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    Week 4, 2012

News from Camp


The Moms and Tots fun continues!  This week in the Happy Bookworm we read a story about cars. We learned that red means stop and green means go and practiced driving our pretend cars.  The car tracks we created will help us remember the story.  During swim we practiced swimming with noodles and some of us even braved the froggy slide.  We had fun at nature seeing different animals and getting to pet them.  Everyone had a great day!


Rachel and Marina

A Tots

Wow! We can't believe the summer is halfway over.  The A Tots are having such a great time. We all cooled off in the pool because it was so hot out!  Keegan M. jumped into the deep end of the pool and Declan H. showed us his "big arms" in the pool.  We finished off the week by having fun at carnival. 


Rachel, Halley and Nicole

B Tots

We can't believe that after this week the summer will be halfway over.  Laszlo S. came back to camp and loved making a puppet in arts and crafts.  Max F. scored a goal in soccer.  Reed M. learned the front crawl in swim while Harry W. went on the zipline for the first time.  This has been a very successful and eventful week for the B Tots and we are all looking forward to session two!

Mallory, Chloe and Taylor


C Tots     

We can't believe week 4 is over!  The first half of the summer flew by!  This week the C Tots welcomed another new friend!  Her name is Gabriella K.  She made lots of new friends, and we had fun watching her make beautiful crafts at arts and crafts.  All the C Tots really enjoy sliding on slip and slide...especially Cami V. and Maya D.  We love to watch Emily C. swim in the pool.  She's such a fish! We're so excited for the second half of the summer!

Jamie, Becca and Nikki

F Tots

We cannot believe that camp is already halfway over!  The F Tots have had so much fun so far and we are looking forward to the second half of the summer!  At video production, Dexter B. showed off his impressive dance moves!  Logan V. loved running super fast onto the slippery slip and slide!  At fishing and boating,  Aiden C. showed everyone how to catch the most fish and Connor R. loved playing on all the toys at the nursery playground!  The F Tots are having a blast and cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!

Lauren, Taylor and Mallory

A Mohawks

We cannot believe that it is the 4th week already! We really enjoyed watching Sean A. dance at zumba while Zachary S. was MVP at hockey.  Lucas G. really loves to try and catch a fish at fishing and boating.  We also loved watching Larry G. slide down Big Blue and Ethan T. splash around at the water park.



Amanda, Ariel, Megan and Rachel


B Mohawks

We can't believe how fast the first 4 weeks flew by.  We had another fun week at camp.  Cole N. was awesome at soccer.  Austin L. loves playing gaga at camp.  Will B. likes going to wrestling with Coach Paul.  Noah E. enjoys the thrill of the zipline.  Arts and crafts is what Harris C. loves best at camp. The B Mohawks always look forward to the nonstop fun we have at West Hills.


Lisa, Sarah, Sam, Gavi and Rachel


C Mohawks

The C Mohawks had an amazing 4th week.  All the boys are making friends and enjoying all of the camp activities.  Wilder F. had a blast at our water park and ran through all the sprinklers.  Jack M. showed everyone his awesome moves with loads of energy at zumba.  At arts and crafts, Kyle M. is making creative pieces that look awesome.  Ethan Y. flew down zipline with a huge smile and Michael B was hitting home runs in softball!  The C Mohawks will continue to have a great summer.  We're looking forward to the weeks to come.


Courtney, Maci, Michelle and Danielle

A Eagles

Hello parents of the A Eagles!  Week 4 has been filled with lots of excitement.  Tuesday was dress up backwards day.  All of the boys came to camp with their shorts and shirts on backwards!  We had a super time at carnival on Thursday.  Casey S. showed off his eurobungy skills by jumping so high with double and triple backward flips.  Sawyer W. practiced his beautiful and graceful dives in the pool.  Jacob N. was dancing up a storm at video production.  The summer continues to be a blast and we look forward to more terrific events during week 5.



Kerri, Andrew, Zachary and Daniel


B Eagles

The boys had a terrific week dressing for backwards day and enjoying themselves at the West Hills annual summer carnival, playing games, eating pretzels and cotton candy, and of course selecting prizes.  We had a great time this week with all the sports and tournaments.  The boys played an intense hockey game with Ryan D. and Charlie S. showing some great stick skills.  Dylan was our gaga champ this week and both Austin S. and Austin N. showed their power with awesome softball hits.  It really is tough to believe that our summer is half over.  We are sad as we say goodbye to Brandon G. and Ben S. who are 4 week campers.  However we are looking forward to next week as we welcome 2 new campers Christian S. and Stephen T..  Have a great weekend!



Marni, Andrew and Corey


C Eagles

Week 4 has been a fun and steamy one. We had a great time with the pentathlon and backward day. Carnival is always a blast! Our booth - Pin the Medal on the Athlete - was a huge success! We did Yoga for the first time this summer. Holden S. and Aiden A. won a contest for being able to hold the "tree pose" longest. The C Eagles continue to love Ga Ga. Zachary H. was one of the winners this week. Logan L. showed off his tennis skills. Devkartik A. showed us how to be a fisherman when he caught a goldfish at fishing & boating. We cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by. We have had 4 awesome weeks together. Thankfully we are not yet saying goodbye to any of our camp friends. We are looking forward to more fun with the Olympic Scavenger Hunt and Pajama Day next week. 
Caryn, Stefan and Adam


A Hunters

The A Hunters had a fun filled fourth week.  Lucas L. contributed multiple goals and hard defense at street hockey, while Levi D. enjoyed mastering foosball in the game room.  Matthew G. came up with some great shots to win two gaga games in a row!! Griffin M. rounded off a great week by showing off his amazing tennis ability, hitting volleys, forehands and backhands with much success.  The group enjoyed carnival on Thursday and is excited to continue having a blast in week 5.



John, Jake, Mathew and Zach 


B Hunters

The B Hunters had an awesome fourth week! Everybody had a great time at all the fun

activities, from archery to slip and slide to soccer.   The Hunters all had a great time at the late night going on Big Blue and searching for their counselors in the staff hunt.  We also had a

lot of fun at carnival running the London Bridge Can Smash and enjoying the festivities of the

day.  Some of the boys also had a great time participating in the tennis team.  In self defense,

everyone participated and had a great time, but a few campers stood out. Brody G., Matthew C., Noah P., and Eugene O. used their martial arts skills during the huge game of capture the flag, of which Matthew was the winner.  We're all very excited for the upcoming events in the fifth week!



Scott, John, Matthew and Gregory


C Hunters

This was a great fourth week at camp!  It's amazing how fast camp is going.  This was a busy week with our late night and carnival day. Lukas H., and Gaspar S. continue to do a great job at soccer. Jack T. and John C. are doing awesome jobs in the pool during both instructional and free swim.  Wrestling has been a great activity to watch all of the children participate in.  Matt P. always does wonderful with wrestling as does John A.  It's been a great first half of the summer, we are all looking forward to an amazing second half.



Nick, Jackson, Alex and Scott 

A Braves

This week the A Braves have had a blast!  Jordan H., Jack H. and Jake L. all had a great time at the carnival.  Jackson G. and Brandon S. had an awesome time playing in the soccer tournament on Wednesday and are looking forward to the match-ups on Friday.  The boys had a great time at their late night, including playing Man Hunt!!



Timothy, James, Jeremy and Adam 


B Braves

Week 4 has been a great week.  We had carnival on Thursday which was awesome.  We also had our first of two late nights with the guest appearance of Josh B. Leo W. had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with his friends after a fun filled week.  Zach G. continues to show his athletic abilities in soccer and baseball and really seems to be having an exciting time.  Drew K. is a true star on the soccer field and demonstrates passion each time he plays. While Jace A. and Nick M. always have the ability to make the other smile with their true humor.
We are upset that the summer is halfway done but are looking forward to an amazing second half.



Peter, Matthew, James, Sam and Jonathan


C Braves

Talk about a hot summer week...wow!  Our group continues to improve in our swimming skills each week!  The C Braves had an exciting soccer match against the D Braves this week!  As time was dwindling down the C Braves took a one to nothing lead.  The D Braves tied it up with just seconds left on the clock.  Dylan S. continued to shine in soccer with some amazing goals throughout the week.  Shaun and Michael are outstanding mid fielders, constantly hustling back and forth to play exceptional offense and defense for their team!  


David, Jake, Zachary and Ian


D Braves

Once again the D Braves had an incredible week! Each camper showed outstanding sportsmanship and also participation.  This week we had two soccer games where our goal keeper Jake M. scored a goal off his punt!  Also during the soccer games Brady L. was an all star defender stopping many goals from going in.  One of our newest activities, S.O.A.R. had a obstacle course where Ethan E., Justin G. and Jackson D. posted some of the fastest times of the group.  This week also featured an awesome carnival that each camper enjoyed and worked very hard while manning our Sharp Shooter booth.  Due to inclement weather our late night was a day late but was so much fun for all of the children and staff. 



Chris, Alex, Brandon and Tyler  

A Warriors 

Week 4 has been a pleasure for the A Warriors. We took a trip to Adventureland and had a ton of fun.  We also showed drastic improvements at activities during camp.  Jack J. was fearless on the highest rides at Adventureland.  He had one of the best times of his life.  Colin H. showed an interest at arts and crafts.  He looks to become a young Picasso.  Jack H. had an amazing 4 week session here at West Hills.  His polite attitude, respect, and thoughts of sharing with other campers will be missed.  Brendan P. is such a pleasure to have in the A Warriors.  He is a great listener, superb athlete and a gentleman.  Jake S. also had a great time at Adventureland.  He constantly entertains us with his sense of humor and fun facts.  The A Warriors had a very entertaining and incredible week. 



Zachary, Matt and Matthew


B Warriors 

The B Warriors had an adventure at Adventureland. Will M. hung tough while riding the Ladybug roller coaster. Way to hang with 'em, Will! Jacob C. got very lucky at the arcade and scored some nifty prizes! Jake R. and Ibby H. had their own water war at Adventureland. They were really soaking up some H2O! The day after going to Adventureland the B Warriors and the whole camp threw their very own carnival on campus. Rugby Frisbee Toss was a bright spot for the B Warriors at the carnival. Max S. ripped a nasty slapshot at hockey putting his team in the lead and keeping them there for the "W." Ryan F. was gaga-ing it up at tournament gaga ball again.



Jason, Ryan and Brandon 

A Iroquois:

The Arrow Iroquois have had another great and exciting week.  Jared B. won a huge assortment of prizes at Adventureland.  We had a wonderful time celebrating Dylan F.'s birthday before a fun filled game of inflatable dodgeball.  Jaan P. tried out eurobungy for his first time on Monday.  Also, Josh G. caught a huge goldfish while at fishing and boating.  Week 4 has been another great week and we're looking forward to two more trips to the Mets vs. Nationals game and deep sea fishing. 



Peter, Kenny, Bryan and David 



The T Chiefs can't believe the summer is already half over!  It feels like the fun just started.  Week 4 was another great week at West Hills.  Tuesday was probably the best trip so far when the group had a great day at Adventureland.  On Wednesday, we started the day off with newcomb and enjoyed a few great games of dodgeball. Thursday, was the carnival where we ran our favorite thing of all, the S.O.A.R. obstacle course!  Friday is sure to be another great day, but a sad one as it is our last day with Adam A., Elia A., Jacob F. and Caleb T.  Enjoy the rest of your summer boys! 



Matt, Josh, Dylan and Jordan 

Where has the time gone? Week 4 has quickly come to an end. This week we said goodbye to our four week friends and we welcomed some new ones. Whether we were playing games at camp or enjoying our time at Adventureland it became clear that our camp friendships, new and old, will always be an important part of who we are! Happy Birthday to our friend Matt Baker!! Thursday offered us a relaxing day spent fishing on the Great South Bay! Friday's rainy day served us well as we joined WHTT at a first day viewing of Batman! Stay tuned for more adventures from the road... 



Kim and Sean


Teen Travel finished up the second leg of our Chicago trip and it was incredible.  We continued our tour of the windy city with sightseeing and traveling by way of the subway and bus system.  For some of our campers it was a new experience taking mass transit.  The IMAX showing of Spiderman in 3D Was a huge hit with the campers.  Our next stop was Wrigley Field where we saw the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks.  This historic ballpark was amazing and seeing all the fans watching from the rooftops of apartment buildings outside of the stadium was definitely something different.  In the evening we went to whirlyball and the campers had a blast playing this game which is a mix of bumper cars and lacrosse.   

Of course we still had more sightseeing to do with so many great places to visit, including the Museum of Science and Industry.  Dinner at Ed Debevic's is a must when visiting Chicago.  The servers offer up their brand of humor, song and sarcasm.  We ended our trip with the campers participating in the Chicago Amazing Race, a fantastic way to see more of the Windy City.  The Amtrak ride home allowed us to have a party on the train.  This was the first time West Hills has gone to Chicago and it was well worth it.  We rounded out the week with a day of bowling and Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and on Friday we teamed up with Junior Travel and saw the premier of the new Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises.  We are looking forward to next week when new campers will be joining and we head to Fire Island and Ultimate Gaga.  To complete the week we will head off to the Adirondacks for white water rafting and more fun!   





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KGA Message from Kevin Gersh:
Hello WHDC Families,

Half of the summer has come and gone which means we have to say goodbye to our first session campers (even Morris is sad to see them go) but also get to welcome our new and returning friends who join us for the second session of camp.  Our staff anxiously awaits their arrival and looks forward to guiding them as they assimilate into their camp groups over the next few days.  Before they know it it will feel like they have been here the entire time!   

This week you will receive a survey asking you to evaluate the camp season so far and give us any ideas that you may have to help us improve our camp program.  We hope that you take a few minutes to read and respond to this survey so that we can continue to grow and give your children amazing experiences to last a lifetime!

Yours truly,
Kevin Gersh
NOTESNotes From the Directors:
Dear WHDC Parents,

Where did the time go?  With a blink of the eye we seem to have smiled and laughed our way through four weeks of fun and now we have only four more weeks of camp to look forward to for Summer 2012.  We hope our first four week campers had an amazing West Hills experience and that our second four week campers are ready to fill their shoes!
Last week we enjoyed an amazing carnival, dressed backwards, traded places with the campers and ran through the WHDC pentathlon.  This week we are excited for Hot Shot Hoops, Olympic Scavenger Hunt, Pajama Day, fun-filled late nights and more exciting special events and trips!  The calendar on our home page at www.westhillscamp.com is a great resource to see what we have in store for the children each day.

We are excited to see your children thrive at activities during week five!

Heath, Andrea, Lou and Matt
SPECIALEVENTSNext Week's Special Events:

Monday, July 23rd

Hot Shot Hoops 
Tuesday, July 24th  
Olympic Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday, July 25th  
Pajama Day
Cherokee/Chippewa late night

Thursday, July 26th
Retro Games

Friday, July 27th
Count Medals in a Jar

TRIPSNext Week's Trips:

Monday, July 23rd

Teen Travel - Fire Island

Tuesday, July 24th
Teen Travel - Ultimate GaGa
Junior Travel - Splish Splash
Pre-Teen 4th & 5th Grades - Deep Sea Fishing

Wednesday, July 25th
Teen Travel - Rafting and Camping  
Jr. Travel & CIT's - Club Getaway 
 5th Grade - Mets

Thursday, July 26th
Teen Travel - Rafting and Camping 
Jr. Travel & CIT's - Club Getaway


Friday, July 27th 
Teen Travel - Rafting and Camping 
Jr. Travel & CIT's - Club Getaway
Pre-Teen, 4th & 5th Grades - Boys Overnight


LUNCHNext Week's Lunch Specials:
Monday, July 23rd- Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Tuesday, July 24th- Tacos

Wednesday, July 25th-Spaghetti & Meatballs

Thursday, July 26th- BBQ Chicken

Friday, July 27th- Quesadillas

A Scouts 

Week 4 has been a whirlwind of fun for the A Scouts!  Sylvie S. had a great time climbing through the rope tunnel at action challenge. Nicolette M. and Taryn N. practiced their balancing and animal poses at yoga.  Abby W. made a "nothing but net" shot in basketball!  Lena R. is having a blast learning the dances at zumba. The A Scouts can't wait for the next week!


Casey, Nicole, Amanda and Jessica

B Scouts

 Wow!  What a great first half of the summer!  Ava H. looked like a pro on the jr. tennis courts.  Cassidy S. showed off her artistic abilities at arts and crafts.  Karlyn L. was so brave and went down Big Blue.  The B Scouts are having such a great time!


Stephanie, Nicole, Heather and Erica


C Scouts

We cannot believe it's the end of the 4th week already!  It has been going too fast!  We are so happy with how well all the girls get along and play with each other.  It was great watching Lily F. go down zipline with a huge smile on her face. Annabelle M. and Annelisa B. sped through the pentathlon obstacle course and the girls loved wearing their clothes backwards for backwards day. Looking forward to another great week next week!


Stacy, Sarah, Eliana and Ali

A Beavers

It's hard to believe the A Beavers finished their 4th week of camp already!  The summer is flying by and we are all having a blast!  The A Beavers amazed us at the pentathlon obstacle course on Monday and had fun wearing silly outfits on Tuesday for Backwards Day!  The group also had a great time winning cool prizes and going on fun rides at the carnival, and they did a great job running our booth, The Torch Toss!  This week Faith M. and Alexa N. demonstrated excellent posture and balance when they performed their yoga poses!  Carly B. and Jessica L. finished this week's pentathlon obstacle course in record time and Olivia M. was the winner of the game, "Bing, Bang, Boom" at drama!  It's been an excellent 4 weeks of camp and we can't wait for what the next 4 weeks will bring!

Jaclyn, Melissa, Ricki and Crystal


B Beavers  

The B Beavers had such a fun filled week!  The girls had so much fun at the pentathlon.  Hailey A. and Raina Y. loved going through the obstacle course.  Everyone had a blast on Backwards Day. All the backwards shirts and hats made everyone look so silly.  Zoe V. even came in with her bathing suit backwards!  We were so lucky to have a new camper this week!  Caitlin D. had a ton of fun meeting the B Beavers and participating in all the activities.  We ended the week with carnival and loved all the prizes, treats, games, and rides!  We can't believe its already the end of week four!  We are sad to say goodbye to Sofia H..  We hope she has a great rest of the summer!


Katie, Carly A., Jordyn and Carly C.


C Beavers

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the summer!  The C Beavers' enjoyed a fun filled week.  The girls dressed topsy turvy on Backwards Day, created beautiful art at ceramics, and enjoyed "Tacky the Penguin" and games at Happy Bookworm.  We had a great time at Thursday's carnival.  The girls worked our Tic Tac Toe booth, played games, won prizes and enjoyed some special snacks.  The girls are sad to say goodbye to Charly F. and Carolyn K..  This week's sport stars are Eden B., Maddy F. and Emmy H..  We're looking forward to a great 2nd half of the summer!


Michelle, Carly, Lauren and Brittany  

A Cherokees

Goodbye heat wave!  Week four might have brought some heat, but the A Cherokees splashed through!  Backwards upside down day was a riot; it looked like the girls got dressed for camp in the dark!  Carnival was a lot of fun.  We played games, rode some rides and won prizes!  The girls really had a wonderful time!  Trading Places day was great!  The girls had a chance to be the counselors for a day and we were the campers!  We are going to miss our "4 weekers" Reya W., Jenn K. and Juliana M..  We love you and hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

Hayley, Amanda, Mara and Lauren 


B Cherokees

The B Cherokees had the best time at camp during week 4.  We can't believe the summer is flying by. Zoe M. had a blast on zipline while Abby N. rocked out during a hula hoop contest at zumba.  Kyra K. really dominated during the "Sumo" game at wrestling.  Carly M. played awesome at soccer, showing off her skills and Carissa R. had a great time playing basketball.  We can't wait for another fantastic week at West Hills!


Tara, Lauren, Gabby and Randi

C Cherokees

The C Cherokees cannot believe how fast the summer is going.  The C Cherokees had so much spirit this week after winning Cheer Day!  We were a little confused on Backwards Day and our minds felt just as backwards as our shirts!  It felt so good to have an excuse to act silly!  We welcomed Aniah P. to the group and all the girls were thrilled to finally meet her.  On Thursday the C Cherokees had non stop fun at carnival!  From booths, to tickets to prizes (and of course cotton candy), we sure had a crazy time!  With the end of week 4 quickly approaching, the C Cherokees are sad to see Avery L. and Sophia L. leave this week.  They made great new friends and helped create memories that the C Cherokees will treasure forever!


Lindsey, Sam, Madison and Carly

A Chippewas

It was another exciting week of camp for the A Chippewas!  We had a blast dressing up for Backwards Upside Down Day and Trading Places Day!  The camp carnival was one of the major highlights of the week.  We loved having fun and playing games at all of the booths!  At fishing and boating Victoria B. impressed us with her skills as she reeled in a big catch this week.  Sam R. continues to show us her awesome rhythm and moves at dance and zumba.  Hannah C. and Lyndsey B. amazed the group with their artistic abilities at ceramics and arts & crafts.  Katelyn C. proved to be a tennis pro this week, showing us her powerful swing!  It is hard to believe we are already halfway through the summer.  Time really does fly when you're having fun!  We are looking forward to week five and all of the fun and excitement the rest of the summer will bring! 



Cara, Stef, Demi and Jessica


B Chippewas

The B Chippewas had an awesome fourth week! The heat wave didn't stop us from having a good time!  The B Chips were so excited to have some extended swim time to help us stay cool.  Riley D. rocked at action challenge and Casey S. was a pro on the ATV's this week!  Madison S. amazed us with flips at eurobungy!  The B Chips also had a great time at carnival.  The girls did a terrific job running our booth, Bronze Medal Penny Toss!  We can't wait for another great week to begin! 



Jaclyn, Danielle, Kylie and Sydney


A Kiowas

Wow, the A Kiowas cannot believe that four weeks of camp have gone by!  This past week was a great way to end the first session, between carnival and our trip to Adventureland.  Shannyn C. and Emma G. had a blast experiencing a number of different rides!  The whole group loved the adventure.  During Backwards Day this week, Sarah P. truly embraced the challenge by drawing a face to wear on the back of her head.  At ATV's Mia B. and Carly G. showed us their driving skills as they breezed around the course.  It was another fantastic week at West Hills Day Camp for the A Kiowas!



Gaby, Leigh and Jenna


B Kiowas

There is never a dull moment at West Hills for the B Kiowas.  After taking a week off from camp, Stephanie E. came back with more spirit than ever, showing off her amazing tennis skills.  Jaclyn M. is as chipper as ever, putting 100% into every activity.  Sabrina F. had so much fun at swim, playing categories with all of her friends.  We hope that Liz M. is having a lot of fun this weekend on her Disney cruise.  We miss her!  The B Kiowas spent a day at Adventureland where Laci J. wasn't afraid of anything and went on every ride!  We can't wait to see what else camp has in store for us this summer.



Emily, Jordi and Jamie 


A Senecas  

The A Senecas were super busy this week with our trips to Monster Golf, Adventureland and the carnival!  The girls enjoyed golfing under the glow in the dark lights!  It was so cool! Adventureland day was hotter than hot, but we had an awesome time going on almost all of the rides!  Back at camp Alexa G. did amazing dance moves at zumba.  Toni H. showed us her impressive skills on the street hockey rink!  Tallie R. had fantastic catches and throws at dodgeball, while Sarah S. had wonderful concentration at yoga.  Lastly, Kira W. did outstanding in Monday's pentathlon.  We are sad to say goodbye to Eleni D., Gianna D. and Michalea C. this week!  Have a great rest of the summer girls! 



Kristine, Brittany and Stephanie


B Senecas

Week 4 was a fun filled week!  We won the pentathlon for the upper girls division!  Mia N. set a record for having the fastest time at 27.09 seconds!  We also had a blast at Monster Mini Golf!  Emma L. won lots of tickets playing the games in the arcade!  Our trip to Adventureland was a huge success!  We went on the Log Flume to stay cool, the Hurricane, the Music Express, the Frisbee and lots more!  We also had carnival this week!  The B Senecas manned the Marriage Booth!  We married tons of people!  Love was in the air!


This summer has been flying by and we cannot believe it is halfway over!  We are really going to miss Emily S., Jordanna R., Isabella C. and Olivia F..  We hope you have a great rest of the summer!



Katherine, Stefanie and April


As week four came to an end, we had trouble grasping the fact that the first half of camp was over.  We enjoyed our last few days with our four week campers, participating in a wide range of festivities.  The trip to Adventureland on Tuesday was a huge hit.  We went on a countless number of rides and enjoyed lunch in the amusement park cafeteria.  On Wednesday, we had arts and crafts, top soccer and archery.  Our new camper twins, Brianna E. and Olivia E. shined in archery, hitting numerous bullseyes!  In the afternoon we were faced with rain and sprinted over to dodgeball to stay dry.  Thursday was carnival day, a fan favorite of all the campers.  Kerry H. and Samantha K. did a fantastic job of making the marriage chapel, our group's booth, run smoothly.  All the girls took shifts working in between games, snacks, and rides.  On Friday we went to yoga, tennis, everest and trading post.  We ended off the day by saying goodbye to our "four weekers," sharing lots of memories, baked goods and tears.



Jenn, Lindsey and Kimberly 

We would like to apologize for accidentally mistaking the Comanche's amazing singer Jack M. with Jack C.  Last week, Jack M. blew us away with his amazing musical voice when he sang the Beatles "Yesterday".  You rock Jack M.!


When it comes to conquering computer games, there's but one camper that comes to mind... Jason K.  He is a Minecraft master!  Skilled coordination is what you'll see when watching the arrows soar from the bows of Jameson B. and Jordan W.. They are Archery Aristocrats! 
On to the nature front, our "Dr. Doolittles" Connor L. and Michael M. show their great respect and fondness for the various animals in our nature shack.  Whether it's a fuzzy rabbit, a sleek ferret or a hard-shelled tortoise, these campers can relate to them all!  It is delightful to see how they connect with the animals and how the animals connect with them! 



Joe, Jessica and Shaun



This has been a fun filled and exciting week for the CIT's.  Despite the extremely hot weather we enjoyed cooling off in the pool.  The group had a blast at late night and at the carnival.  Special congratulations goes out to Michelle P., Julia C. and Lauren L. for winning our Olympic Scavenger Hunt.  We can't believe the 4th week of camp is over, but we are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Club Getaway.



Tracy, Carly, Patrick and Dave


This week at VEG, students continued their education in Latin etymology, adding a host of new word-sets, and mastering previous units. The younger group excelled, in particular, constructing and decoding advanced compound vocabulary words that spanned the entire length of the whiteboards.  Students also completed last week's inventor/cryptozoology stories, with a number of the students encountering previously unknown (to them) concepts in writing, and duly overcoming the resultant hurdles.  Finishing the stories also involved completing companion papier-m�ch� globes, upon which students charted the various locations visited by their characters.  Additionally, all students participated in cooperative lateral thinking exercises, and have mastered Phillips RBM Approach essay-writing/syntax-skill-building exercises.  At the end of the week, students and staff gathered to wish a fond farewell to campers enrolled only for weeks 1-4.  Their departure was celebrated with treats, streamers and Limbo.
The aforementioned celebration also marked the end of counselor Matt Mautarelli's time with VEG for this season. We'll miss you, Matt! 



Mrs. P, Miss Tamara, Alec and Matt

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