Kentucky State is open, but activities are heavily restricted.
Let's have another
safe and successful semester
Welcome back to the Hill for the 2021 spring semester. We wish you health and success in the new year.

Breds, it is of utmost importance that everyone in our campus community completes the mandatory training entitled Your Campus and COVID-19: The Road Back. For those of you here in the fall, you remember that this training was a foundation for a healthy and successful semester. If we wish to remain healthy, have in-person classes or activities of any kind, everyone must complete the training.

You must complete the training for the spring semester, even if you completed it in the fall.  

To complete your mandatory training click here and please enter the credentials noted below: 

Username: Your KSU email address
Password: Kysu2021!

Everyone will be prompted by the system to reset their temporary password and set a security question. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Human Resources, human.resources@kysu.edu.

We must remain vigilant this semester, Breds. A new variant of COVID-19, more easily spread, is inevitably on the horizon. It is more important now than ever to continue practicing what we’ve learned: wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands frequently and stay home if you feel ill. 

Good luck this semester. Let’s work together to make it another safe and successful one.
Be aware of civic and political activities upon returning to
Kentucky State University
In light of recent events and in preparation of potential future events, students and guardians returning to Kentucky State University should be aware of civic and political activities occurring across the nation in many state capitals. As you prepare to return to Kentucky State University and the Commonwealth’s capital city of Frankfort, please remain alert and avoid large gatherings.
Kentucky State University has employed additional security to assist with the repopulation of students on-campus and in auxiliary housing. Students and their guests should avoid the Capitol building and complex area until further notice. 
All students should proceed through the main entrance of Kentucky State University to the William Exum Center parking lot. University security personnel will direct students for COVID-19 testing. Students residing in the Capital Plaza Hotel will exit at the same entrance, turning right onto Main Street and proceeding to Wilkerson Boulevard. From Wilkerson Boulevard, make a right onto Clinton Street. The right lane of Clinton Street is designated for unloading from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m., unloading will occur at the back of the hotel. Students in other auxiliary hotels should not be impacted by modified traffic patterns.
All students, whether residing on- or off-campus, are advised to stay alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. If you see something, say something. You may contact Campus Police at (502) 597-6878. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. 
Again, returning students should avoid the Capitol area and any large gathering. The Kentucky State University campus remains under COVID-19 safety restrictions. Please familiarize yourself with Breds Back on the Hill Spring 2021.
COVID-19 Updates

The central location for COVID-19 updates at Kentucky State University

BREDS Back on the Hill: A Safe Start to Spring 2021

Read the Kentucky State University reopening plan for Spring 2021. The comprehensive guidelines provide a blueprint for keeping the campus community safe and healthy.

Kentucky State University COVID-19 Communications Strategy

The Kentucky State University COVID-19 Communications Strategy provides valuable information about the University's phased reopening plan.

Your Campus and COVID-19: The Road Back

·    Every student and employee of our campus community must complete the mandatory Your Campus and COVID-19: The Road Back training. To begin training, please click here (detailed log-in instructions below).
·    Everyone on campus or reporting to campus must do the daily COVID-19 self-screening process
·    Every member of the campus community must also quarantine if they feel even slightly sick or show any symptoms related to COVID-19. 
All members of our campus community are responsible for COVID-19 safety. The actions we take will affect the lives of others and result in our own life or death. At Kentucky State University each person’s life, whether student, faculty or staff, is important. 
Failure to comply with the proper protocols can result in death, severe health problems, and the closure of our campus.
Please remain vigilant as we fight together against COVID-19. Do the right things!
To complete your mandatory training click here and please enter the credentials noted below: 
Username: Your KSU email address
Password: Kysu2021!
Everyone will be prompted by the system to reset their temporary password and set a security question. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Human Resources, human.resources@kysu.edu.
Wear a mask, protect others
COVID-19 Green and Gold Task Force members

Green Task Force (students)

Dr. Pernella Deams

Anthony Andrews
Sophia Ellis
Samantha Todd
Barbara Hayes
Kirk Miller
Walter Malone
Arlen Sims
Tiffany Brockington
Jacqueline Duvall
Shuo Han

Gold Task Force (employees)
Atty. Shuo Han

Candace Raglin
Will Reilly
Jason Keeler
Jasmin Thurman
Eric Robinson
Charles Holloway
Samantha Todd
Micah Glenn
Pernella Deams
Phillip Clay

Kentucky State University is updating its Emergency Alert system. Fill out the BRED Alerts form.
Questions or concerns?
Campus community members are encouraged to send COVID-19 questions and concerns to COVID19@kysu.edu or to the chair of your designated task force.