The BIG Picture St. Paul's

October 11, 2017
Above: Nancy Suba and friend receive Father Erv's blessing at Sunday's
Service of St. Francis. Photo by David Rotthoff.


·        The Choir rehearses on Thursdays at 7pm . You are welcome to join us.
·      The Prayer Office of Evensong is offered every Friday at 5:30 p.m.
·       H.O.T. is on Saturday, October 21 st . Sign-up sheet is in the Narthex.
·      Remember to turn in your “puzzle piece”.
·       Thanksgiving Baskets Downtown is in full swing. The date for distribution is November 18. As always we need volunteers, food and money. If you can help sort, bag, or work sign-up on the web site ) or see Linda Kendrick. If you can help register on the 18 th call Marilyn Dickinson. For food donations please see grocery list on bulletin board, we especially need bake beans and apple sauce (not glass containers). We really need cash donations, make checks to Thanksgiving Baskets Downtown. St. Paul’s support is really needed to make this a success.
·      On Saturday, October 28 th the St. Elizabeth Chapter of the DOK is hosting the fall assembly of the Diocese . We are inviting all women to join us. Rev. Barbara Bond will be doing a second century table Eucharist and Carol Sutek will do a program on “Butterflies and Resurrection.”   The day will start at 9 a.m. with registration and breakfast. There will be a show and tell sharing of each chapters “200”. Lunch will be provided. The day will end at 2:30 p.m. The business meeting will be the last item on the agenda and anyone who does not wish to stay for that may leave before it begins. The cost is $10.

Is Your Puzzle Piece Included? Help make St. Paul's grow spiritually and in outreach!

The Stewardship Campaign is in progress – are  you  a missing piece in the puzzle? Please prayerfully consider your pledge of time, talent and treasure, and return your pledge card – along with your puzzle piece! – either by mail, or by depositing in the box in the Guild Hall before Oct. 22 when the campaign concludes!  YOUR piece is needed to make St. Paul’s – and our puzzle! -- complete!

Participants in the Liturgy
for Sunday, October 15, 2017
The Nineteenth Sunday
after Pentecost

Celebrant/Preacher: The Reverend Dr. Erwin M. Smuda
Organist/Choir Master: David Carnell
Eucharistic Ministers: Nancy Suba, Tom Johanning
Lectors: Richard Oloya, Jon Coventry
Ushers:  David Lewis, Serena Thurin
Greeters: Shirley Brown, Flo Myers
Oblationers: Shirley Brown, Flo Myers
Acolytes: Douglas Colmery (C), Karl K. Roshong (A), Nancy
Suba (T)
Healer: Maureen Wood
Altar Guild: Douglas Colmery
Weekly Cleaning: Beth Paynter
Closers/Counters: Tom Johanning, Susan Phillips

Readings for Sunday
Exodus 32:1-14  
Philippians 4:1-9
Matthew 22:1-14  
Psalm 106:1-6,19-23

“We have become, by the power of a glorious evolutionary accident called intelligence, the stewards of life's continuity on earth. We did not ask for this role, but we cannot abjure it. We may not be suited to it, but here we are.” 

--Stephen Jay Gould,  The Flamingo's Smile--Reflections in Natural History