The Value of Meditation


Meditation awakens one's consciousness, and conscious
awareness creates greater sensitivity to what is - and what is
not - both on a Universal scale and the individual's role within it. 

Beginning as far back as 1959, Dr. Masters wanted to find out as much as he could about spiritual reality. Was human consciousness a mere quirk of nature, or was Nature Self-conscious on a Universal scale, creating and recreating itself inclusive of human existence as symbolized in words from the Bible, "The Spirit made flesh"? To him, the key was the exploration of Consciousness and its furthest reaches, which held the true potential innately in the unconscious for what an individual, or society collectively, could become and achieve. More than anything, he wanted to share and teach these possibilities to others.

Starting with a small group of twenty students in 1959, he began research and exploration into consciousness by observing and collecting descriptive information from his students, each of whom was practicing various forms of advanced meditation in their practice with Dr. Masters. The descriptions of what students experienced clairvoyantly (seeing within their minds) were noted on his research reports, and participants were asked a number of questions to ascertain what brought about the experience, along with the interpretation the research participant gleaned from it . 
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The Choice Reality
Audio version read by Rev. Cindy Paulos, B. Msc. is now available:

As you go through life living every day, always realize that life exists on many levels. What we see and perceive to be real on an outer physical level is but the outer shadow of a far greater reality at work. This applies to both the outer appearance of good as well as that which, when carried to an extreme, one perceives to be evil. Both heaven and hell exist in the human psyche. The spiritually aware person is aware of the dualistic warfare taking place within and needs to make a choice. Either the personal ego is in charge, which leans the mind and soul towards the dark side, or the personal ego is set aside in favor of the Light of God's indwelling reality.

If the truth be truly known, it is not a matter of personal choice as most people of any faith believe; instead the Choice is God's. When a soul has reached a point in reawakening to God's Presence, it is God that makes the Choice. The personal ego has nothing to do with it, for the personal ego would do everything it could to retain power.

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