August 2017 Monthly News & Updates
2018 Board of Directors Nominations Closing

M&A Source Nominating Committee

Thinking about getting involved with the M&A Source? 

Today is the last day to submit a nomination for yourself or your peer(s) to volunteer on the 2018 M&A Source Board of Directors. Submit your nomination today.  
How Your Company Is Valued Depends on the Buyer

Tom Gledhill

Different types of acquirers use different valuation methods. Learn what key areas you should highlight depending on the buyer. Read More
Top 10 Buzzwords to Use When Talking to Private Equity

John Carvalho

The use of these buzzwords is music to private equity investors' ears. Just be sure to back them up with facts.  Read More
Why Deals Fail to Close

Kevin Dempsey, CBI, CMEA

You hit it off with an interested Buyer, you have accepted a letter of intent, and now you are going through due diligence. Without the assistance of an experienced Intermediary you may damage the good relationship you have with your Buyer and the deal will be jeopardized.  Read More
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