June 2013
GigaPan Helps Explore Mars

Technology from GigaPan is being used to display images taken by the Mars rover Curiosity, a NASA mission investigating past and present environments within Gale Crater on Mars. The new 1.3-billion-pixel image was stitched together from nearly 900 individual images to showcase the details of the Mars landscape. The image highlights the site where Curiosity collected its first scoops of sand at a windblown patch called "Rocksnest," and extends to Mount Sharp on the horizon. The public can explore the image and more panoramas from Curiosity as part of a new NASA JPL Curiosity gallery on the GigaPan website. Learn more

Success Story: D-Day Map

June 6, 2013 marked the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings of WWII. Take a look at the original map used to plan the strategy of the invasion in 1944. Learn more in our D-Day Success Story.
Photographer Spotlight: Alfred Zhao
Inspired by landscapes, Alfred Zhao Ph.D. travels around the world shooting large-scale gigapixel images to capture the natural beauty and depth of the places he visits. His favorite GigaPan image of the Shanghai Skyline, which, at 272 gigapixels, still remains the largest image shot by a single camera. Learn more in this month's Photographer Spotlight.

Tip of the Month: Facebook Sharing

GigaPan images can now be viewed and shared with friends on your Facebook Wall and Timeline. To share a gigapan image, just click the "Share" button below the image and select the Facebook icon to post directly on your Wall. To share the image on your friend's Facebook Wall, click the "Link" icon to copy and paste the URL into your post. Friends can now explore the images right on your Timeline!

After you post to Facebook, a play button will appear over your image thumbnail. When clicked, it will open a GigaPan viewer on your Timeline. Click the fullscreen button to explore the image in detail! We hope that you enjoy the view.

Kaaba GigaTag
Explore the Al-Masjid Al-Haram "The Grand Mosque" Gigapixel Image by Issam Kanafani - the largest Haram photo in the world.
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GigaPan in the News
KGW, a local, Portland based news station highlighted GigaPan in a segment on Tuesday, June 18th. 
Carsten Krieger from DPReview wrote a wonderful review about the GigaPan EPIC Pro.
Jon Brack captured a gigapixel image of the One Million Bones Installation at the National Mall.
Traveler's Journal has created an interactive map of images of cities around the world using GigaPan technology.
GigaPan Fills Critical Roles with New Hires
Portland startup adds five key employees to support its expansion efforts.


Aqueti, a new company commercializing digital gigapixel photographic technology, released a new set of interactive photographs for public access on gigapan.com. The set includes the 
2013 Duke University Commencement, with commencement speaker Melinda Gates, and the
300th Anniversary Celebration for the City of Edenton, North Carolina. Users can also zoom in and tag themselves via Facebook in the 2013 Duke Commencement GigaTag image. Learn more.
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