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2017 CES doesn't stop at 3 o'clock...
At Extended Day, our Cardinals rock!

October 4, 2017

~Cardinal Character Trait: Perseverance~
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed
is to always try just one more time."

-Thomas Edison
The Cardinal
In This Issue
  • Firm Foundation, Bright Future
  • One-on-One Friday Fun - A Few Spots Remain!
  • Truck Touch 2017
  • Volunteers Needed for Truck Touch
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Dates from the Music Department
  • Note to 8th Grade Families
  • Middle School Afternoon Pick-Up
  • Free Ways to Support CES
In the Week Ahead

10/4: Soccer vs. Barnesville
   3:00pm - Girls
   4:00pm - Boys

Enrichment: Super Soccer Stars

Enrichment: Tippi Jam 
10/5: Soccer vs. Washington Christian Academy
   4:00pm - Boys
   5:00pm - Girls
10/9: Cardinal Casual Dress Day

One-on-One Friday Fun

Enrichment: Chess

Enrichment: Comics & Animation 3:30-4:30pm
10/9: Columbus Day (No School)
Soccer vs. St. Andrew's
   3:00pm - Boys
   3:00pm - Girls

Faculty Division Meetings 3:30-4:30pm
10/11: MAESA Episcopal Schools Celebration 8:30am 
(Celebration begins at 10:00am)

Enrichment: Super Soccer Stars

Enrichment: Tippi Jam 

Finance Committee Meeting 4:30pm 
Click  for calendar details

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A Message from the Head of School:

Dear CES Families,

Las Vegas, Nevada, what can I say?  Our hearts are breaking once again.  I do not know if you were nearby to hear it, but yesterday, Fr. McDuffie rang the church bell 60 times at noon.  Episcopal churches and schools throughout the country were asked to participate.  It was overwhelming to hear that bell ring over and over again.  I did not mention it to the children because I thought they needed a break from hearing and thinking about it.  I am always torn at these times.  I feel so weary from it that I assumed they probably feel weary and anxious, too.  But, I thought if they could live in a little cocoon for just awhile during their time at CES, then perhaps that was the greatest gift to them.

On a less somber note, and in recognition of what we try to do at CES everyday to immerse our children in a diverse learning environment, I want to tell you a little bit  more about YMM Art Space and the outstanding art program the school is providing your children.  As you may remember, the headquarters for YMM is in Shenzhen, China.  If you go to their website, you will see the places all over the world where they are working.  The website does not read very fluently; the translations are not the best.   However, their commitment to art education and bringing quality instruction to children of all ages comes through clearly.  Here are some facts about them...
  • The founders and owners of the school are Moses Wang (Moses) and Mythos Yang (Mei).
  • Moses and Mei were inspired to open an art school to support their daughter, Ashley, in her desire to be an artist.
  • Ashley is a senior at Langley High School in McLean, Virginia and is applying to art schools all over the country.  Her work is amazing!
  • They have teaching centers established across the globe in Toronto, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan and many other cities.
  • They have partnerships with the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio) and ESMOD International Fashion Institute (Paris, France).
  • The National Art Education Association recognized YMM Art Space for outstanding art education curriculum at the annual NAEA conference in 2016.
  • YMM Art Space continues to be a major sponsor of the NAEA annual conference each year.
  • Their colors are yellow, blue and red, which are now the colors in our art room!
  • In providing the art curriculum at CES, YMM is providing all art materials, which are high-quality and professional grade. (Hint:  the paint they use does not come out of your child's uniform very easily... send your child in his/her less-than-perfect uniform on art days!)
  • The work that your children are creating under the guidance of Luisa Vargas, art teacher trained by Mei, is beautiful.  I am excited for you to see it soon.
If you would like to know more, or if you have a chance to stop by and take a peek into the art classroom, you should.  It is cheerful and inspiring!

With love and gratitude,
Caroline Chapin, Ed.D.
Head of School

*Firm Foundation, Bright Future*
Yes, we are all "freeloaders!"

Because of the love and generosity of families in past generations - now long deceased - our children get to use the beautiful Christ Church building today. We can't possibly pay them back for their kindness and foresight to endow the school with classrooms, enjoyed for 50 years, now used by our children. We can't even say, "Thank you" to them, except maybe in our prayers. But we can do as they have done. We can emulate their commitment to the future. We can take their admirable examples and continue to support generations yet to come to our beloved school.

Paul Mamalian, CES  parent and  Board member, shares his personal story of enduring commitment to the future of Christ Episcopal School and Church.

Please see the big picture, decades in the making! And give generously to the Capital Campaign when called so that loving legacy will continue.  Contact Prescott with any questions at  240-271-1493 or

One-on-One Friday Fun!
CES playgroup for one-year-olds
THIS FRIDAY, October 6,  9:00-10:00am
A few spots remain!

numbers-toy.jpg CES invites one-year-olds and a parent or caretaker to monthly casual playtimes held in the Preschool House.  Mrs. Liz Harless, CES Preschool 2's teacher, leads the playgroups, which include free play, an art project, snack time and a concluding music circle.  Children can join in the activities as they wish and will certainly enjoy the toys and activities available in the 2's classroom. 
To register for one or more of the monthly events, go to One-on-One Friday Fun.  Registration is limited...sign up now!  We can't wait to see you and your little one!

Save the Date!
Annual CES Truck Touch Rockville 
Saturday, Oct. 28, 11am-2pm

Truck Touch
The CES parking lot will be filled with fabulous trucks and vehicles!

This year, the "Story House" bookstore on wheels will be joining us. The Story House will be open for children's book sales in its travelling restored trolley car.

Enjoy this year's vehicles, from the continuing favorites to VERY EXCITING new additions.

We'd love a few more vehicles.  Do you have, or know someone who has, a military vehicle, an antique car, a race car, a sports car or a re-fitted vehicle of some kind?  We'd love to have any car, truck or vehicle that puts a smile on a child's face or makes moms and dads turn their heads!  Contact Janet Gerber (301-424-8702 or ).

Volunteers Needed for Truck Touch!

Please volunteer 1 hour of time! 
Many, many volunteers are needed in a variety of roles:
  • Monster Truck Moon Bounce Supervisor
  • Check-In Greeter
  • Popcorn Table Sales Coordinator
  • Temporary Tattoo Applicator
and select any of these helpful jobs.

    Truck Touch Truck Touch
  Thank you!

Box Tops for Education
Did you know that our school collects 10 cents for every box top we send in?
Those dimes add up quickly!  

CES has raised $3283.90
through the Box Tops program! 

The first submission deadline for Box Tops is quickly approaching! Please continue clipping, and have all Box Tops turned into the school by  Friday, October 20th . Thank you!

Music Dates to Save
Friday, November 17th, 1:00-3:00pm
Dress Rehearsal for Grandparents' Day

Tuesday, November 21st
Grandparent's & Special Friends' Day

Friday, December 15th, 1:00-3:00pm
Dress Rehearsal for the Christmas Concert

Friday, December 15th, 6:30pm
Christmas Concert

Note to 8th Grade Families

All high school application materials should be given to Janet Gerber in the Admissions Office.  This includes transcript release forms and teacher recommendation forms.  She is tracking each student's high schools of interest and will be distributing the recommendation forms to teachers and preparing application packets for the high schools that include all requested items.

If you are still developing your list of potential high schools, please schedule a meeting with Janet Gerber ( 301-424-8702 or .  

Middle School  Afternoon Pick-Up

There has been a change in the middle school afternoon pick-up procedures.  The "rule" has been that cars picking up "only" middle school students should use the third lane of the carpool lanes.  Since the beginning of the year, however, many parents have been bypassing this lane and creating a line of cars in the parking lot, leading up to the Jefferson Building.  Very few cars have been using the driveway lane.  In light of this,  we will make it "official" that cars that are picking up middle school students (and NO lower school students), will NOT use the driveway lane.  Instead, these cars should form a line in the parking lot .  Making this shift should cut down on the "collision course" drivers are feeling exists as cars from the driveway lane seek to merge with the parking lot line.  This solution should also diminish some of the activity in the driveway lanes where lower school children are being loaded into cars.

Summary:  Cars picking up middle school students only (no lower school students) should form a line in the parking lot.  There will no longer be three lanes in the driveway next to the church.  Cars picking up middle school students may enter the parking lot either from S. Washington Street or W. Jefferson Street.


Free Ways to $upport CES

~Earn CASH for CES every time you shop for groceries!~
Harris Teeter  Together in Education (TIE)
School ID: 8575
Giant A+ School Rewards
School ID: 00699
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