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June 23, 2016
Time Capsule Contents Revealed
Contents of Time Capsule Badly Damaged by Water, Time, Jackhammer
One hundred and sixteen years after it was last touched, the time capsule set into place under the Bell Tower cornerstone was opened and  its contents revealed to a waiting parish. What did our founding parishioners and clergy feel was most important for us to know about them? Was there anything of value? What was on their minds?

Apparently they were most focused on the Episcopal Church itself and proud of being part of not only the larger community but also the larger church. Here are the items discovered:
  • Constitutions and Canons 1896
  • Young Churchman Newspaper
  • Meneely Bell Company Pamphlet
  • Living Church Quarterly Almanac and Calendar for 1900
  • 5th Annual Diocesan Convention Booklet
  • Two small prayer books
  • Several newspapers

Fragile items found in the lead box time capsule are displayed on the patio. Below is the lead box and its contents.

Capital Campaign Continues Apace: 8 New Gifts in Past Week!
Eight new campaign gifts arrived this past week, including two purchases of Jim Dow paintings (see article below in case you missed last week's newsletter)! We continue to be so grateful for the generous support of so many. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent participation from the entire parish. Please know that gifts of every size are welcome and appreciated and needed. Many parishioners are coming up with a gift amount they can give in a single year and then committing to giving that amount in each of the next five years. It's a great way to make a stretch gift and ensure our beautiful Sanctuary stands strong for generations.
The matching gift challenge has inspired many, many new gifts. Every dollar committed by July 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $500,000! Another $150,000 is needed to fulfill the match. Please call the Church Office if you are ready to give.

Click on the image above to see the latest campaign status report.
Construction Standards in 1900 Not Quite as Strong as 2016!
Check out the lack of any supports or foundation holding up the exterior church walls. Click on this image to see more construction photos.
Concrete, Steel Cages Installed Deep Under New Tower Location; 
Grout Width Important: Who Knew?
Here is a brief summary of what's happening on the phase 1 construction front:
  • The installation of the steel supports which will hold up the new Bell Tower is complete. This involved drilling deep holes into which were placed steel cages. In the photos below you can see that a deep bed of concrete was then poured over these two steel cages.
  • A team from All Saints met with the stone mason to choose the width and color of the grout for the new tower and also to confirm the roughness of the stone facings. Some of these decisions are guided by historians whose job is to ensure our tower is rebuilt in a similar style as its original construction.
  • Eight-foot tall wooden walls with plastic sheeting were installed inside the back of the Sanctuary to enable the removal and rebuilding of part of the Sanctuary entry area.


Photos Updated Weekly!
Check Out Bell Tower 
Construction Photo Album
Click the link below to see the latest behind-the-scenes (or in this case, behind-the-fence) photos of all the work being done to remove and rebuild the Bell Tower. It's amazing!

Ben & Clara Watson Offer Heartwarming Testimony
The Eloquence of Generosity of our Children on Full Display
Ben and Clara Watson, ages 9 and 8 respectively, regularly attend All Saints with their parents, Mark and Leah Watson. According to Leah, a recent dinnertime discussion included an explanation of how pledging works and why it was important to give to the capital campaign in addition to their normal tithing. As a family they discussed why they love All Saints and by the time the meal had ended both Ben and Clara, who are in the 4th and 3rd grades, had decided that they wanted to make pledges on their own to support the Sanctuary Preservation and Readiness Project! 
In their own words, Ben and Clara spoke at the 10 a.m. service to explain what they had in mind and why they so wanted to support All Saints. Here is just a short portion of their comments. You can click here to read their entire testimony. And you can click on this link to see a brief interview from the patio. 
Ben : I want to give because it's important for the church to have a strong foundation and not collapse in case of a natural disaster. All Saints is my special place of worship and I want to know that it will be here for future generations.
I'm excited that I will be able to give $5 a month from my allowance.  I know it may not sound like much, but over a five-year span it will equal $300.  And there is also a matching grant right now, that will turn my gift into $600. 
And my sister is doing the same exact thing, so with the matching grant, it will equal $1,200.  We made the decision to make payments twice a year, the church will send us a bill to remind us. This is one of the longest commitments I've ever made - I will be fourteen when my pledge is complete.
Clara : Churches are home to everyone, even if you don't speak the same language. All Saints is important to me because this church welcomed me with open arms and helps me understand more about the glory of God.
Click on this image to see Ben and Clara Watson tell us why they are supporting the Capital Campaign.
It's important to give because you can be part of keeping our history alive for generations to come. The magic of this place touches me, I can let go of all the worries of life and learn about our Creator and leave ready to love.
We could not be more thankful for the Watson family and especially for Ben and Clara. Please say hello when you see them next and include a big "Thank You!"

Miramar in Sync with All Saints
Several weeks ago a team from All Saints met with Miramar Hotel developer Caruso Affiliated representatives to discuss our respective construction plans and schedules and to look for opportunities to work together to avoid disruption to the neighborhood and the All Saints community. Among many topics explored were items such as sharing after-hours security for both job sites and other related matters.
In July Caruso will begin a 5-month process of land grading, with 35,000 yards of fill arriving! Part of this process will involve replacing a portion of the water mains serving the homes along Miramar Avenue to improve water pressure and system redundancy. Caruso Affiliated is scheduling a grand opening for Labor Day 2018.
On a related front, the All Saints team raised the prospect of submitting a funding request to the Caruso Family Foundation to support the capital campaign. The grant is being prepared and will be submitted later this month. Keep your fingers crossed!

The approved Miramar Hotel drawings; All Saints is located to the far left in the shaded area, just below the parking lot in the top left corner.
For Sale Now in Church Office
Noted Artist and Parishioner Jim Dow Supports Project with 8 Paintings
Jim and Pat Dow have been members of the parish since 1957 and have supported many All Saints initiatives. Jim even served as a key leader of our last capital campaign when he attended weekly meetings to oversee  the work of the architect and contractor. And he's stepping up again as an accomplished artist and supporter of our current $11.6 million campaign: in addition to a generous multi-year gift commitment, he's donating 8 water color and oil paintings, the proceeds of which will go toward the campaign and be matched dollar-for-dollar through the matching fund. 

Two of the pieces of artwork have already been purchased! Hurry to the Church Office to make sure you get an original Dow water color.

Click on the image to see a list of Jim's paintings, titles and proposed cost.
"We want to help provide funds for this necessary renovation project," they  said. "Anyone who buys one of my paintings can write a check to the church with the proceeds going to the capital campaign" Jim added. 

The paintings range in cost from $300 to $600 and would raise $3,720 and would be  doubled by the match; included is a brand new painting of the Sanctuary with its "original" Bell Tower. It's also possible that a bidding war might break out and of course, we think of Jim's artwork as priceless, as are Jim and Pat.
Organ Location Update: 
Town Hall Set for Fall
By Tom  Mack, Senior Warden/Organ Committee Member
For the past several months, our leadership has been working on important aspects of where to locate the new tracker organ.  A team from organ maker CB Fisk visited in late January and we learned that the location of the organ would impact the quality of the sound. 
The location of the new organ has been narrowed to two locations, each with its own advantages and challenges.  One is at the altar end of the church, and the other is at the entry area of the church.  These options reflect a range of trade-offs as to likely acoustics, liturgical quality, integration with the church architecture, and consistency with the historical look and feel of the space. 
We considered holding a Town Hall meeting before summer to get your feedback but we find ourselves a few weeks short of being fully prepared to do this.  So, rather than do this during summer when many are away, we are targeting fall for the meeting.  We are planning a brief survey afterward to gather your feedback. We look forward to seeking your input before a final decision is made about the organ.