The Best Sales Activities for December
What are the best sales activities for December?
You are hurrying around, doing whatever it takes to close every sale possible before year end so you can make quota and earn your annual bonus. However you may be waiting until after the holidays to prospect for new business since most companies don’t want to start new projects at this time of the year. This “hurry up and wait” mode can be very stressful, as you struggle with how to stay busy.  

So what are some productive sales activities for December?  

Management Matters - Is It Time to Fire That Non Producing Sales Rep?
As the year end approaches, many sales managers often ask themselves what they should do with their non producing sales representatives. 

Is it time to sever the employer - employee relationship and let them go? That depends on the answers to these three questions.

Career Connections - Make Sure To Continue Your Job Search During the Holiday Season!
Have you found yourself saying "I can't find a job now. I'll start looking after the Holidays"? Stop!

Why should you continue your job search at this time of year?

Channel Chat - Should I Consider Hiring an Independent Sales Agent?
According to information from the Research Institute of America, between 50 and 80 percent of manufacturers use independent sales representatives.

Should you consider hiring an independent sales agent?

Webinar -  Your 90 Day Sales Rep Success Plan - How to create an On Boarding Process that puts your sales reps on the right road to success!
Successful sales organizations have a structured "On Boarding Process" which every new sales hire follows, regardless of their previous sales experience. The result? The new hire sells more for the company faster and is much more productive in the long term than sales reps working for companies without an such a plan.

"Welcome to the company. Here's your price book, now go out and sell." is not an Onboarding Process ? Want to know what is?

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Remember as Richard Taylor once said, "your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your commitment to excellence today." 
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