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May 11, 2016

This was an historic week at All Saints as work began on the deconstruction of our iconic Bell Tower. Then just today the bell was hoisted by crane and brought down to earth. You can find a link below that will take you to photos of all the action - and the reactions from our Parish School children and several parishioners who witnessed the event.

Please also read the moving story of Dual Miller and his donation to the project.  And a child shall lead them . . . . 

God's Blessings,
Rev.  Aimée
For the first time in more than 100 years, that we know, the All Saints bell has come down from its tower. A momentous time for all for us all!

All Saints' Bell Tower Work Makes Noozhawk, KEYT, Montecito Journal
All Saints has been all over the news with the launch of phase one of the project: the rebuilding of our iconic Bell Tower. We made KEYT, Noozhawk and the Montecito Journal. Click the links below to see the coverage!

Great Progress: $8.44 million Raised; $129,201 of Matching Fund Tapped
Since the first of April, we have received 21 gifts totaling $518,402; we have now raised $8.44 million, which is 73 percent of our $11.6 million goal.  Click the link below to see the very latest version of the Honor Roll of Donors. 

Remember, every gift will be matched dollar for dollar by our $500,000 matching gift fund. We still need another $370,799 in new gifts to fulfill the match by July. Commitments may be paid over 1 to 5 years.

If you would like to learn more, just call the Church Office. If you are ready to make your gift, just click on the link below for the "Statement of Intent" form. And thank you from all 100+ project leaders!    

The Bell Tower Gets Naked . . . And Then The Bell Came Down!
First it was the ivy removal. Then power washing. Today was the big day: the bell came down! It was witnessed by children from the Parish School as well as several parishioners, staff and clergy who wanted to see first hand this historic moment. 

You can see all the photos during the moment-by-moment changes which have taken place during the week.  Just click on any photo or the link below to see our Flickr photo album!

Inscription on the All Saints Bell
This bell was presented to the 
Church of All Saints-by-the-Sea 
Montecito Valley, California 
on the day of its Consecration
By Mr. Walter Humphrey and Wife 
To the Glory of God,
and in loving memory of their three only daughters
 Ann Alida, age 16 
Mary Ellery, aged 21 
Charlotte Elizabeth Maud, aged 21
Your Questions Answered: "What Are Those Special Lapel Pins?"
Have you noticed several individuals wearing special lapel pins lately? They have made known their gift commitment to the "How Firm Our Foundation" capital campaign in support of the Bell Tower work and main Sanctuary project. Here are a few comments from our fellow parishioners about why they have given:

Kathie Deviny and Father Paul Collins:
We have firsthand experience with crumbling bell towers.  In the '02 Seattle earthquake a cladding stone from the Trinity church tower fell through the ceiling at the back of the sanctuary, narrowly missing Paul, who was preparing for a baptism.  Through a series of small and large miracles, the congregation was able to make the church strong, safe and accessible without sacrificing its beauty and holiness.  We know it can be done and feel privileged to be able to help All Saints in the same way.  

Ken Jewesson and Francie:
We love the people of All Saints, all the fine activities, the church itself and all the facilities, and the Outreach that helps others. It's very important to make sure the Sanctuary is here for our children and our children's children. It would be a disaster if it was  damaged. We have to ensure the church will be here.

Charley Cairns and Bonnie:
As our Sanctuary approaches its 120th birthday in a few years, we know it needs significant structural work. It's important to do the work now and we hope that everyone will participate and recognize the importance of it!

If you have a question about the project or the capital campaign, just reply to this email and send in your question. We welcome any question or comments.
"And A Little Child Shall Lead . . ."

Nicholas Miller helps his son Dual ring the bell before the start of construction.
Dual Miller, son of Nicholas and Shelly, attended the moving Bell Tower Construction Kickoff and Prayer Service on April 24. Afterward, he went to Rev. Aimée and asked if he could give to the project. It was an incredibly heartwarming moment as he brought out a dollar bill and solemnly gave it to one of the project co-chairs. His father explained that he heard we needed to raise money for the Bell Tower and he wanted to help. 

For more information call the Church Office or visit the campaign website.