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January 31, 2018

~Cardinal Character Trait: Responsibility/Goodness~
"If you take responsibility for yourself
you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams."

- Les Brown

The Cardinal
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Spelling Bee Friday
2018-2019 Enrollment Details
2018-2019 Financial Aid
Gala Info
Silent Auction HIghlights
"Best of Live" Raffle
Class Gala Artwork
Please Volunteer for the Gala!
Ash Wednesday Chapel
Box Tops for Education
Save These Dates!
Sudan Well Project
CEC Shrove Sunday
CEC Bargain Box
In the Week Ahead
1/31: Rising 5th Grade Parents Meeting

Enrichment: Picasso

Enrichment: Tippi Jam
2/1: Re-Enrollment contracts sent

Girls Basketball (gr. 7/8) @ Norwood 3:00pm

Boys Basketball (gr. 7/8) @ Hebrew Academy 4:15pm
2/2: Cardinal Casual Dress Day

School-wide Spelling Bee 8:30am

One-on-One Friday Fun 9:00-10:00am

Enrichment: Comics & Animation 3:30-4:30pm

Enrichment: Jr. Minecraft 3:30-4:30pm
2/3: Preschool Playdate for Preschool applicants 10:00-11:00am
2/5: Boys Basketball (gr. 7/8) vs. Norwood 3:00pm

Enrichment: Globetrotters

Enrichment: Secret Agent 3:30-4:30pm

Enrichment: Spring Paddy 3:30-4:30pm
2/6: Enrichment: Origami

Basketball (gr. 5/6) @ Washington Episcopal School
   3:45pm - Boys
   4:45pm - Girls
2/7: Enrichment: Picasso

Enrichment: Tippi Jam

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A Message from the Head of School:

Dear CES Family,

Last week, The Rev. Dr. Dan Heischman, Executive Director of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, of which we are a member, talked about the importance that the school chaplain plays in the life of an Episcopal School.  As you know, The Rev. Cindy Simpson serves as the CES Chaplain.  However, along with her, The Rev. John McDuffie has been her colleague and the Rector of Christ Church and Christ Episcopal School.  He has also been my colleague, mentor and friend.  As I have been reflecting on his retirement and the impact it is having on me personally, I found Dan Heischman's reflections particularly meaningful:

Andy Bowerman serves as the chaplain of Southampton FC-a British football team-a position which demands a high degree of flexibility, ecumenical spirit, and a willingness to work with players and coaches who may or may not profess any religious affiliation or spiritual orientation (not unlike the qualities expected of an Episcopal school chaplain). Like many other chaplains to football teams, Bowerman is known affectionately to the team players as "Rev."

He recalls, in a recent article about British football team chaplains, a text he had received from a player who left the Southampton team long ago. Perhaps this player wrote in need of the chaplain's counsel or out of a desire to know of his availability to perform a baptism, wedding, or funeral. "Rev," the former player texted, "are you still revving?"

It may be the case that this former player remembers the important role that Bowerman played with other members of the team. Alternatively, it could be that he took for granted Bowerman's availability during his time at Southampton. Now, faced with a pressing need, he seeks the help of someone who may be the only "rev" he has ever met.

Veteran Episcopal school chaplains know this type of inquiry well. Out of the blue there comes a call or message from a former student, parent, or faculty member, seeking help in a time of crisis or inquiring about the chaplain's availability to be a part of an important life event. Likewise, so many Episcopal schools experience-whether their chaplain is a longstanding or relatively new member of the community-those defining moments in their common life when the need for some "revving" is critical, no matter how much members of the school community may heretofore have taken the chaplain's role for granted.

New school chaplains quite frequently better understand their role in the community only once they have experienced such a moment. In turn, the school begins to appreciate this chaplain's presence after seeing him or her in action, "revving," as he or she does, at a crucial time when the pastoral and symbolic role of a chaplain is most needed and appreciated.

One of the unique features of an Episcopal school is its possession of certain components of community life-its traditions, its sacred space, its values and culture-that may well be taken for granted in the rushed nature of the daily routine, but suddenly come to the saving grace of the school. "Revving" is among these features whose value comes into clearest focus at such critical moments in the life of the community.

The Rev. Daniel R. Heischman, D.D., Executive Director

I suspect that there will be times in the future when one of us will want to call Fr. McDuffie to request his guidance.  I am grateful for his ministry at CES and for having the opportunity to work in a community where such spiritual guidance is in rich abundance through our relationship with the rector of a strong parish and our school chaplain.  Together, they have provided excellent "revving" in times of joy and sorrow to our school family.  I hope I never take that important gift for granted.

With love and gratitude,

Caroline Chapin, Ed.D.

Twilight in Venice

Spelling Bee This Friday
February 2nd, 8:30am

Everyone is welcome to join us for the School-Wide Spelling Bee on Friday. It will be held at 8:30am, immediately after chapel.

Students in grades 3-8 who are competing:

8th grade - Katie B., Jacob S.
7th grade - Anika D., Ella K.
6th grade - Wells T., Annelise S.
5th grade - Liam S., Alex L.
4th grade - Charlotte C., Bennett H.
3rd grade - Aarian A., Samuel Y.
8th grade - Grace B.
7th grade - Zoe M.
6th grade - Logan K.
5th grade - Juliette M.
4th grade - Johan C.
3rd grade - Gabriela M.

2018-2019  Re-enrollment  Contracts Sent

Re-enrollment contracts for current students will be sent electronically tomorrow, February 1, and should be returned by February 22.  Contracts for new students will be sent on March 1  and should be returned by March 15.

To discuss re-enrollment, please contact Janet Gerber (301-424-8702 or

2018-2019 Financial Aid
Families who have submitted financial aid applications will receive notification on March 1.  Returning families:  We are unable to provide an award for 2018-2019 if we haven't received your 2016 W-2 and federal return.  If you haven't yet provided, please do so ASAP.

Please contact Janet Gerber with if you have questions (301-424-8702 or

RSVP to the Gala!
Lost your invite and response card?  No worries!  Please just call the front office
at  301-424-6550 or
register online using  this link.
We really hope you will attend the Gala! We guarantee it's a wonderfully fun party! If you cannot attend this year but would still like to make a donation, that would be absolutely lovely!! Please  click here to make a donation .


 H I G H L I G H T S

Remember to bid high and bid often!

Join our own Mrs. Scola "in the room where it happens," the Opera House of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to experience HAMILTON in its Washington, DC debut. Don't throw away your shot! Come see Broadway's biggest hit sensation!
Nothing could be better than owning a piece of hometown sports memorabilia - especially when it's from our very own Washington Redskins! Enjoy this autographed limited edition 2017 team laser-signed football as a keepsake of your childhood memories!

Be sure to try a Bellini, the Signature Cocktail at the "Twilight in Venice" Gala! This delicious mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée or nectar originated in Venice, Italy! 

  "Best of Live" Raffle!
ONE lucky winner will get to choose ONE item from the live auction! The live portion of the CES auction has some of the most desirable and enviable  (and highly valuable)  items! Get in on the chance to win your choice of these live auction items.

Click HERE  to learn how it works!

Young Artists Collection
(aka "Class Art")!!
Every year, parents look forward to seeing the incredible artwork created by the students in each class, and we rush to bid high and often to win that beloved art piece!

This year is no different! Our new and very talented art teacher, Luisa Vargas, has helped our children create spectacular works of art! At the Gala, Class Art is auctioned off through a Blind Bidding process.

What is Blind Bidding you ask? It is a bit of a mystery and a bit of a game! To place your bid, you will write your bid amount on a bid form that you will drop in a box specifically marked for each art piece.

You may submit as many bids as you want into the box, but at the end of the bidding period, the highest bid placed in the box wins the item!

If you cannot attend the Gala this year, you may submit an absentee bid using this form. Absentee bids must be received by Wednesday, February 7th at 3:30 pm.

Click here 
to see the Class Art pieces that will be auctioned off this year!

Please consider helping with
Gala Set-up and Clean-Up!

Please contact Bob Treseler at Thank you!


Ash Wednesday  Chapel Service
February 14, 8:00-8:35am

The second week of February (this year) marks the turn in the Christian church's calendar from the celebration of Epiphany, God's light streaming into the world through Jesus Christ, to the observance of Lent, a sacred journey toward the stunning reality of Easter grace and new life. "Lent" - which means "spring" (Anglo-Saxon term) - begins on February 14, on Ash Wednesday. In chapel that morning all worshipers are invited to the altar to receive ashes in the form of a cross upon our foreheads as a reminder that, as Genesis writers tell us "we are but dust, and to dust we shall return." In this action we acknowledge the earthiness of our humanity and our utter dependence upon God.

If you would prefer that your child not receive ashes upon his or her forehead, kindly let your child/ren's respective teacher/s know. We invite those not receiving ashes to come to the altar for a blessing. Feel free to join us if you so desire for this service, which begins at 8:00am and concludes at 8:35am. Anyone with questions or concerns about this service are encouraged to contact our Chaplain, The Rev. Cindy Simpson via email at or via phone at 301-424-6550 ext. 163.

May every gift of grace be yours in these meaningful seasons.

~Rev. Cindy Simpson

Box Tops for Education
Did you know that our school collects 10 cents for every box top we send in?  Those dimes add up quickly!  The final submission deadline for Box Tops  is quickly approaching!  Please continue clipping,  and  have all Box Tops turned into the school by 
Tuesday, February 20th.
Thank you!

Ready for warmer weather? As you think about warmer days, consider CESummer for your child's summer fun!  We have some awesome new themes this year and some new Specialty Camps. You can check it all out  RIGHT HERE!  

String Orchestra Camp, a new Comics & Animation Camp,
and several other programs are being offered, so be sure to check it out!

We are always looking for great staff talent as well, so if you know of folks who are looking for a part-time summer job, please help spread the word!  (A few of our teachers will be helping out this summer, so we are super excited about that!). 

NEW THIS YEAR!  Looking for rising ninth graders who would like to volunteer for a week or more with our Little Cardinals (preschool camp)! Interested? Email Marion Entwisle at

Save These Development Dates!
February 9, 2018  - "Twilight in Venice" Auction and Gala
May 1, 2018  - Golf Outing at Blue Mash
June 30, 2018  - Last Tax Deductible Giving Day for CES Fiscal Year

South Sud an Well Project
Coordinated by Mrs. Stone's 6th Grade Class

The sixth grade is sponsoring a community service project to build a well in South Sudan, inspired by a book they read in class.

If you are unable to donate, please share their  crowdrise site  on social media. Thank you!

Pancake Breakfast & Mardi Gras Celebration

*February 11th*
8:30am - 1:00pm
Mardi Gras (Translated from the French,  it means "Fat Tuesday") is a traditional  "last-chance blowout" before lent.  It was used as a time to empty the kitchen  of all fattening and rich food before  Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent.  Thus, pancakes, syrup, toppings, sausage, and applesauce  are a Shrove tradition.

Bring friends, Family & neighbors -  it's a great time
to introduce someone  to one of our best traditions!

All DONATIONS  Benefit Youth  Outreach Ministries!

Do you know this part of the
Christ Episcopal Community?
The Bargain Box has lots of special items for your Valentine. We also have a nice supply of party dresses for that special evening out. Our thrift and consignment shop is located just a few blocks from CES at 398 Hungerford Drive and open Mon. - Sat., 10- 4:30. All profits fund outreach projects in the community and diocese. 


You never know what you will find at the Bargain Box!

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