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Thursday, January 4 - 8:00pm : iEngage
Friday, January 5 - 6:30pm: A capella Shabbat a la Mode RSVP by 1/3
Monday, January 8 to Sunday, January 15 - Shelter Week
Tuesday, January 9 - 7:15am:  Early Morning Minyan
Thursday, January 11- 8:00pm:   iEngage
Tuesday, January 16 - 7:15am:  Early Morning Minyan
Wednesday, January 17 - 8:00pm:   iEngage
Thursday, January 18 - 12-1:30pm: Bet Torah In The City please RSVP rabbikoffman@bettorah.org
Saturday, January 20 - 9:30am Men's Club Shabbat
Tuesday, January 23 -7:15am:  Early Morning Minyan
Wednesday, January 24 - 8:00pm- Sisterhood book club #2
Tuesday evening January 30- Wed. Evening, January 31- TuBiShvat
Tuesday, January 30th- 7:45pm - Lior Lev Sercarz event at Bet Torah!

Important Reminder: Purim is March 1st! The deadline to place your Shalach Manot order is January 25th!  

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 Today is the last the day to RSVP for this Fridays
A Capella Shabbat a la Mode
Friday, January 5, 2018 at 6:30 pm
Please come celebrate Shabbat with your Bet Torah community!
Kabbalat Shabbat services will feature the amazing Shalom Singers as well as our very own Cantor Herman! After a wonderful service, please join us for a cozy, hamish Shabbat dinner.

There is no charge , but you must RSVP TODAY to ltavares@BetTorah.org
Please provide names of all attending
Bet Torah Will be hosting the Emergency Homeless Shelter
January 8-15
We are still in need of donations of food and supply items
Some of the items needed are:

Please contact Michele Posner at socialaction@bettorah.org with any questions
Every Donation is A Vote of Confidence
For the Future of This Community

All Donors Will be Recognized on a Plaque in Bet Torah’s Lobby &
“Recognition of Giving” Yearbook

For More Information, Contact Us at : BurnOurMortgage@bettorah.org
Save The Date! Saturday, April 21, 2018
For an evening of music from the Beatles!! Party with fantastic, home-grown Bet Torah musicians who will recreate the music of the Fab Four! Sing, dance, eat, schmooze and get great silent auction deals!
Want to help us make this a great event!?
Contact Nancy Fried-Tanzer nancy@nandon.net
As we approach Israel’s 70th birthday I am mindful of all the ways we have been blessed to live at a time in human history where such a reality is a given in our lives. Its almost hard to even picture what Jewish life would be like without an Israel. There are so many ways to mark this milestone and I wanted to make sure you knew about them.
▪   An exciting, Israel themed Tu B’shvat program on January 30th.
▪   A viewing of the film In Search of Israeli Cuisine on February 11th.
▪   A discussion series on “Israel’s Milestones and Their Meanings” based on the
     Hartman Institute’s iEngage t ext and video learning series.
▪   A Bet Torah delegation will be going to the AIPAC Policy Conference March 4-6 in Washington DC to join 18,000 others in advocating for a strong U.S./Israel relationship.
▪   A Westchester communal Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration will take place on
    April 15th at 1pm at the Solomon Schechter School in Hartsdale.
▪  Bet Torah families will be traveling to Israel December 22nd 2018 to January 1st
    2019. The deadline for registering is February 15th. Join us!
There are so many ways to connect with the miracle and beauty of Israel this year. In celebrating her 70th we pray that she go from strength to strength!
What is Tu Bishvat? The 15th day of the Jewish month of Shvat (the Hebrew letters that make up the word ‘Tu” equal 15), it is often called the ‘birthday’ or the ‘New Year’ for the trees. In ancient times, it was a date that helped Jewish farmers establish when they should bring the fruit from their trees in Israel to the Temple as first-fruit offerings. In the 16th century the kabbalists (mystics) of Tzfat in Israel created the Tu Bishvat seder, a mystical way of releasing the Divine Sparks of God by eating the five fruits and two grains associated with Israel in the Torah, and by drinking four glasses of wine. When Zionist pioneers began returning to the land of Israel in the late 19th century, Tu Bishvat became an opportunity to celebrate their tree-planting efforts to restore the ecology of ancient Israel, and as a symbol of renewed growth and flowering of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland.
Boomers And Beyond Winter Adventure
Monday February 12, 2018

Boomers! Less that two weeks left to sign up for our winter excursion on February 12th.
Join us as we learn the secrets of Grand Central Terminal, Enjoy with us the Turner Classic Movie trip around Manhattan to visit the sites of your favorite films. Click to view the form and learn more! Fill out the form and send it back today!
RSVP   by January 10 
Cost: $90 per person – Make checks payable to Bet Torah and send them along with the bottom portion of the flyer to: Jerry Fensterstock, 9 Merritt Court, Katonah NY 10536
Master Spice Blender
Lior Lev Sercarz will be coming to Bet Torah!
Tuesday, January 30th

Come hear the world-renowned master spice blender, Israeli born Lior Lev Sercarz, whose spice blends are used in some of America’s best restaurants. Lior, who has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Vogue, In Style Magazine, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Food & Wine Magazine and the SAVEUR 100, will be joining us at Bet Torah on Tuesday evening, January 30th to help us celebrate  Tu Bishvat

The evening will begin at 7:45 with appetizers (influenced by the spices and flavors of Israel of course). Lior will then speak and answer questions from 8:15-9:15, and at 9:15 we will serve desserts whilst you have a chance to have Lior’s sign your copy of his new book,  The Spice Companion. His book is a beautifully illustrated guide to 102 spices, complete with blends and recipe ideas.  Read More
Watch The Spice Chef in Action!! Click below!
We highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance!

RSVP to Leila Tavares

$25/pp in advance
$27/pp at the door & comes with a signed copy of The Spice Companion.
 Film Screening and Discussion
“In Search of Israeli Cuisine”
Sunday, February 11 at 1:30pm

Join us for great food, a great film and a great discussion at Dewitt Wallace Auditorium.
A mouthwatering portrait of the Israeli people told through their food. The filmmakers follow Michael Solomonov (Zahav Restaurant in Philadelphia) into restaurants and home kitchens, wineries, bakeries and cheese makers, he eats street food and visits markets. All over the country, he discusses traditions, ingredients, the origins, and the future of Israeli Cuisine. Read More
There is no charge for the movie-
Kindly RSVP L eila Tavares ltavares@bettorah.org   for us to get a headcount for food purposes (and if you don’t get a chance to RSVP please feel free to join us anyway).
Sponsored by Life Long Learning, Cultural Arts and Israeli Affairs 

Click below to watch the trailer!
It's Time to Register!
For An Incredible 
Bet Torah Family Trip to Israel
December 22, 2018 - January 1, 2019
Do not miss the opportunity to travel throughout Israel with your Bet Torah family.

Registration deadline:   February 15, 2018
Register HERE

Sunday, March 4, 2018

May THE FARCE be with you!
9:45 am Sharp - Family Show - Free
4:30pm - Real Meal with a
Spiel Dinner Show*
*$30/pp by February 25 and $35 after

asw9387@aol.com for more info
iEngage: Israel's Milestones and Their Meanings
The Legacy of the Past and the Challenge of the Future
A Shalom Hartman Institute Lecture and Study Series
Led by Rabbi Aaron Brusso

  iEngage explores the pivotal events of 1917, 1947, and 1967 as key moments when Zionism unleashed new thinking about the meaning of Jewishness for generations to come.
Each session includes text study and discussion led by Rabbi Brusso and video lectures and roundtable discussions with leading Hartman scholars. Learn More
6 Thursdays at 8pm February, 8, 15, March 1, 8, 15, 22
RSVP to Leila Tavares ltavares@bettorah.org
Congregants who are Kohanim and Leviim 
At most Torah Services, Bet Torah follows a tradition of assigning the first Aliyah to a Kohen, & the second to a Levi. When not assigned in advance ( e.g. , by a Bnai Mitzvah family, or by request), the ushers will make the assignment during the service. The ushers would love to know which congregants are Kohanim and Leviim, so the Ritual Committee is compiling a comprehensive list. Please let us know who you are, either by calling the Bet Torah office or emailing ltavares@bettorah.org Questions?  contact Peter Linden, Ritual Committee chair  vpritual@bettorah.org
Attending minyan can be a meaningful experience. Learn more about the purpose and benefits of our daily minyan program. 

Please help us make a Minyan when you can. Daily Minyan times at Bet Torah are as follows:

Sundays - 9:00 am
Tuesdays (Early morning Minyan) - 7:15am
Monday-Thursdays - 7:30 pm
Friday, Kabbalat Shabbat services - 6:30 pm
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 The Bet Torah Library Committee is pleased to announce that we have arranged for access to the Judaic Digital Library for the Bet Torah community. JDL contains more than 1300 classics of Jewish literature that will complement the more than 4000 volumes in the Bet Torah Library For more info, or to get an access key, please contact Jerry Fensterstock at  jerryf@pipeline.com
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