Casa Myrna
March 25, 2014

Dear Friends:  


This past Sunday's Boston Globe featured a front-page investigative report about Jared Remy. The article chronicled almost two decades of his violence towards women and men, culminating in the tragic murder of Jennifer Martel last summer. Sadly, little in this outstanding article surprised me: high-risk abusers often evade the criminal justice system and their abusive behavior always escalates. Moreover, we know that survivors risk a great deal when leaving an abusive relationship; often their fears for their safety prevent them from leaving.


Most importantly, the article and Yvonne Abraham's accompanying Globe column that same day underscore how vital it is to know the signs and risk factors of domestic violence. The Remy family released a statement saying that the murder was a "complete surprise"  to them, which illustrates just how little they understood this complex issue. And Jennifer Martel's friends and family could have benefitted from increased support and resources to help them understand more about what they correctly recognized as significant warning signs in the relationship.


We all have a role to play in preventing domestic violence. Casa Myrna is committed to supporting survivors - when they are still experiencing abuse, when they are ready to leave, and for many years to come as they build safe, loving and independent lives. We are equally committed to helping survivors' family, friends and colleagues understand the risk factors and warning signs of domestic and dating violence, and the support they can provide to others. Last, we are dedicated to educating adults and teens across Massachusetts about this issue to ultimately prevent it. Eight months after I became CEO of Casa Myrna, my resolve to build a community of intolerance to domestic violence is only stronger. Please join me.  


Thank you for your support,


Stephanie Brown

Chief Executive Officer

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