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March 2015, Issue 4

Harley Heaven - Polychem is in the driving seat
Refinishing Automotive Powders.


Outside the office, sparkling in the warm sunshine, sits a Harley Davidson. Like most Harley's, it looks fantastic. But this this one is a little different. It's had a lot of work and a lot of love put into it and now also benefits from some truly beautiful powder finishing.

The original chrome parts have been removed and powder coated in either a deep black, or a bright red finish, that really make it shine. "It was a work of art," commented Alan Alltizer, owner of Alltizer powder coating in Nevada. "We coated 70 - 80 parts on the bike, and turned it from a great bike, to a truly awesome bike."

Choosing the powder coatings to do the job was easy. The Polychem automotive collection stepped up to the challenge, with the bright, eye-catching,  Auto T Red (URSF94193PB), making the perfect choice for the striking refinishing parts on this project. What's more, IFS also offers a range of high temperature powder coatings, designed to beat the heat on items like bike exhausts - perfect for the refinishing industry.

Alltizer Powder Coatings is located in Mound House, Nevada and provides quality powder coating application to a range of customers. Regular custom coating is their specialty, powder coating off road vehicles, bikes, automotive refinishing jobs and a large amount of work for the boat industry. "We needed a good quality powder coating, and we also like the service that Polychem provide" continues Alltizer, "we enjoy working with them and our customers are always happy with the high quality finish we provide them."

It seems we weren't the only ones impressed with the finished product. The bike spent only a couple of hours on the
Carson City Harley Davidson showroom floor before being sold to a very enthusiastic new owner.

Bigger IS better!
Polychem re-launches the Crescent Collection 
Deep, dark and mysterious, the Polychem Crescent Collection was re-launched this month. Two new colors, Marsala Black - PRSF 95885PB and Text Marsala Black - PLFL 95886PB are now part of the extremely popular collection.
Lauren Bayer ,Polychem manager commented "The Polychem Crescent Collection is so popular with coaters and designers alike, as it offers a really great selection of dark shades with that something extra. We know from our color trends work that the color palette is moving towards warmer, red and orange based tones, so adding these delicious blacks with a hint of red was an obvious choice."

As well as the warm blacks with a hint of red, the Polychem Crescent Collection features dark evening shades including sultry blacks, warm browns, velvety purples and deep greens which play between flat mattes, high gloss effects and textures.

Bayer continues, "We're excited to grow the Crescent Collection, and as all the colors featured in it are available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with sample panels shipped out to within 2 days, it's already proving a hit with coaters from California to Massachusetts!"


Trouble Shooting Gallery


Having problems on your line? The Polychem technical team is always willing to help. Here's their approach to an issue that sometimes crops up.


Q. I seem to be having problems with back ionization. Help!


A. This could be caused by one of several things. It may be as simple as too much powder being sprayed on. If this is the case reduce the film thickness by decreasing spray time and/or powder flow air pressure.


It could also be a grounding issue, which means the answer could just be to confirm all your equipment is properly grounded.


Alternatively, it may be down to spray distance. The recommended spray distance is approximately 10-14 inches away from your product. The distance may change depending on your equipment settings and part configuration.


If you need more help or assistance, talk to our Polychem technical team - they're happy to help.

What do YOUR customers know?
Polychem provides samples and info for you to give to your customers


In the world of powder application many of your customers know very little about the process of applying powder coating, let alone the potential trials and tribulations. They want their project coated, in this color, by this date. Done. But are they away of the full range of colors, effects and styles available to them in powder? Our design team regularly works with designers who simply had no idea that hammer tones, or translucent shades, or even high gloss effects could be achieved in powder coating.

At Polychem we have a huge selection of beautiful colors and effects on small chips that are perfect for showing off your capabilities. Whether you want to purchase an infinity ring (with over 200 color panels) or simply request a wallchart to showcase just some of the effects, Lauren is available to help you. From help choosing a color or ideas on what's available in particular shade or effect, Lauren will apply her years of Polychem experience to ensure you get the information quickly and efficiently.

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Cool blue is out, rousing red is in...
IFS Color Trends 2015

As you know, IFS is a leader in color matching and color creation. With over 55,000 colors matched and a vast array of special effects and styles, our color expertize is exceptional.

As color experts, we also like to explore color trends. We see so many shades , and have so many requests for new colors coming through our labs, it's always interesting to match that up with what the trend forecasters are saying. We take that information and every year we put together our Polychem color trend collection. We look at what's happening in society all over the world, identify the trends, and then identify the color palettes that are associated with each trend.

It's a unique combination of colors, effects, materials and form, and with interesting examples taken from the world of fashion, art, architecture and interior design it makes for a fascinating look at color today.

Do your customers work in design? Would you design team be interested in learning more? If so, contact Fiona at for more information.

Clever coating solutions for retail interiors

Powder coating is the ideal coating option for hard working retail interiors. Tough, durable and with great scratch and mar resistant properties, Polychem powder is available in dark, dirt hiding shades and textures, to blend-in-beiges and eye popping, on-brand brights.

Regularly specified by retail designers Polychem powders have been used on everything from racking and shelving, fixtures and fittings, lighting and laminations, to pop-up displays, screens, furniture, accessories and more. In fact we've graced the interior of stores all over the USA, including Starbucks, Sunglasses Hut, David's Bridal, The Home Depot, Costco. Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Nike, McDonalds and Macys.

For more information on Polychem powder coatings for retail interiors, talk to Lauren on 940.612.0401.

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