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June 2017
Ron Chernak, CBI, M&AMI
Founding Principal

Takeaway: Although we value every business, we may have a conversation with our sell side clients about the advisability of going to market without a price, which is confusing to some buyers and some sellers.  With the goal of eliminating some of that confusion, we believe it is appropriate to explain the thought process we go through when advising our clients.

Lamar Stanley
Vice President

Cash flow means different things to different people.  Or, put a different way, different entities will use different proxies for cash flow depending on what matters most to them.  For an individual who owns a business, cash flow can mean "discretionary earnings" or what the total return of cash and benefits is to the owner.

Which common add backs survive scrutiny
John Carvalho
President and Founder 
Stone Oak Capital Inc.

Takeaway:   Most often, business owners of privately held companies are motivated to minimize taxes. They will try to expense as much as possible and even defer recording revenue to reduce taxable income. Business brokers or investment bankers will often normalize the results of a vendor's financial statements for nonrecurring or one-time costs.
Chet Walde n Scholarship 

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Certified M&A Professional Program

Enter into a M&A Professional Certificate program that helps you gain new clients and improve your execution skills, offered through the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, in conjunction with The M&A Source. Through this program, you'll be able to market yourself as a Certified M&A Professional.

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