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In nature, we are removed from societal constructs, so we do not need to wear a mask or meet the expectations of others. We can freely connect with the pure essence of who we are. ~Excerpt from "Partnering with Nature"


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The Center for Integrative Medicine is supported in part by philanthropic donations. We raise money to help cancer patients access massage therapy and acupuncture who may not otherwise be able to afford these services. If you would like to donate, please click here for a list of funds you can contribute to or contact Jordan Mann, Practice Manager, at for more information.

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Thanks to generous donations and fund raising efforts, TCFIM is often able to offer some of our CAM therapies at no cost to patients undergoing active cancer treatments.  While our program can only enroll a limited number of patients at one time, we encourage you to apply if you are in active treatment and we will let you know if we have funds available. See our brochure for more information on the program.

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Spring into mindful living! This issue is focused on ways to spring clean your health, including a patient story on how acupuncture and mindfulness has helped with her seasonal allergies. Also included is an activity to take your mindfulness outdoors and an exercise one of our providers refers to patients regularly to practice mindfulness and stress exhalation in everyday life.


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The Center for Integrative Medicine  

Seasonal Health Tips   
Spring 2013


Have you ever wondered how to prevent mold on fresh berries? Are you in need of a quick and easy energy booster to bring along on a hike? Not sure where to go to embrace the great outdoors?


Read on for some tips on healthy living at this time of the season.


Mindful Living
Vision Quest Activity


A Vision Quest is an intensive quiet time away from your busy life, in which you will observe your own reactions to the signs and wisdom of the natural world.


People who have done vision quests often say that they are powerful, cathartic, and sometimes life-changing experiences. The combination of fasting, deep meditation, and isolation can also help to clear the mind, so even if one doesn't believe in the idea of visions, a vision quest can still be used to bring greater focus and clarity to life.


For guidelines and instructions for going on a vision quest, click here.


Patient Insight
All-Natural Allergy Relief 
Chantel Millard


Patient Chantel Millard has been coming to The Center for Integrative Medicine for relief from her allergies. She talks about her life-style based approach and how she has utilized our services and other natural remedies to prevent flare-ups.

Acupuncturist, Ban Wong, also provides his insight on allergy symptomatic relief and root cause analysis and how acupuncture can help.

Read the full article here.

Alternative Therapies
Employee's Health Predicts Company's Health 
Dr. Justin Ross


Would you like to learn a quick exercise for practicing mindfulness in your every day life?


Read on for some insight from one of our psychologists, Dr. Justin Ross, on the impact of stress in the workplace and what can be done to prevent stress-related conditions.