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    Week 7, 2012

News from Camp



The Moms & Tots are having such a great time and we cannot believe there is only one week left. In the Happy Bookworm we read a book about colors and painted our own colorful beach balls. It was very exciting to try fishing and boating, where Madison and Alexa even caught a fish! Getting to go on Big Blue again made our day special.  


Rachel and Marina

A Tots

WOW!  We can't believe the summer is almost over! We had another fun-filled week at West Hills.  At fishing and boating, Donnie R. caught a sunfish. Oliver S. improved his tennis skills by hitting balls on the court.  Josh W. scored a goal in soccer. Everyone showed off their crazy hair/hats on Thursday.  We are looking forward to a fun week of Olympic Games.  


Rachel, Hailey and Nicole

B Tots

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It feels like we just started camp yesterday, but it's week 7 and we have three new friends.  Wyn F. jumped right in the pool and splashed around with his new friends.  Noah R. sped down the zip line with a huge grin on his face.  Slip 'N' Slide is always a blast as Max F. enjoyed racing down with all of his friends.  Alex M. loved looking at all the animals at nature.  Jack O. got a hole-in-one while the boys played mini golf.  We are all looking forward to Olympics, but sad that the summer is coming to an end. 

Mallory, Chloe and Taylor


C Tots     

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Wow, week 7 is over!  We can't believe there is only one week left.  We are sad summer is almost over, but excited for the last week.  This week was Dylan W.'s and Hannah B.'s last week.  We will miss them!  Dylan W. had so much fun swimming in the pool.  Hannah B. is very good at yoga and loves showing off her skills there.  Hannah M. had a great time at arts & crafts, and Jenna G. had an awesome time at action challenge!  We're ready for the last week!  

Jamie, Becca and Nikki

F Tots

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We cannot believe that we have only one week left!  The F Tots have welcomed our new friend Nina C. to our group.  Nina loves playing games and listening to books at Happy Bookworm!  We love watching Logan V. climb through the action challenge ropes!  At soccer, Aidan C. loves showing off his amazing kicking skills!  Dominic M. is a yoga star showing off all of his yoga poses!  The F Tots plan on having an amazing last week! 

Lauren, Taylor and Mallory

A Mohawks

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The summer is almost over.  The last 7 weeks have really flown by!  Kent M., Max G. and Larry G. have scored so many goals at hockey this summer.  Zach H.'s arts and crafts projects are magnificent every single time.  The A Mohawks don't want the summer to end!



Amanda, Ariel, Megan and Rachel


B Mohawks

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The B Mohawks are the best!  We have so much fun at camp every day!  Josh L. went down Big Blue all by himself this week!  Yeah!  Austin L. enjoys going to mini golf and trying his luck on the penguin hole.  Minas M. went on zipline for the first time this week.  He loved every second of it.  Cole N. loves when he gets to play gaga.  He is unstoppable!  We can't wait for Olympics and our last week of camp.  We are going to squeeze in as much fun as we can while it lasts. 


Lisa, Sarah, Sam, Gavi and Rachel


C Mohawks

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Week 7 was great.  Joseph K. was excellent in wrestling.  Arthur K. came in first in a soccer race. Andrew Mo. was excellent in the tennis tournament.  We look forward to our last week together, with lots of fun-filled events. 


Courtney, Maci, Michelle and Danielle

A Eagles

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The A Eagles are having the time of their lives!  What awesome fun we had this week as we "Cleared our Throat" for the dance show.  We looked fabulous and really had a fun time.  Thursday we showed off our terrific hats and our gorgeous hairdos as we celebrated Crazy Hair and Hat Day.  We also looked quite flashy for Neon Day on Friday!  Gianluca R. showed a lot of strength and coordination taking down his opponent at wrestling.  Darren W. did an amazing job at tennis as he practiced his volleys and forehands.  John Thomas S. had a spectacular time flying down the jr. zipline this week.  The boys are totally psyched for Olympics during our final week of camp.



Kerri, Andrew, Zachary and Daniel


B Eagles

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It is hard to believe that  there is only one week left of camp.  The summer has gone by so quickly as it feels like only yesterday was day one.  
Week 7 was an awesome one!  We had our camp show where all the boys did a wonderful job!  
We all had such a fabulous summer and the B Eagles are still continuing to impress and shine!  Austin N. was our diving champ of the week and Zachary B. was softball champ blasting several balls into the field with his power swing.  Charlie S. showed some amazing skills on eurobungy with both front and back triple flips!  The B Eagles had a new camper, Jack D. join the group and all the other boys welcomed him with open arms.  
We are all excited for Olympics to start next week!   




Marni, Andrew and Corey


C Eagles

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Week 7 has been a blast!  We went on the pool obstacle course.  It was definitely tough to stay on until the end but those who fell off were happy to take a dip in the pool.  Our show practices paid off and our performance of YMCA was awesome!  We are so proud of all the boys! Of course we had fun with Crazy Hair and Hat Day and Neon Day.  Ben S., Holden S., Braydon C. and Adriano L. demonstrated their fantastic tennis skills during the tennis showcase.  Reagan R. was a great addition to our group for the final 2 weeks.  He really excelled in soccer.  Lucas W. and Ben D. showed off their solid hitting in softball.  We are looking forward to one more fun filled week together and to the West Hills Olympics.


Caryn, Stefan, Josh and Adam


A Hunters

The A Hunters had a fun time in week 7.  We can't believe how fast the summer has gone.  This week we enjoyed performing our dance at the camp show for everyone! Hudson B. found success on the wrestling mat with a great combination of takedown moves.  Ryan C. hit multiple targets, apples and a balloon at archery on Tuesday.  Sam K. mastered the combination punches and kicks at self defense, while Joshua G. was able to eliminate his opponents with great throws at newcomb.  Ben N. has improved greatly in the pools, and now he cans swim a great breaststroke!  We're excited for Olympics on Week 8! 



Jon, Jake, Mathew and Zach 


B Hunters

The 7th Week at West Hills has been a great one! We were very proud of all our boys for going on stage and showing off their moves at our show. Thursday was Crazy Hair and Hat Day.  Brody G. came in with the wildest hair followed closely by Eugene O., Zach W. and Alex R. with their hair and hats.  Also, Friday was Neon Day.  All of the counselors matched and all the boys looked great. 



Scott, John, Matthew and Gregory


C Hunters

What a great week 7 we had!  This week we had our camp show and all of us are extremely proud of our performance.  We hope that all of the boys enjoyed the show as much as we did.  Matt K. has been wonderful at soccer and so has Lukas H.  Chris R. and Eric F. are really great at lacrosse.  Jordan W. has also been doing really well with baseball skills over the past couple weeks.  We can't believe camp is quickly coming to an end.  We are all excited to see what the camp Olympics have to offer next week. 



Nick, Jackson, Alex and Scott 

A Braves

The A Braves had a great time performing at West Hills camp show!  Max B. and Zach B. showed of their great group spirit!  Michael R. showed off his soccer skills scoring multiple goals in the A Braves semifinal tournament!  Jack Schn. had a great time climbing Mt. Everest and Alex D. had fun competing at wrestling.  



Timothy, James, Jeremy and Adam 


B Braves

We can't believe we only have one week left.  Week 7 flew by like the others.  We had a very busy week with the camp shows and a tennis match.  With Olympics coming up next week our boys are excited about being part of the Green Team!  In the tennis showcase Leo W. played great.  Zach G. dominated the wrestling floor.  Jace A. played great in gaga while Drew K. and Lucas M. were scoring touchdowns left and right at football.  We are looking forward to ending our summer this week with the Olympics!



Peter, Matthew, James, Sam and Jonathan


C Braves

"Macho, Macho Man I want to be a macho man!!"  Boy did we steal the show!  We have the moves like Jagger!  Andrew K. continues to be a lightning fast dodgeball thrower.  Anthony M. continues to do an awesome job at S.O.A.R.!  Jacob W. is an excellent newcomb player as he continues to make amazing catches!  Michael P. and Shaun P. continue to play their hardest in all the sports!



David, Jake, Zachary and Ian


D Braves

The show this week was epic. All of our campers showed true courage getting up on stage and performing our dance to Macho Man.  During the week we had a great soccer match against the B Braves where Max C., Justin G. and  Ethan E. played their hearts out to help us win.  Also this week we had Crazy Hair and Hat Day where Jackson D. and Zachery I. showed off their wild side.  Another highlight this week was our tennis showcase where Daniel M. and Dylan T. played great.  Thanks for all the support this week it was truly awesome.  We look forward to Olympics next week.  Lets go White!



Chris, Alex, Brandon and Tyler  

A Warriors 

It's almost the end of the summer.  Week 7 was amazing with the A Warriors.  Taylor S. made our group laugh hysterically with his quirky jokes and funny zingers.  Duncan L. scored 2 goals from an incredible distance during soccer.  Joey A. showed kindness and a very positive attitude towards his fellow campers and staff.  This week was his last and he will be missed.  Jack J. showed his incredible skills in dodgeball and gaga.  He has outstanding athleticism and energy.  Mike M. and the rest of the A Warriors had the show Wednesday and performed "Take me out to the Ballgame" for the camp and parents.  It was an incredible show and the A Warriors did great!




Zachary, Matt and Matthew


B Warriors 


We still cannot believe week 7 is over. We bonded and built new friendships over the last seven weeks at West Hills. We did an awesome job practicing for our camp show and did an amazing job at the show. "Whoomp, There it is!" Great job by Colby D. for picking up the dance quickly. Wayde O. has been excelling at wrestling. At dodgeball, Seth P. showed off his great arm by getting all of the counselors out. The whole group is looking forward to finishing camp on a high note next week!    



Jason, Ryan and Brandon 

A Iroquois:

The Arrow Iroquois had another great week at camp and especially enjoyed hosting one of the camp shows.  Liam B. was awesome at dodgeball, getting multiple people out.  Nicholas V. showed off his street hockey skills while also exuding a great deal of sportsmanship.  Michael D. set a camp record in the hang test at S.O.A.R.  Sean L. played like a champion during newcomb showing off his catching and throwing ability.  The Arrow Iroquois are having a great summer and are anxiously awaiting the Olympics starting up at the beginning of Week 8.  Go White!



Peter, Kenny, Bryan and David 



The T Chiefs are sad that we have reached our last week of camp.  On Monday, we started off with some of our favorite activities including golf, tennis and ATV's.  Later in the day we enjoyed gaga and computers.  Tuesday we had some fun at dodgeball then we were off for our great trip to bowling and Friendly's.  Wednesday, we played newcomb and basketball then practiced for our show.  The chiefs did a great job MC'ing  the show in the afternoon then showing of our skills at the pool. Thursday we enjoyed S.O.A.R.  and fishing and boating.  We escaped the heat a little at game room and computers in the afternoon.  Friday we looked forward to wrestling.  This week we are sad to say goodbye to Stephen D., Blake A., Corey J., Spencer S., Alex S. and Dean R.  We hope they enjoy the rest of their summer as much as they did at West Hills.



Matt, Josh, Dylan and Jordan 

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Junior Travel spent Week 7 seeing the many sights of Buffalo and Toronto. We began the week eating wings at the original home of the chicken wing, Buffalo's famous Anchor Bar. We ended our night at the observation tower gazing at Niagara Falls. Day two didn't disappoint. We began our day with an exciting jet boat ride, a group favorite for sure,  and then went on to the Cave of the Winds where we got to not only witness the falls, but got to bathe in them and feel their incredible force first hand! By Tuesday, it was passport time as we said goodbye to the U.S. and headed into Canada.  

Canada's Wonderland featured many thrills as the group got to experience rides such as the monster coaster Leviathan, and Dragon Fire. Thursday we went shopping in the mall and then saw the legends in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The day wasn't over yet so we headed to the home of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Rogers Center, where we took a tour of their great ballpark. It's hard to top a West Hills JT visit, but we're sure the Yankees were up to the task. They had a game against the Jays on Friday. Our last day consisted of hanging out at a Toronto land mark, the CN Tower. We went all the way to the top and stared down through the glass floor! This was our favorite moment yet! Junior travel is one big family. Since we couldn't comprehend not being together, we decided to stay over one more night and relive all the wonderful times we've had this summer on the road! Let's go Green! Let's go White! Bring on the Olympics!




Kim and Sean


Teen Travel capped off a summer of great trips by heading to Miami.  Our campers had a great time at Jungle Island where we saw exotic animals. From there we headed to Coral Gables for a day of swimming at the Venetian Pools.  Of course a trip to Miami would not be complete without a day at South Beach.  The beautiful beach and warm water made for a relaxing afternoon.  

Dining and shopping at the Bayside Market Place and an evening DJ Cruise around Miami rounded out the first leg of this amazing trip.  We said goodbye to Miami and boarded the Carnival cruise ship "Destiny" for 5 days of fun in Grand Turk and the Bahamas.  Our cruise was nothing short of spectacular.  We had good food, entertaining shows, nightly dancing and of course 3 ports of call. Many of our campers enjoyed jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boating in Nassau.  This trip was the perfect ending to a summer of great overnight trips.




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KGA Message from Kevin Gersh:
Hello WHDC Families,

Olympics time!  West Hills spirit will be on display this week as we participate in our annual Olympic competitions throughout camp.  Bucket brigades, swim meets, field events, athletics and much, much more make this week the most exciting of the summer!  Let's go Green!  Let's go White!

Last Wednesday's Parent's Night Out was a huge success.  The camp looked beautiful, the food was outstanding, the music was perfect and it was so nice to spend time with you all! I hope you can sneak in one more visit before the summer ends!

Yours truly,
Kevin Gersh
NOTESNotes From the Directors:
Dear WHDC Parents,

Week 7 was a good one highlighted by the amazing camp shows on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Your children worked very hard on their routines and we were certainly impressed.  Silly Hair & Hat Day was great and Neon Day was also a lot of fun.  

This week is Olympics and our executive staff has been hard at work planning creative and exciting competitions.  Almost sixty years of West Hills traditions will be carried on with some new surprises and twists we know your children will love.  Let's go Green! Let's go White!

Heath, Andrea, Lou and Matt
SPECIALEVENTSNext Week's Special Events:

Monday, August 13th

Olympics Opening Ceremony


Tuesday, August 14th 
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Thursday, August 16th

Friday, August 17th
Last Day - Autographs

TRIPSNext Week's Trips:
Monday, August 13th
Teen Travel- Movies

Friday, August 17th
Teen Travel, Junior Travel & Pre-teens
- Jones Beach 
LUNCHNext Week's Lunch Specials:


Monday, August 13th- Tacos


Tuesday, August 14th- Baked Ziti

Wednesday, August 15thChicken Fajitas

Thursday, August 16th- Grilled Cheese

Friday, August 17th- Hot Dogs &



A Scouts 

Week 7 has come to a close and the A Scouts continue to have tons of fun at WHDC!  Taryn N. shot some hoops at basketball this week.  Ella P. had the biggest smile on her face when she zoomed down Big Blue.  Taylor S. showed how well she can balance with some yoga poses.  Hannah S. had a blast learning how to use a racket at tennis.  We are looking forward to a great last week of camp!


Casey, Nicole, Amanda and Jessica

B Scouts

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We can't believe week 7 is over.  Myla T. showed what a great friend she is when she shared her wand with a friend during jr. tennis.  Katie K. went through the spider web at action challenge with great speed.  Lilli L. danced like a rockstar at zumba.  Karlyn L. showed us her great artistic abilities at arts and crafts.  We are ready for an exciting week 8! 


Stephanie, Nicole, Heather and Erica


C Scouts

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What a great week we had with the C Scouts! Nicoletta L. went on Big Blue for the first time. We had a new addition to the C Scouts.  Her name is Sydney S. and her first week she caught a fish at fishing and boating.  We also had three campers selected to be part of the tennis team, Brooke Se., Brooke Sc., and Anabelle M. We look forward to a great last week of camp with the C Scouts and we will miss them lots.   


Stacy, Sarah, Elie and Alex

A Beavers

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What an exciting week for the A Beavers!  On Tuesday, the group performed to the song, Kids in America by No Secrets and showed off their fantastic dance moves for all to see!  We are so proud of our girls for putting on such a great show!  The group also made us proud when they completed the aquatic obstacle course on Monday.  Alexa N., Olivia M. and Ava C. completed the obstacle course in record time!  In addition, Carly B. and Skylar S. showed us their terrific diving skills this week, and Allison L. and Jessica L. had a blast going down zip line!  We can't wait to see what happens next week during the Olympic games! 

Jaclyn, Melissa, Ricki and Crystal


B Beavers  

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The B Beavers practiced like crazy for the Camp Show!  Everyone has been singing Jock Jams across camp.  They amazed the audience with all their fantastic dance moves.  They also loved showing off the swim strokes they have learned all summer.  The B Beavers are such fabulous swimmers!  We are so lucky to have a new camper this week!  Everyone loved introducing themselves and playing with Juliana M. We are so sad to say goodbye to Madeline S.  We will miss her, but hope she has a great rest of the summer!


JordynCarly A.  and Carly C.


C Beavers

The C Beavers were the shining stars of West Hills this week.  We stole the show on Wednesday, dancing to the Baha Men's "Move It Like This." Week 7 was also a big week for the girls because they braved the big zipline for the first time!  They have become quite the daredevils.  Katie M. and Julia S. were our hockey stars this week, and Maddy F. showed off her awesome goalie skills. Daryn C., Eliana P. and Izzy H. mastered their diving skills. It's hard to believe that next week is week 8, but we're looking forward to a  fun time at Olympics. Go Green!!


Michelle, Carly, Lauren and Brittany  

A Cherokees

What a great week the A Cherokees had!  Our show was just amazing. How cute did the girls look dancing on stage?  We were so excited to see Isabelle E. perform for the show!  Dylan D. and Rachel N. did a wonderful job remembering all of the dance moves, along with the rest of the girls!  Alyssa R. and Remi S. had such crazy hair and hats on Thursday, we were so excited! Julia B. and Izzie M. dressed to impress on Neon Day!  Week 8 here we come!  Let the Olympic games begin! 

Hayley, Amanda, Mara and Lauren 


B Cherokees

This week the B Cherokees had a great time and loved welcoming our new camper, Beatrice F. The girls did amazing at their show on Tuesday when all the girls proved they are "All Stars."  They also did an amazing job swimming and showing their families their new strokes.  We have to say goodbye to Victoria B. who's last day was Friday.  We'll really miss her!


Tara, Lauren, Gabby and Randi

C Cherokees

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The C Cherokees had a blast in week 7.  We had our show, Crazy Hair and Hat Day, and ended the week decked in neon!  On Monday, we played a hilarious game at drama.  Emma R. impressed us all with her ability to keep a straight face and not show her teeth!  At fishing and boating, Lily L. and Aniah P. had us all smiling when they caught fish.  At dodgeball, Hailey W. helped her team to victory by being the last one standing on her team!  During our C Cherokee world cup soccer game, Ella K. made crazy shots on goal making team Canada hard to beat!  Lauren W. had all the C Cherokees in big smiles when she went down Big Blue for the first time!  At self defense, Maya A. had us all in awe when she was able to defend herself and take down all the players!  The C. Cherokees also did such an amazing job at the show!  Their outfits rocked and they dominated on the stage. The C Cherokees also impressed on Crazy Hair and Hat Day.  They might have even scared a few groups with their multicolored hairdos.  On Friday, we ended the week in our eye popping neon gear, and the C Cherokees totally stood out with incredible style.  We cannot believe next week is already week 8! We are also happy to welcome back Ava G. and Lauren V. and are thrilled to have them back with the C Cherokees! 


Lindsey, Sam, Madison and Carl

A Chippewas

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The A Chippewas had an amazing 7th week!  We loved dressing up for Neon Day and showing of some wacky style on Crazy Hair and Hat Day.  During gaga, one of our favorite activities, Sophie H. and Rachel G. impressed us with their superior skills.  At our soccer tournament versus the B Chips, Ellie A. and Samantha R. helped lead our team to victory!  We were reminded of how close our group has become this summer as we participated in a cooperation based activity.  Hannah C., Emma S. and Sam C. exhibited great communication and leadership skills while helping our group achieve their goal!  The highlight of our week was undoubtedly our camp show!  Our girls had a blast singing and dancing for all of their family and friends.  We are sad to say goodbye to one of our incredible A Chippies this week, Katelyn C. We had a great time with her this summer and will miss her during week eight.  As we enter the last week of camp we look forward to tons of fun competition during the Olympics!  We know it will be the perfect ending to an already incredible summer! 



Cara, Stef, Demi and Jessica


B Chippewas

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Week seven was another awesome week for the B Chippewas!  The girls made us so proud when they put on a wonderful performance at our show as they sang and danced to the song "Lets Get Loud."  We enjoyed some sweet treats this week for an outstanding job!  The B Chips were thrilled to welcome Danielle S. into our group this week!  On Wednesday, we participated in a fun team building activity where the girls worked together in pairs to help each other walk through part of the West Hills campgrounds as one partner was blindfolded!  Halle B., Angelica K., Casey S., and Morgan P. did a great job helping their partners during this activity!  The girls looked extra silly for Crazy Hair and Hat Day!  We are so sad to say goodbye to Riley D.!  We hope she enjoys the rest of her summer! We can't believe that our final week of camp is here!  The girls can't wait for our Olympic events.  There are so many fun surprises ahead!  We are looking forward to a great last week!



Jaclyn, Danielle, Kylie and Sydney


A Kiowas

This week the A Kiowas showed off all their hard work by performing to "Waka Waka" during the camp show.  They were absolutely fantastic!  Ella really showed enthusiasm and attitude on stage, while Jaden S. gave it her all and really put personality into the dance!  We were so proud of all the girls!  In other events this week, Sarah P. showed great skills at archery while Carly G. showed us her speed at ATV's.  At self defense, Mia B.'s energy and excitement were unmatched.  Another great week was had by all.  We cannot believe that week 8 has arrived so lets make it the best of all! 



Gaby, Leigh and Jenna


B Kiowas

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As always, the B Kiowas had such an amazing week at West Hills!  After practicing for a couple of weeks, we had our camp show which couldn't have gone any better!  Practicing like we did really paid off!  Although Steph E. was absent during week 5, she was able to learn the entire dance in only a day!  Our song was "Mambo number 5" and everyone loved it! Julia G. learned how to do a front flip, back flip and a flip turn in the pool!  It was amazing and we are so proud of her!  Friday was Neon Day and the B Kiowas were glowing bright!  We were sad to see Liz M. leave us for the summer as we had to say goodbye.  We will miss her!  We look forward to Olympics next week! 



Emily, Jordi and Jamie 


A Senecas  

Wow!  The A Senecas can't believe how fast time is flying by!  We are shocked to find ourselves at the end of week 7 already!  This week Skylar K. showed us her amazing basketball skills in knock out!  Also, we were very impressed with Margaret P.'s artistic talents in woodworking.  She decorated her plant stool beautifully!  Sofia R. had some awesome catches on the volleyball court during newcomb.  At tennis Tallie R. had fantastic hits!  The highlight of our week was definitely our show!  The performance was outstanding and we have been receiving compliments all week!  We are so proud of you girls!  We were sad to say goodbye to Kira W. this Thursday.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!



Kristine, Brittany and Stephanie


B Senecas

Week 7 was another amazing week at West Hills Day Camp!  From the pool obstacle course where Sofia S. was the first girl to complete the entire course without falling off, to the camp show on Wednesday where the girls got to showcase their dance moves, we had a fantastic time!  Emma L. had the craziest hat in our group on Crazy hair and Hat Day!  She made it all by herself too!  Jessica L showed us her great gymnastic skills at self defense!  Neon Day was awesome!  All of the girls came in covered from head to toe in bright colors!  We even found out Friday that the B Senecas will be on the green team for the Olympics!  Go Green!


Katherine, Stefanie and April


Week 7 was certainly an eventful one for the Nava Debs.  We welcomed Madison B. a Junior Travel camper who joined our group for the week.  She instantly bonded with all of the girls through a wide variety of events, including our trip to the Syosset Bowling Lanes and Friendly's.  On Wednesday, we shined on stage, dancing for our parents and fellow campers.  Our song was Mambo #5 and boy was the performance a success!  Carly W. showed great charisma and energy and did an excellent job dancing.  After, we hopped into the pool to show off our perfected strokes for all of the visitors.  Madison S. did a fabulous job with her front crawl and breast stroke.  Later in the week, we went all out for Crazy Hair and Hat Day and Neon Day and sadly said goodbye to our awesome, athletic camper Brittany C. 



Jenn, Lindsey and Kimberly 

Click here to see the A Comanche's movies from video production:  

Click here to see the B and C Comanche's movies from video production:  


It's been another amazing week for the Comanche group! During our annual Camp Show, Christian J., Brandon D. and Steven A. showed off their fancy footwork and William F. and Margaret M.'s cool moves went unmatched.  But the talent didn't stop with the dance floor.  After the show, the Comanches charged the pool obstacle course.  Chris P. and Connor B. made it look like a walk in the park.  We had a great end to another fun filled and exciting week!



Joe, Jessica and Nancy



The 7th week of camp seemed to fly by with the beautiful weather and busy schedule.  We had a blast at S.O.A.R., our camp obstacle course, and competing at gaga.  We also practiced our golf swings at the new West Hills driving range.  We had another wonderful visit with the children from a local shelter.  The CIT's engaged the children in different activities and created an experience they will never forget!  We are looking forward to a great last week of camp!



Tracy, Carly, Patrick and Dave


This week village east gifted students accomplished quite a lot.  At the beginning of the week we learned how to create adverbial phrases through a game in which students create sentences on unconventional topics.  We have also continued global studies involving the international date line and its effects on the world.  Our geography bee has taken us almost completely around the world! Students have also continued learning Latin medical and anatomical roots through the Philips RBM approach; "reawakening brilliant minds" through our different games using creative methodologies.  This sparks a motivation in the students to learn more and even think of future careers.  Finally, we are preparing to present our long term project that has been built and designed by the students so keep your eyes open for it!



Mrs. P, Miss Tamara, Alec and Tulsi

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