November 2017 Monthly News & Updates
5 Essential Steps to Ensure Due Diligence in Private Company Acquisitions

Chad Byers

Takeaway: Don't skip your due diligence. These 5 reasons to do your due diligence will convince you never to skip it again.

Podcast: Have You Ever Considered an IPO as an Exit Strategy? Interview with Cathy Demers

Ryan Tansom

Takeaway: Ever wonder what the process looks like when you turn your business into an IPO? Did you ever think this could be the perfect exit for you when you're ready for the next step? Cathy Demers tells you her journey and shares the wisdom she derived from it.

Crazy M&A Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now

Tammie Miller

Takeaway:  Not all that you've heard about the M&A process it true. Read through this article and see what mistakes many of your fellow business owners have made and which you can learn from!

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