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    Week 3, 2012

News from Camp



The Moms and Tots program is off to a wonderful start! It was exciting to meet our new friends in the nursery playground to start our day.  The Happy Bookworm brought a book to life and we all participated helping to celebrate the bear's birthday.  We finished the class by singing and dancing to songs we know.  We all went swimming and learned to put our head in the water and blow bubbles.  Our Friday group went to dance while our Monday group tried zumba.  Our day ended with a delicious lunch.


Rachel and Marina

A Tots

The fun never stops in the A Tots!  On Wednesday, we all dressed up In our favorite Halloween costumes.  It was great watching Shayna A. slip and slide down Slip and Slide.  Livia Y. swam like a fish in the pool.  The whole group went down Big Blue!  We are looking forward to another great week. 


Rachel, Halley and Nicole

B Tots

What an enthusiastic and athletic group of boys we have.  Aidan B. started off the week by scoring multiple goals in hockey.  Devdatt P. caught a fish on his very first day at camp!  Ryder S. was our tennis superstar and Max M. looked like superman as he went down slip and slide. Overall, the B Tots had a fantastic week of camp!

Mallory, Chloe and Taylor


C Tots     

The C Tots have had a great 3 weeks!  We're having so much fun.  We love watching Nate E. play all of the sports, he's our superstar athlete! Jenna G. loves going to nature and looking at all the animals.  Her favorite animal there is the sea turtle!  Alyssa G. has great artistic skills that she loves to show off at arts and crafts.  This week the C Tots welcomed a new friend Hanna B.  She loved splashing around with her fellow C Totters!  We are so excited for the rest of the summer.

Jamie, Becca and Nikki

F Tots

The fun and friendly F Tots are having an amazing summer so far!  Skylar M. loves crawling trough the slip and slide!  Blake R. enjoys sliding down big blue! Shay E. is all smiles as he splashes around in the water park sprinklers and Kayla I. loves zipping down the zipline!  We are looking forward to the rest of a great summer!

Lauren, Taylor and Mallory

A Mohawks

It has been another great week at West Hills! Brett S. caught a cool orange fish at fishing and boating.  We loved watching Zachary H. climb all the way to the top of the cargo net.  Charlie F. showed us what a great painter he is at arts and crafts while Liam E. swam like a fish in the pool.



Amanda, Ariel, Megan and Rachel


B Mohawks

We love West Hills! Week 3 brought us more thrills and fun.  Jacob A. loved moving and grooving at dance. You should see his moves! Josh L. loves mini golf, he really enjoys trying his luck at the different holes.  Johnny J. loves going down Big Blue and swimming in the pools.  We had a great time at the magic show this week.  The B Mohawks now have a group anthem.  Have you heard it yet? We are looking forward to more laughs and fun in week 4. 


Lisa, Sarah, Sam, Gavi and Rachel


C Mohawks

Week 3 started off great for the C Mohawks.  Joseph K. showed off his great dance moves at video production!  Justin A. went down Big Blue for the first time and loved it!  During the magic show Michael M. got a chance to go up on stage and help perform some magic.  Alex L. could not get enough of zipline.  The group all had on great costumes during Halloween in July and especially enjoyed trick or treating.  We look forward to another great week during week 4!


Courtney, Maci, Michelle and Danielle

A Eagles

Week 3 has been "creeping" by on the A Eagles as we celebrated Halloween in July .  We dressed up in costumes and shared some Halloween treats together.  Tuesday night we had an awesome late night.  We slid down big blue, rode the ATV's maneuvered our way through a tricky obstacle course, and had a mouth watering delicious pasta dinner.  All eyes were set on Troy J. as he showed strength and coordination in wrestling this week. Matt R. made us all so proud as he has been making significant progress in swimming.  Darren W., our very own soccer star, has shown off his superior skills this week on the big field.  John Thomas S. has been looking like Andy Rodham in the court as he shows off his beautiful backhand.  What a fun & fabulous week!  We are looking forward to more highlights in week 4.



Kerri, Andrew, Zachary and Daniel


B Eagles

Week 3 provided a lot of excitement and smiles as the kids dressed up for Halloween in July.  They loved showing off their costumes!  We had two fish caught this week: one by Reese S. and the other by Zachary B.  We had a very active week with our tournaments as Jesse S. was our top goal scorer in hockey and Max K. was our gaga champ.  Ben S. and Brandon G. both showed amazing footwork skills climbing the ropes at action challenge. 


It's hard to believe that we are already heading into week 4. We are having a blast with your boys!  The children are very excited to dress up for Backwards Day and for the carnival on Thursday.  Have a great weekend!



Marni, Andrew and Corey


C Eagles

The C Eagles had an awesome week 3! We had a blast at our late night with ATV's, S.O.A.R. and Big Blue!  Halloween in July was so much fun!  The boys came in with some great costumes.  Two of our favorite activities this week were tennis and gaga.  Aiden A. and Noah C. showed real skill in tennis.  Ben D. was "busting-a-move" at video.  Logan L.  did a great job hitting the ball at baseball skills.  During week 3 we had a great addition to the C Eagles. Siddharth R. excelled at the S.O.A.R. obstacle course during our late night.  We are looking forward to week 4 where we will enjoy Backwards Day and Carnival.

Caryn, Stefan and Adam


A Hunters

The A Hunters had a blast during week 3.  Our soccer games have been close, but great defense from Joey M. allowed for victories.  Corey E. highlighted our time at baseball skills with fabulous pitching and accurate throws.  In the pools, the boys have been perfecting fundamental strokes and skills.  Colin R. has been working on his dive with much success, while Levi D. has developed a strong front and back crawl.  The boys are excited to continue having fun and for their late night next week!!



John, Jake, Mathew and Zach 


B Hunters

The B Hunters had a fantastic third week!  Every activity that the children participated in they enjoyed.  The children loved challenging another group to dodgeball.  We ended up winning one of our two games!  The second game went down to the wire and it showed our children's passion for competition.  During these games a bunch of children really showed their skills.  Cole M., Ian A., Adam G. and Zach W. were all key contributors in the games. We cannot wait to see what the children will enjoy and excel at in the upcoming weeks!



Scott, John, Matthew and Gregory 


C Hunters

This was a great third week at camp!  All the boys continue to do a great job in all the sports.  In our dodgeball tournament we had a couple of standouts including Josh, Joe and Max. Justin and Eric have been doing a great job in lacrosse. Matt K, Dan and Jared are all really doing awesome with all of the art and crafts activities.  We are all really excited for the weeks to come.



Nick, Jackson, Alex and Scott 

A Braves

This week, the A Braves have had a blast.  On Wednesday, we saw a magic show that was a big hit!  Earlier in the week the boys wrestled against another group and Justin S., Jake L. and Matthew K. all scored a number of wins!  On Halloween in July many of the boys had amazing costumes including Zach B. and James B.



Timothy, James, Jeremy and Adam 


B Braves

Week 3 topped the first two!  We went on Everest for the first time and it was amazing. Ethan T. was fearless hanging 50 feet above the ground.  Ryan D. caught a fish.  Matt P. scored a goal in our soccer game and Drew K. helped out at mid field.  Andrew P. kept us all laughing with his hilarious jokes.



Peter, Matthew, James, Sam and Jonathan


C Braves

Hello parents of the C Braves!!  I can't believe our third week is over and we are going into our fourth week of camp!!  When having fun the summer truly does fly by!!  Ian A. continues to be the last man standing in gaga and dodgeball.  Joseph D. continues to hit monster shots in whiffleball!  Ryan I. continues to be an amazing goalie for soccer! Andrew K. showed his amazing swimming skills as he dashed quickly across the pool! Anthony M. has improved his diving skills!! The summer continues to be a blast!  



David, Jake, Zachary and Ian


D Braves

This was a fun filled week with amazing energy for the D Braves.  Each day the campers came to camp with smiles on their faces and on Wednesday they had costumes on their bodies.  This week also featured an awesome cheer created by our counselors.  We had awesome swim performances from Jake M. and Zach I. who really showed how much they have improved in the pool.  Also this week Ethan E. showed off his skills in tennis.  We had the brothers, Joshua and Matthew give 110% percent in each activity we went to.  The D Braves staff is looking forward to an even better week four with our late night on Wednesday followed by Carnival on Thursday. 



Chris, Alex, Brandon and Tyler  

A Warriors 

Week 3 has been a very fun and eventful week for the A Warriors.  We have had 3 new campers join our group and have shown great awareness, kindness and participation.  Also 2 other campers who have joined us from week 1 have shown both great respect and effort in each activity at West Hills Day Camp.  The three new campers are Davon M., Luke K., and Matt B.  a.k.a. Snappy.  Davon M. is a pleasure to have in our group.  He is a character, charmer and a gentleman to his fellow campers and staff.  Luke K. gives great self defense demonstrations and Matt B. has an incredible amount of energy and stamina during extreme sports activities.  Matt L., a camper from week 1, is a trooper and shows great determination throughout each day at West Hills.  Jack G. is a very competitive camper especially in gaga and dodgeball. He remains undefeated!



Zachary, Matt and Matthew


B Warriors 

This week in the B Warriors "Captain America" (Max S.) and "The Ninja" (Ibrahim H.) impressed everyone at camp with their costumes during Halloween in July.  In other news, Colby D. won 9 consecutive wrestling matches.  The whole group enjoyed the S.O.A.R. obstacle course including Alex T.  Even the boys division leader Mike Flanagan joined us!  All of the B Warriors had such a great time at Active Kidz and are really looking forward to next week. 



Jason, Ryan and Brandon 

A Iroquois:

Week 3 has been filled with excitement and fun for the Arrow Iroquois. Zach M. dominated during 

our laser tag trip, getting multiple high scores. Max D. showed off his dancing skills with "Dance, Dance Revolution" during game room.  While at inflatable dodgeball Josh T. excelled getting many campers out with his strong arm.  On Wednesday, Patrick B. impressed us with his great ketchup bottle costume.  Next Week we look forward to another great week including two trips off campus to Monster Mini Golf and Adventureland. 



Peter, Kenny, Bryan and David 



Week 3 at West Hills saw the addition of seven new campers.  Our new and improved T Chief group had a great day on Monday. We started the day in a tournament with the Iroquois and we   were victorious, led by Anthony N., Aiden C., Dean R., Ben N. and Joey M.  We then had ATV's and archery, where Aidan and Jon L. got bullseyes.  Tuesday was our very exciting trip to Active Kidz.  We enjoyed laser tag and a laser maze, where Anthony, Ben, Nicky M. and Royce R. did an amazing job.  We played laser tag and had fun in the inflatable zone.  Wednesday was also a very fun day.  We played nucomb and Jake K., Payton O. and Elia A. did a great job.  We also had a great time playing dodgeball.  We finished our week with two of our favorite activities, S.O.A.R. on Thursday and wrestling on Friday.



Matt, Josh, Dylan and Jordan 


What a fantastic week we have been having!  Fire Island was a huge success!  We just loved splashing around in the ocean.  Something memorable that we did this week was playing newcomb against some younger boys groups.  One group challenged us and then we challenged a few others.  Can't wait for next week because it will be just as fun!



Tracy, Carly, Patrick and Dave


Earlier in the week, West Hills Junior Travel hit the road for one of their many exciting overnight excursions! 
First stop, South Street Seaport! West Hills campers unloaded their luxury buses and stormed the pier for a fun day of shopping and a waterfront lunch and this was just the beginning! WHJT continued on to Baseball Town where they flagged down home run balls at the All Star classic in Redding Stadium, Pa.  

Day two was spent touring Amish country. The WHJT campers all agree, the lack of technology wasn't ideal, however, they all said the ice cream and pretzels were truly the best they ever tasted! The highlight of our trip was twisting and corkscrewing on the many thrilling roller coasters at Hershey Park. The platform of Skyrush erupted with song as Leanna F. was serenaded with Happy Birthday right before she started her descent on Hershey's most electrifying new attraction. Truthfully a birthday she will never forget.  Did someone say chocolate? You bet! We ended the night on a "sweet" note, touring the Hershey Factory! We wrapped up our trip with a land and sea duck boat tour of historical Philly and good eats at the Reading Terminal Market.
Stay tuned for more exciting stories from the road... 



Kim and Sean


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KGA Message from Kevin Gersh:
Hello WHDC Families,

As we approach week 4 and head towards the end of our first session I reflect back with my father about 59 years of summer camp.  Although some things have changed, our fundamental philosophy to provide fun, safe and new experiences for children is the same.  Every single day we hear about a child taking a risk, making a new friend or perfecting a skill they have been working on and that is why we are here.  The smile on my father's face as he walks the grounds and looks out his office window says it all. 

We are planning a wonderful Parents' Night Out for our second session (more details to follow) to show our appreciation for your loyal support of our business.  We know that you have many choices for your children during the summer and greatly appreciate that you have made West Hills your family's summer home!

Yours truly,
Kevin Gersh
NOTESNotes From the Directors:
Dear WHDC Parents,

Week three was highlighted by Halloween in July and yesterday's performances of each group's anthem.  Every group in camp was on stage to perform a song or cheer that they created with their counselors.  Hearing the passion and energy that your children have for West Hills puts huge smiles on our faces.  ASK YOUR CHILDREN TO PERFORM THEIR ANTHEM FOR YOU AT HOME!

We were also lucky enough to be visited by 2012 Olympic wrestler, Brandon Escobar.  Brandon demonstrated some of his wrestling moves with our wrestling staff, answered questions and signed autographs for the children.  We wish him the best of luck as he attempts to be the first Honduran athlete to win a medal in the Olympics. 

We can't wait to see what's in store for week four!

Heath, Andrea, Lou and Matt
SPECIALEVENTSNext Week's Special Events:

Monday, July 16th

West Hills Pentathalon
CIT late night
Tuesday, July 17th  
Backwards Day
Wednesday, July 18th  
Hunters/Braves late night 

Thursday, July 19th

Friday, July 20th
Trading Places
Comanche late night

TRIPSNext Week's Trips:

Monday, July 16th

Teen Travel - Chicago

Tuesday, July 17th
Teen Travel - Chicago
Junior Travel & Pre-Teen - Adventureland
5th Grade - Mini Golf

Wednesday, July 18th
Teen Travel - Pickup from Chicago trip
at 10:30 pm
4th & 5th Grades - Adventureland

Thursday, July 19th
Teen Travel - Bowling & Buffalo Wild Wings
Junior Travel - Deep Sea Fishing


Friday, July 20th 
Teen Travel & Junior Travel - Movies


LUNCHNext Week's Lunch Specials:
Monday, July 16th- Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Tuesday, July 17th- Chicken Fajitas

Wednesday, July 18th-Spaghetti & Meatballs

Thursday, July 19th- BBQ Chicken

Friday, July 20th- Quesadilla

A Scouts 

The A Scouts continue to have an amazing time at West Hills!  Although she was a little scared Nola A. braved Big Blue and loved it!  Isabella K. has a great shot at being a professional soccer star with her goalie skills!  At nature we loved playing with the animals and Hannah S. made a new furry friend.  Eva J. really shook things up at dance.  This week was great, but next week will be even better!


Casey, Nicole, Amanda and Jessica

B Scouts

 The B Scouts are having a fantastic week 3.  Josie L. and Chloe S. danced like superstars at zumba. Ava T. and Lilli L. climbed through the action challenge course like pros!  Alexa K. swam under water for the first time.  We are so proud of our B Scouts!


Stephanie, Nicole, Heather and Erica


C Scouts

Wow!  It's been another fantastic week filled with so many activities.  Alexa L. caught a fish at fishing and boating.  Lily F and Abigail O. did a great dance at video production.  Toby A. zipped down the zipline and Annelisa B. and Brooke Se. went down Big Blue by themselves for the first time.


Stacy, Sarah, Eliana and Ali

A Beavers

The A Beavers got their third week off to a great start with the Beaver late night! We went on the exciting ATV's, went late night swimming and dined on spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and delicious ice cream sandwiches! The A Beavers continue to amaze us each week at all of our activities! Jaclyn K. and Brooke L. proved to be great basketball stars when they showed us how to shoot hoops, and Skylar S. and Reese M. wowed us at zumba with their awesome dance moves! We were all so excited to welcome Isabella S. into our group this week!  She is a great addition to the A Beavers and we can't wait to spend the rest of the summer with her!

Jaclyn, Melissa, Ricki and Crystal


B Beavers  

The B Beavers are just loving camp! We are very happy to welcome Victoria M. to the group!  Monday was our late night and the girls had a blast. Melanie S. loved going on the ATV's!  Such a special activity for a great night!  They all also loved going on Big Blue for a second time at late night.  Angelina R. and Madeline S. had a blast at the pools with all of the fun floats and beach balls.  On Wednesday, everyone looked amazing for Halloween Day. We also watched a fantastic magic show. Zoe V. and Sammy S. were hysterical and amazed. We are looking forward to week 4!


Katie, Carly A., Jordyn and Carly C.


C Beavers

The C Beavers' girls had another excellent week at West Hills!  We learned new moves at dance, created a music video at video production, and braved the zipline for the first time!  We also had some extra special activities and our Beaver late night was a great success. We rode ATV's, slid down Big Blue, and enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner. We also welcomed up and coming artist Jenna Rose to West Hills. The girls loved singing along to her songs.  Our sports stars of the week were Eliana P., Kiersten G., Tatum G. and Isabel H.. We're looking forward to a great 4th week!


Michelle, Carly, Lauren and Brittany  

A Cherokees

The A Cherokees had a very exciting third week!  We welcomed a returning camper, Rebecca A. back to West Hills! Sammi M. and Alexandra W. had a great time striking poses at yoga.  Alyssa R. and Emma Bez. caught a fish at fishing and boating, and Nikki U. was a sharpshooter at archery!  We had a great late night this Thursday and we can't wait until next week - We love Carnival!!

Hayley, Amanda, Mara and Lauren 


B Cherokees

The B Cherokees have had a great third week filled with fun and laughs.  This week as we played dodgeball at "Go for the Gold" Victoria P. really showed off her skills as the last girl standing. Alyssa P. did an amazing job at tennis, as we practiced our volleys and forehand swings.  This week we also had the pleasure of welcoming two new campers, Tori G. and Kayla H.  Tori loved her ride at ATV's and Kayla had such an awesome time flying down Big Zip!  The B Cherokees can't wait for week 4!


Tara, Lauren, Gabby and Randi

C Cherokees

The C Cherokees had non stop fun during week 3! With late night and Halloween to look forward to the C Cherokees could not hold back their smiles. Sophia L. wowed us with her skilled tennis strokes! Sarah F. caught her first goldfish and was so excited!  Hailey W. impressed us with her high kicks and speed at self defense.  Wednesday, the C Cherokees spooked the camp with their crazy costumes. From zombies to hippies to rock stars, we rocked our Halloween costumes with style.  We also had an incredible magic show on Wednesday! Maya A. was called up on stage and was an amazing assistant with the magician. Avery L. went sky high on eurobungy which showed us her fearless and fun personality! The C Cherokees ended the week with our wild and crazy late night! We cannot believe it's almost week 4! Time sure does fly by when you're having fun!


Lindsey, Sam, Madison and Carly

A Chippewas

The A Chippewas had a rockstar third week!  We loved dressing up for Halloween in July and playing dodgeball against the B Chipps in our "Go for the Gold" tournament!  At fishing and boating this week the girls really showed off their skills as Brianna S., Sydney M. and Chloe G. reeled in fish!  Ellie A. impressed us at gaga where she showed everyone how she earned the title of "Ga-Ga Queen".  Rachel G. continues to amaze us with her artistic abilities... she may be the next Van Gogh!  We all had a blast at our Chippewa late night and cannot wait for next week!



Cara, Stef, Demi and Jessica


B Chippewas

Dear parents of the B Chippewas,


    Our third week of camp was filled with a lot of fun surprises! On Monday, the girls had a surprise visit by an up and coming singer, Jenna Rose. The B Chipps enjoyed singing along to the familiar songs! We were so proud of Morgan P.'s big kick during our kickball game on Tuesday!  Sabrina N. was our superstar at dodgeball during our special event, Go for the Gold! Madelyn M. showed her skills at team building during the "pretzel" activity! Jamie K. was a rock star this week when she showed us her dance moves at video!

    Another highlight of the week was our late night. The girls enjoyed completing a ceramics project in addition to our Man Hunt activity where they had to search the campgrounds for all of the group leaders! We participated in a variety of pool activities including an additional visit to big blue! We look forward to more wonderful events in the weeks to come!



Jaclyn, Danielle, Kylie and Sydney


A Kiowas

It has been another great week for the A Kiowas! On Tuesday, we went to Active Kidz where the girls participated in so many activities. Blake T. showed us her amazing ability climbing the Rock Wall and Halle Z. had a blast during laser tag! While on camp grounds, Alexa D. showed enthusiasm and energy at self defense, Ella N. was excited at dodgeball, and Jaden S. showed us her moves at zumba. The whole group continues to have such a fabulous summer!  



Gaby, Leigh and Jenna


B Kiowas

The fun never stops for the B Kiowas.  We spent one day this week at Active Kidz where the girls all had a blast, participating in laser tag, cannon ball, bouncing in the inflatables and playing in the arcade. Back at camp, Jordan D. Showed off her moves at soccer, while Abby A. looked like she was a pro at yoga. Simone M. had a great first week at West Hills, making new friends and enjoying every activity. We cant wait for our trip to Adventureland on Wednesday and Carnival on Thursday!



Emily, Jordi and Jamie 


A Senecas  


The A Senecas had an amazing 3rd week of camp!  The trip to Active Kidz was tons of fun and the girls had a blast playing laser tag, racing through the big bounces, and climbing through the maze! Ariana T. was so happy to catch her very first fish at fishing and boating which she named Goldy and Skylar K. wowed the group by catching not only one but two fish, naming the one she brought home Splash.  Margaret P. loved jumping on eurobungy, which she was so brave to conquer for the first time!  Next to her was Georgia K. who had the most flips on eurobungy at a total of 13!  Sofia proved she is the next Katniss Everdeen hitting the only perfect shot at archery!  It was another great week for the A Senecas who are so excited for the continued fun at mini golf, Adventureland, and Carnival Day next week!



Emily, Jordana and Jamie


B Senecas

We had so much fun together this week!  Active Kidz was a blast!  The girls got to go on the inflatables, the maze, play laser tag, and even play games in the arcade!  Halloween in July was a huge success! Everyone in our group dressed up! Kelly K. had amazing volleys back and forth in tennis!  Terri H.  entertained us all with her singing performance! Juliana G. showed us all up when we played laser tag!  She had the highest score in our group! Amanda Sp. showed us how quick she is on her feet while dodging the balls at gaga! What a great week! We are looking forward to our trips next week to Monster Mini Golf and Adventureland!



Katherine, Stefanie and April


Week three was an exciting one!  We came in on Monday morning, ready to greet our two new campers, Hannah J. and Rachel V., who were excited to experience West Hills Day Camp for the first time.  We started off the week with a some of our favorite activities including zipline, ceramics and fishing and boating.  On Tuesday, we traveled with the entire upper division to spend the day at Active Kidz.  The girls loved everything, especially the blow up rides and laser tag. Wednesday brought us soccer, archery and our dodgeball elective with the T-Chiefs.  We also participated in ATV's.   Kirsten P. sped through the course exhibiting great confidence and excitement while driving.  The last two days of the week were spent doing a wide rage of activities, swimming in the whirlpool, and creating and performing our unique group cheer! Go Nava-Debs!



Jenn, Lindsey and Kimberly 

Creative expertise is the name of the game and boy do we have it!  

Move over "America's Got Talent" because the Comanches Got Jack!  This week Jack C. awed us as he crooned the Beatles "Yesterday".  However, our greatness doesn't stop there because our dancing is amazing too.  Mr. Sean Solomon tore up the dance floor with a solo number that knocked our socks off!  But wait!  There's more!  The Comanches' creative talents extend to drawing and painting as well.  Two of our wonderful artists are Nicolas R. and Jackson L.  Their outstanding work is truly a site to be seen.  Let us not forget athletics. It's so exciting watching Ryan J. fearlessly bounding off of the diving board.  One would never believe that he hasn't been doing this for years.  Another marvel we won't soon forget is Jack C. who gracefully soared down the zip line like the wind!  If he wasn't attached by a rope, we would have thought he was truly flying!  



Joe, Jessica and Shaun


This week at Village East Gifted, in addition to continuing the Advanced Etymology creative memorization program via the addition of new, themed units (e.g: Medical Terminology, 'Propitious Positions') and a wider variety of memorization techniques (most notably 'Vocab Abs,' in which participants associated groups of words with calisthenic exercises), students also expanded their understandings of American Sign Language, geography, cryptozoology, and individually selected inventors. Long, improvised narratives featuring ASL, Latin and assorted trivia allowed students to reinforce what they'd learned by continuously referencing different parts of different lessons; the same technique was utilized when students were asked to collect information regarding a series of mythological creatures and famous inventors, and then construct a story in which their chosen creature and inventor traveled the world together in a hot-air balloon. After the several "rolling the inflatable globe" games,  students constructed paper-m�ch� globes, labelled either by continent (for the younger group) or by country (for the older group). Lessons were separated by cooperative brain games, a snow-cone party, VEG IB4E Grammar Banner Game and a continuation of Ms. Phillips' advanced writing/composition exercise.



Mrs. P, Miss Tamara, Alec and Matt


This week teen travel has split their time between NY and Chicago. We started the week at home in NY with paintball and rock climbing. We next headed to NYC to catch an Amtrak train that would take us to our new home for the week in the city of Chicago. We ate lunch in "the Windy City," sampling all it had to offer! An Italian dinner and a Second City comedy show were our evening activities full of smiles and laughter. Friday was spent at Six Flags Great America going on rides, screaming with excitement or hanging out at the water park. Although the week is through, our time here is not. Be on the lookout for more stories from Chicago in next week's Buzz. 





If you have any questions regarding the information in this newsletter, please call camp or reply to this email.


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