The time is NOW. YOU are her hope.
The Queen of Steam --    
the Norfolk & Western
Class J 611 Steam
Locomotive --  
can thunder across the landscape again  

On Friday, June 28, the Virginia Museum of Transportation announced that the Queen of Steam, the iconic Norfolk & Western Class J 611 Steam Locomotive, can thunder across the landscape once again.


But only if fans of the 611 rally to see her steam rise!  


"The Virginia Museum of Transportation does not have the resources to fund this project alone," says Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr. "We are asking her fans across the globe who want to see her run again to be a part of this important capital campaign."  


See her in action and find out why we should FIRE UP 611!



The 611 has been invited to participate in  
Norfolk Southern's 21st Century Steam Excursion Program in 2014

This exciting program provides steam rail excursions throughout the Norfolk Southern's operating territory. To participate in the program in 2014, the Museum needs to raise the necessary funds by October 31, 2013.


"If her supporters bring No. 611 back to life, NS will be eager and excited for this incredible part of rail history to join the 21st Century Steam Program," says Norfolk Southern spokesman Frank Brown. "The return of 611 would represent a great opportunity to celebrate our heritage while educating a new generation about the critical role railroads play in today's economy."

To help  
Fire Up 611!, 

Donate online.
Mail your donation to: 
Virginia Museum of Transportation 
Fire Up 611!  
303 Norfolk Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 
She needs YOUR help today!

Fire Up 611! Committee Chairman Preston Claytor reports that funds are needed for:   


A Complete Mechanical Restoration: The restoration includes a complete overhaul to meet current Federal Railroad Administration regulations and strict safety guidelines. The 611 may be restored through a partnership with the North Carolina Transportation Museum Foundation in Spencer, North Carolina.


A New Mechanical Shop: The Committee determined that the Virginia Museum of Transportation needs a facility to maintain the 611. There are only a few facilities in North America large enough to accommodate an engine of its size. The facility will be built on the grounds of the Museum in Roanoke, Virginia. "With a Roanoke-based shop, she can remain on the high iron and on display for her fans," says Claytor.  


Business Operations: To be successful, personnel and equipment are necessary to complete the restoration and operate the excursions. Included in these costs are marketing, human resources and business operations.     


Read the complete feasibility study here.  

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