Should my accountant perform my business valuation?
July 2017 Monthly News & Updates
How to Structure the Right Investment Banking Engagement Letter

Divestopedia Team

What provisions do you need to be wary of?  Read More
Stage Your Business - Nine Ways to Improve the Value of Your Company NOW

Gary & Nancy Hallett

The process does not come without a commitment of time and money, yet it produces results that benefit all parties.  Read More
5 Tall Tales Entrepreneurs Tell to Bolster Business Value 

John Carvalho

Lunacies business owners tell themselves.  Read More
Should My Accountant Do My Business Valuation?

Stephen Groves

Accountants are a vital part of business functions, but...  Read More
Get Involved in Your Association!

M&A Source Nominating Committee

Expand your network, leverage your skills and help propel yourself to success.  Read More
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