PDHC Life Matters

Dear Friend of Life, 


Sometimes the challenges we face are easy.  Sometimes, they are hard. 


Today's challenge is particularly hard in the face of all the good that PDHC does for the central Ohio community.


PDHC sees more and more women every day.  We help more mothers choose life for their children and offer concrete ways to endure all of life's challenges.


More and more women come to us with the pain suffered at the hands of the abortion industry.  More and more women need help with the grieving process.


The challenge to reach teens with the message of chastity prior to marriage is ever present.  We continue to work on innovative ways to deliver a message of purity.


And these are the easy challenges.  These are the challenges that we relish.  These challenges are why we're here.  They sustain our motivation and kindle our dedication.


One of the harder challenges that I face is keeping up with the financial challenges to keep our service offerings available.  This is the challenge that haunts me; it keeps me awake at night.


Right now, the challenge is particularly daunting.  Summer time is always financially hard for non-profits.  Every non-profit dreads the start of summer because it's so hard to meet the financial needs we all face because donations tend to dry up.


I have never quite understood why donations fall during the summer, but (having run other non-profits) I know it's a real phenomenon.  So we have to work harder and longer to maintain the ability to offer our services.


We've cut expenses dramatically and are facing even deeper cuts.  All the while, we are confident in God's providence.


So, I am writing to ask you, even beg you, to help us right now with financial support.  Every woman that we talk to on the hotline, or see in one of our Caring Centers, or chat with on the internet depend on our ability to serve them.


We really need your help. 


Will you please click here to help?  Can you please be as generous as possible?  I promise you that your help will be very greatly appreciated. 


As always, if you would prefer to speak with me directly, I can be reached at 614.888.8774, extension 6116.


I am hopeful that I'll here from you very soon.


Thank you, in advance, for helping at this time of great need.


May God bless you richly.


Tim's Signature 

Tim Welsh, President