeted to accommodate the addition of ceiling insulation, but these additional structural inadequacies make it all the more critical that we reach our capital campaign construction budget target of $10.1 million quickly, to assure that the enormous work of preparing Phase 2 drawings and putting the work out to competitive bids can begin on schedule!

Photos Updated Weekly!
Check Out Bell Tower 
Construction Photo Album
Click the link below or the photo above to see the latest behind-the-scenes (or in this case, behind-the-fence) photos of all the work being done to remove and rebuild the Bell Tower. It's amazing!

Moving Gesture of Support
Mary Jo Yaeger and Terry Dodge Commit to the Capital Campaign
By Kathie Deviny, Sanctuary Project Communications Committee
Mary Jo and Terry started attending All Saints in 2012, a few years after their marriage and a few more years after retirement: both from the U.S. Postal Service. She was raised Roman Catholic and he a Baptist.  Mary Jo was the longtime postmaster in Summerland and Terry currently works part time at Montecito's Read 'n Post.  After participating in Rev. Vicki's confirmation class, Mary Jo was received and Terry was confirmed into The Episcopal Church.
Terry and Mary Jo appreciate their connection to the All Saints community.  As with so many parishioners, they participate in different ways.  Mary Jo is a regular at Bible and Babble and Tuesday morning Eucharist, and serves on the Outreach Committee. Terry recently volunteered as an election worker at St. Michael's in Isla Vista.
Discussing their contribution to
the capital campaign, Mary Jo noted, "We're both on fixed incomes and do not have extra sources to draw from for our donations." Terry said further, "Because we want to contribute we decided to dedicate what we would normally spend on our vacation as a gift to the capital campaign."  
When the couple learned about the matching gift fund they decided to extend their pledge from two to five years.  "We're very pleased to have this opportunity to contribute even more, and thank the parishioners who made this matching fund possible," they said in unison!
Co-chair Ed Birch responded to this extraordinary gesture, "We are touched and humbled by the generosity of Mary Jo and Terry. Gifts of all sizes will not only help us achieve the goal, but by the spirit of giving and coming together as a family that means so much. On behalf of my co-chairs Bitsy and Sheri, please accept our sincere appreciation."