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First Grade Plans the City of Rockville

Roc kville City Planner and CES parent Ms. Asmara Habte, (mom to 1st grader Elen H.) came in to visit first grade last week. She showed students maps of the city and talked with them about how maps are used in her work. She gave them an opportunity to work in groups to do some  Rockville  land planning of their own. We may have some future city planners in our midst!

May 9, 2018

~ Cardinal Character Trait: Kindness ~
"Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle."

-Charles Glassman

The Cardinal
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Congrats MS Orchestra!
Open House - May 17th
School Supply Orders
Teacher Appreciation Week
5th Grade to Lady Maryland
2nd Grade ERB Testing
Authors & Arts Festival
Field Day Deails
Cone Chase
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Save These Dates!
CEC Bargain Box
Student Spotlight
In the Week Ahead
5/9: Teacher Appreciation Week Continues

Enrichment: Ceramics (gr. K-4) 3:30-4:30pm

Enrichment: Soccer (PreK & K) 3:30-4:30pm

Finance Committee Meeting 4:30pm
Teacher Appreciation Week Continues

New Families Reception 6:00pm
5/11: Teacher Appreciation Treat Luncheon

Enrichment: Comics & Animation 3:30-4:30pm
5/14: 2nd Grade ERBs Begin

Author Visit to Lower School 2:15pm

Enrichment: Ceramics (gr. 5-8) 3:30-4:30pm

Enrichment: Tippi Jam
5/15: 2nd Grade ERBs

Patrol Picnic

Enrichment: Origami

Faculty Committee Meetings 3:30-4:30pm
5/16: 2nd Grade ERBs

Middle School Exams 8:30-10:10am

Young Authors & Fine Arts Festival

Enrichment: Ceramics (gr. K-4) 3:30-4:30pm

Enrichment: Soccer (PreK & K) 3:30-4:30pm

Click for calendar details
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to next school year's major dates.

We will start school  BEFORE Labor Day,
on August 27th, 2018.

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A Message from the Head of School:

Dear CES Family,

I do not have words of my own to share today, but the words of Fr. Richard Rohr, the author of the daily meditation that I receive.  Yesterday's was entitled, "The Beloved Community," and it made me think of CES and all that we try to teach our children and to do for each other... to connect.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Fr. Richard Rohr From The Center for Action and Contemplation Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
-Martin Luther King, Jr. [1]

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw clearly in the last years of his life, we face a real choice between chaos and community-we need a moral revolution. If that was true fifty years ago, then we must be clear today: America needs a moral revival to bring about beloved community. 
-William J. Barber II [2]

I believe that "moral revival" is a natural outgrowth of realizing how connected we already are: what we do unto others or to the earth, we really do to ourselves. All created beings are included in this one Body of God. Protestant pastor and political leader Rev. Dr. William Barber writes:

The main obstacle to beloved community continues to be the fear that people in power have used for generations to divide and conquer God's children who are, whatever our differences, all in the same boat. [3]

It takes a contemplative, nondual mind to see foundational oneness-that we truly are "in the same boat." The first philosophical problem of "the one and the many" is overcome in God as Trinity. The Trinity reveals that God is precisely diversity maintained ("Father," "Son," and "Holy Spirit") and yet that same diversity overcome (God is One by reason of the infinite love shared between the Three). Each of the Three perfectly loves and is perfectly loved. And all is created in imitation of this divine shape of Reality. As of yet, we humans have neither done unity nor diversity very well. We have not solved the essential problem that was already resolved in God. (Please read that until it sinks in!)

The goal of the spiritual journey is to discover and move toward connectedness and relationship on ever new levels, while also honoring diversity. We may begin by making connections with family and friends, with nature and animals, and then grow into deeper connectedness with those outside our immediate circle, especially people of races, religions, economic classes, gender, and sexual orientation that are different from our own. Finally, we can and will experience this full connectedness as union with God. For some it starts the other way around: they experience union with God-and then find it easy to unite with everything else.

Without connectedness and communion, we don't exist fully as our truest selves. Becoming who we really are is a matter of learning how to become more and more deeply connected. No one can possibly go to heaven alone-or it would not be heaven.

Inherent Goodness can always uphold you if you can trust it. I call that goodness "God," but you don't have to use that word at all. God does not care. It is the trusting that is important. When we fall into Primal Love, we realize that everything is foundationally okay-and we are a part of that everything!

With love and gratitude,
Caroline Chapin, Ed.D.

[1] Martin Luther King, Jr. used these words (with slight changes) in essays and speeches from early 1958 to his last Sunday morning sermon at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC on March 31, 1968.  See A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., ed. James Melvin Washington (HarperCollins: 1991), 52, 88, 207, 252, 277, 460.

[2] Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II, in the foreword to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove,Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder Religion (InterVarsity Press: 2018), 3.

[3] Ibid.

Middle School  Orchestra!

At this year's Festival of Music at King's Dominion,  the CES Middle School Orchestra took 3rd place,  and brought home a shiny trophy to match! Way to go, string players!

Thursday, May 17th

CES continues to accept applications for classes with space available.
Tell family, friends, co-workers and neighbors... come see CES "in action!"

Administrators and Student Ambassadors will provide tours of the
Preschool, Lower School and Middle School.
Teachers will be in their classrooms to describe their programs.

Tours begin in the Jefferson Building Lobby
22 W. Jefferson Street

No need to register! Come discover Rockville's educational gem
with its outstanding academic program and tremendous community!

2018-2019 School Supplies
Pre-Order Program

Did you know you can pre-order 2018-2019 school supplies now and have them waiting for your child in the classroom on the first day of school?!

The CES Parents Association will again offer parents the pre-order opportunity.  Today through Friday, June 1, you'll be able to go online and order next year's school supplies for your child(ren).

Place your order at
School Account Number:  23676

Remember! Our Parents Association receives 10% of the total value of our online school supply order.  The PA uses all funds received to enhance school programs and provide family events.

School supply lists will be provided in the students' summer work packets for families who wish to shop themselves for school supplies.


The Parents Association, with the help of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classes, has been coordinating the events of Teacher Appreciation Week, which culminates in a lovely luncheon and gifts for all of our amazing faculty and staff.

Please click HERE for the flyer with all the details. Please open the link (parents only!) and help us make the rest of this week special for everyone who cares for our children.  Contact your class PA Rep with any questions.

Annual 5th Grade Field Trip
to Lady Maryland

The CES 5th graders had a great time last Friday on the schooner Lady Maryland out in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

This annual trip is part of their Environmental Unit in Science. Each year, students get to explore different aspects of local wildlife and ecology - all while enjoying time out on the water!

Next Week:  2nd Grade Standardized Testing  

The Online CTP (ERB) is coming up next week for the 2nd Grade. The Comprehensive Testing Program is an online standardized test CES uses in grades 2-8 to collect basic information about student achievement in key areas of reading, writing and math.

The 2nd grade will be testing Monday through Wednesday, May 14th-16th. The students will be taking 5 subtests (Auditory Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, Math and Writing Mechanics). While we approach these tests in a low-key manner, we do ask families to be sure their child is well rested, has had a nutritious breakfast and is relaxed and ready to go on the mornings of the testing. It is your children's schooling to-date that prepares them for this testing so there is no studying that needs to be done.

Please contact Trina Gandal in the Learning Resource Center 301-424-6550 or email her at if you have any questions.

Mon. 5/14 9:15-10:15am - Auditory Comprehension
1:30-2:30pm - Word Analysis 
Tues. 5/15 9:15-10:15am - Math
1:30-2:30pm - Writing Mechanics
Wed. 5/16 9:15-10:15am - Reading Comprehension

Lower School
Young Authors  & Fine Arts Festival
Wednesday, May 16th  in the Murdock Room

Come see your child's writing portfolio from throughout the year
as well as samples of student art on display.
Displays will be open for parent viewing
before the Showcase Performances

*Young Authors Showcase*
The Showcase presentations will take place from 1:30-3:00pm.
Kindergarten through 4th grade will put on special performances for all to see!

CES Field Day Details
Friday, May 25, 2018
Woodley Gardens Park
900 Nelson Street, Rockville, MD 20850
(across the street from Carmen's and Hard Times)

All students to be dropped off at Woodley Gardens Park between 8:40 and 9:00 am.
(Please no sooner, as their homeroom teachers will not be there to assist!!) P lease do NOT drop off students to CES!!

Items you may want to send with your child on Field Day:
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Water, water, water
  • Money for Carmen's
  • Blanket(s) to sit on
After dropping off your child at Woodley Gardens Park, make sure to stop by Carmen's across the street, mention "CES Field Day" and get your $1.25 coffee to start your day!

We will have a welcome/ blessing from Dr. Chapin/Reverend Simpson, a rendition of our National Anthem and some quick warm-ups to get our heart pumping. Station Events will start at 9:15 am and take place on the Upper Field.

A period of 15-20 minutes will be allotted for snacks/rest after Station Events. This is a great time to get a snack from Carmen's, who will have their cart set up in the shade.
Our 2nd session will begin at approximately 11:05am and consist of Individual Events and Relays run on the Lower Field.

Our Field Day will conclude between 12:15 and 12:30pm. You MUST sign out your son/daughter from your homeroom teacher by 12:30pm when leaving Woodley Gardens Park!

Please be aware that on May 25, t here is NO Extended Day after Field Day, and  school supervision of children ends at 12:30pm. 

CES Field Day Rain Plan

Should rain or the threat of bad weather occur, an announcement will be made to the CES community by 6:00am via e-mail.

IF FIELD DAY IS CANCELLED, all students should be dropped off at CES where a REGULAR NOON DISMISSAL schedule will take place.  Students may still wear their Field Day t-shirts to school!

Unfortunately, Field Day will not be rescheduled if cancelled.

Last, but certainly not least...
This day cannot happen without your assistance. If you're looking to enjoy some sun (fingers crossed!) and hear the laughter of children, then this is the volunteer job for you!!  Please let Bryan Maust know if you can help:

New themes and new Specialty Camps!   You can check it all out  RIGHT HERE!

We are also looking for great staff talent so if you know anyone looking for a part-time summer job, please spread the word!

NEW THIS YEAR!  Looking for rising ninth graders who would like to volunteer for a week or more with our Little Cardinals (preschool camp)! Email Marion Entwisle at with any questions.

Ben & Jerry's "Cone Chase"
The warm weather this past weekend inspired us to launch our 'Ben & Jerry's Cone Chase' competition this week. The Cone Chase groups the parents of students in the following grades in a competition to see which group achieves 100% 2017 - 2018 Annual Fund participation first. The first team to 100% wins a trip to Ben & Jerry's for their children. More than 40 winning CES Students will enjoy time away from the text books, a warm walk to downtown Rockville, and most importantly, free Ben & Jerry's ice cream cones. 

Here are our teams, named after Ben & Jerry's top selling ice cream flavors:

P2 through Pre K - Half Baked
K through 4 - Cherry Garcia
5 through 8 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Don't procrastinate! Donate today. To help win Ben & Jerry's ice cream for your child's team, click here!
Results (as of 5/9/18)

Congratulations to Steve Ward, CES Class of 1980 and President of our Presenting Sponsor, Rockville Fuel and Feed, on his First Place overall finish and second Cardinal Cup Class Challenge Championship.

Joining Steve for the double win were Bruce Oehler, Dirk Hamilton, and Brian Myers.

Special thanks to the Reemes, Whitman, Bromer-Suh, and Maleski-Wolff families for sponsoring holes in honor of their children.

Proceeds from the event benefit the CES need-based tuition assistance program for current and incoming families.

Development Reminder
June 30, 2018  - Last Tax Deductible Giving Day for CES Fiscal Year

Do you know this part of the
Christ Episcopal Community?
Mother's Day is this weekend!  There is still time to pick up a nice gift for Mom at The Bargain Box. Or consider getting her a Gift Certificate so she can pick out what she wants. Our thrift and consignment shop is located at  398 Hungerford Drive , just a few blocks from CES, and open Mon. - Sat., 10:00am- 4:30.  All profits fund outreach projects in the community and diocese.

Information: 301-762-2242, at  or 

 You never know what you will find at the Bargain Box!

S t u d e n t   S p o t l i g h t

Christian B.  ('25) knows how to show good character
both at school and on the football field!
Last month, he won an award  for  Respect
in his football team.

Great job showing Cardinal Character
to the world, Christian!

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