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September 13, 2016
Bell Tower Dedication
Big Day in the Parish: Combined Service Set for Oct. 23 at 9 a.m.

9 a.m. Oct. 23, 2016
Ringing of the bell in the new Bell Tower
Single, combined worship service
Immediately After Combined Service
Town Hall meeting after the 9 a.m. worship service
Town Hall Meeting Set for Oct. 23 After 9 a.m. Worship Service
This will be a chance to see a floor plan of the interior of the seismically-strengthened Sanctuary, see photos of how we currently envision our new pipe organ, and learn about all project elements:
  • New foundation and walls, lateral strengthening designed to ensure the building will survive a severe earthquake
  • New pipe organ
  • Lower the communion rail, add accessible restrooms, and update the sound and lighting systems
  • Add a Memorial Chapel that will contain niches to hold the cremated remains of those in the parish who wish to be interred inside the Sanctuary
  • Create a new sacred space especially for lifelong spiritual formation where the Vesting Room is now located, to be called the Seaside Chapel - this will also be an area for overflow seating for large services and a small area for weddings/services
  • Update the working areas of the church, including altar guild and clergy sacristies and the flower guild work room
  • Update the campus landscaping, install proper drainage systems
Great Progress: Columbarium Committee Up and Running 
The first meeting of the Columbarium Committee was held August 24. The Committee includes Pete and Becky Adams, the Rev. Paul Collins, Ken and Francie Jewesson, Georgia Lynn, Pat McClure (who will bring her long experience with our columbarium efforts to the role of chair), Director of Administration Kathleen Winters (who has in-depth experience with columbarium operations at her former parish) and the Rev. Michelle Woodhouse.
As you likely know, a columbarium is a room or building with niches for funeral urns to be stored. The Committee is charged with surveying area church columbaria, working with project architect Bob Easton on space planning and design, interviewing columbarium manufacturers and recommending a contractor, and developing terms of subscription and operating rules for the columbarium, to be built in the new Sanctuary's Memorial Chapel.
As a first assignment the Committee has developed responses to the Santa Barbara County Planning Department's inquiries about our columbarium plans in connection with its processing of our CUP amendment application, one of the key County permits that will be required to enable Phase 2 of the Sanctuary Readiness and Preservation Project. Our full responses are expected to be filed by mid-September, and the Committee hopes to interview at least three columbarium manufacturers in October. 
Countdown on to Receive Updated Project Costs
Just like any of us who have remodeled a very old home, we are unearthing some surprises in the way our Sanctuary was built and the manner in which it was cobbled together in the decades since it was consecrated.
To analyze how we are doing with the construction budget as we conclude the Bell Tower reconstruction, project leaders have requested that architect Bob Easton, the contractor, structural and mechanical engineers, and other professionals undertake exploratory work on the walls, roof supports and other areas to be addressed in Phase 2 in order to identify likely "surprises" not covered by our original budget and to prepare an update.
"It was only after we removed the old Bell Tower and could peer inside the walls and other structural elements were we able to see just how big a job we face to make our sacred home seismically sound," said Chip Nichols, chair of the Project Facilities Committee, which is overseeing the preservation effort. Other Committee members include Pete Adams, Sheri Benninghoven, Rev. Aimée, Tom Mack and George Writer.

The original project construction budget was "rounded up" and we included a generous 20 percent contingency fund. While we are confident that we will be able to absorb serious surprises which have been unearthed recently, our contingency is designed to handle these types of issues.

"We are committed to making sure we address the needs of the Sanctuary while ensuring we monitor the project, its costs and our budget," said Rev. Aimée. "We have excellent lay leadership working daily to monitor all aspects of this major undertaking. We also have a
stellar team of outside professionals managing the project. The Vestry is updated regularly and we will continue to keep the parish informed," she added. We look forward to presenting more information about all of these developments at our fall Town Hall meeting.
Amended Conditional Use Permit in the Works
In August we received a request for information from the Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Department on our application for an amendment to the Conditional Use Permit which governs what we do on the campus (our current CUP was issued for our last capital project, begun in 1997). This is the most significant of the array of County permits we will require to move forward with Phase 2 of the Sanctuary Preservation and Readiness Project.
We were pleased that the inquiries accepted the concept of our proposal to build a columbarium within the proposed new Memorial Chapel and raised no significant issues with any other part of our application. Among the requests made by the County were:
  • Details of the columbarium's effect on All Saints' operations, including family and public visiting hours, eligibility for and frequency of interment services, and the proposed location and maximum number of niches
  • Proposed revisions to our site plans, including new and rehabilitated landscaping and storm water controls
  • Exterior noise level of the proposed new organ vs. the existing organ
  • Submission of an application to the Montecito Board of Architectural Review
  • Submission of an expanded Historic Resources Report (the report filed for the Bell Tower reconstruction identified the Sanctuary as eligible for federal, state and county historic site status).
The County advised that we will be scheduled for a hearing before the Historic Landmark Advisory Commission to receive its comments (we appeared last spring on the Bell Tower project) and can expect a hearing before the Montecito Planning Commission for its approval.
In late August project architect Bob Easton, landscape architect Puck Erickson and Facilities Committee member George Writer met with County planning staff for an overview of the project. In addition, our acoustical consultant conducted exterior sound measurements with the existing organ.
The newly formed Columbarium Committee (see article abaove) has developed responses to the County's inquiries and we are working on detailed responses to all other inquiries, which we expect to file by mid-September. The County will then have 30 days to review our submission and request additional information. Once the application has been deemed complete, it will be noticed by public filing and mailing to the neighborhood. We plan to precede that with another in our series of letters to our neighbors so they are kept fully apprised.
Photos Updated Weekly!
Check Out Bell Tower 
Construction Photo Album
Click the link below or the photo above to see the latest behind-the-scenes (or in this case, behind-the-fence) photos of all the work being done to remove and rebuild the Bell Tower. It's amazing!

"How Firm Our Foundation" Capital Campaign Continues Aggressively
We now stand at $9.8 million raised via 217 gifts. Fund raising continues as we work to reach $10.1 million, which would enable the Vestry to authorize the year-long process to create detailed drawings, obtain construction bids and secure the array of permits necessary.
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