The Best Technologies of 2016


Linear Gantry EXCT

Cartesian handling system for high speed picker
The high-speed EXCT series T-gantry can easily achieve cycle times of 670 milliseconds. It offers a higher dynamic response than conventional linear gantries and is scalable for a wide variety of strokes.

The gantry has a speed of 5 m/s and achieves acceleration rates of 50 m/s² over its entire working area thanks to a clever design that connects both toothed belt axes to the cross member with a single rotating toothed belt around the drive shaft. Being driven by two servos provides the positive side effect that there is no need to include a motor in the motion on the Y/Z plane with its two degrees of freedom.

IDEM Trapped Key Interlock

Robust coded key safeguarding for hazardous machinery
The IDEM trapped key guarding system is developed on the transfer of coded keys between a power isolation and a locking mechanism. The essential feature of the system is that removable keys are trapped either in the guard lock or in the power isolation switch. The interlock on the guard is arranged so that a trapped key can only be released once the guard has been closed and locked.
The system works on the principle of releasing heavy duty coded mechanical keys in a pre-determined sequence to ensure machine power has been isolated before any access can be made into areas where hazards or dangerous machinery is present.

Six Axis Technology
TV Series vertical articulated robots

Toshiba Machine's range of 6 axis robots offers our customers the additional flexibility required in certain applications. The technology is based upon the clean, quick and high performance level of the SCARA but with the full movement of 6 axes. The TV Series six axis robot uses an absolute position detection system, with a robust AC motor at its heart.
  • 6-Axis Vertically articulated arms 
  • Available in 800, and 1000mm arm lengths
  • Up to 10kg payload
  • Ideal for machine loading/unloading and assembly applications
  • Supports cleanroom design and waterproof design (-IP)
Rankin Automation Company Celebrates 80 Years in 2017

Rankin Automation Company was founded as a manufacturer's representative organization by Walter A. Rankin in 1937.
As we prepare to celebrate our 80th year, Rankin Automation represents some of the most innovative companies in the automation world.  Festo, 80/20, Balluff, Beckhoff and other represented companies allow Rankin to provide customers with comprehensive cutting edge solutions in response to their need to be world competitive. We invite you to click to the Products tab to review all of the companies we represent

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Large Area Vacuum Gripping System - FXC


TV800 6-axis
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