New colors, products, information and applications from Polychem
Welcome to the first issue of the Coater in 2016! Read on to find out about brand new sparkling collections, the latest color trends and meet the team!
Shine bright like a diamond
Do you have your free Diamond Collection yet?
In early March, Polychem launched the sparkling Diamond Collection. The Diamond Collection features 15 classic black, white and clear coat powders with varying degrees of shimmer and
Created using Polychem's signature polyester technology, t he Diamond Collection is comprised of 6 whites, 6 blacks and 3 clear coats which also range from matte to full gloss. The sparkles span from delicate silver shimmers to gold, red and even green metallic that bring something special to the deep black shades.
"The Diamond Collection was born from designers and coaters requesting simple, classic shades with a vast array of sparkles added," commented Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager. "There seems to be a real trend for what we call metallic at the moment, and the Diamond Collection captures it perfectly."
The Polychem Diamond Collection is perfect for interior applications requiring real depth in a beautiful powder coated finish. Bayer continues "I was amazed at the subtle difference these powders can bring to a piece. When I first viewed some of the shades in the Diamond collection they were inside and were interesting with a little shimmer, but as soon as I saw them in direct sunlight they really sparkled, just like a diamond."
The Polychem Diamond Collection is available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with free sample panels shipped out within 2 days.
Color of the month
Spring has sprung with this gorgeous, warm, sunny yellow from Polychem. 
Check out all our colors online or email Grace at for sample panels.
Check out the new site designed for you has been revamped and redesigned with you in mind.
The new website has been created to provide a user-friendly experience for both coaters and the design world alike. It features improved navigation and functionality, detailed product information, online color samples, design specs and information and a direct route to contact the Polychem team quickly and easily.
The new color selector allows users to find colors by shade, chemistry and collection as well as making it easy to order custom color matches with 5lb minimums and the same quick, Polychem turnaround. Powder applicators will find useful technical data, trouble shooting tips, information on batch sizes and turnaround times. You can also check out colors, order sample panels, find product specifications and ask questions quickly and easily.
Lauren Bayer, Polychem manager explains "I'm really excited about the new site. Not only is it user friendly, but it features great information that helps our customers run their business every day - from the powder coverage calculator that can be adjusted to represent real transfer efficiency to trouble shooting info and application tips. Ordering a brochure, color card or sample panel has never been easier in the new contact section, and now that it's also mobile optimized the Polychem site is a genuine resource for coaters and designers alike."
Are you offering your customers the latest color trends?
At Polychem we deal in color. That's a fact. So every year we create the Polychem color trend collections to help our customers know what's hot, what's not and what we've got. And we're not just plucking colors out of thin air. The Polychem Color Trends 2016-17 are made up of 5 general
trends that we see in society today and each societal trend has its own color palette of 10-12 colors. The color trends are 'Looking back, moving forward', 'Health to happiness', 'Eye to mouth', 'Power of play' and 'What is too much?'.
An explanation of the trends and a representation of some of the colors and effects can be found online at "The color trend palettes are always interesting to see," comments Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager. "When the trends are explained to me, I realize that I see that a happening every day or am even experiencing it myself. Then when I see the colors that represent that trend it makes perfect sense."
The gorgeous colors range from a wistful collection of modern colors with their roots firmly planted in the past (Looking back, moving forward), through soft, calming neutrals (Health to happiness) to rich, heady brights that perfectly sum up the excesses in society today. The Polychem color trends not only include colors but also the special effects that represent these trends.
The color trends can be found in the color section of the new website, but remember colors, and especially effects, are not best viewed online. Bayer explains "It's very difficult to accurately show colors online. Computer screens aren't calibrated, so what looks turquoise on my screen may appear bright green on another. And of course the metallic sparkles in some of our special effects really don't show up properly. That's why we make it easy to get free sample panels of our colors. Just let us know what you'd like to see."
Meet the team  
The Polychem team takes great pride in their work and genuinely love working with all our great customers. But who are they? Meet the Polychem team, located in Gainesville
Someone you may have spoken to on the telephone, but never met in person, is Lauren Bayer, the Polychem Manager. With over 11 years of experience in Polychem, she really is the resident expert. "I love Polychem," comments Lauren "it's like my baby! All the team work so hard to get high quality powders to our customers quickly and efficiently, and I love working with our customers on their orders. I've met some wonderful characters and made some real friends over the phone!" What you maybe didn't know about Lauren is that not only does she like to keep fit, she's also an animal lover (3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse and many cattle) and is also a world war II enthusiast! Along with her husband, the pair regularly visit WWII expos, dressing the part in authentic 1940s clothing and showcasing their lovingly restored WWII CCKW Compressor Truck - beautifully finished in Polychem colors, of course. "It's really fun - we love honoring the greatest generation," finishes Lauren "and after a great weekend recreating the past, I'm ready to get to work on making the Polychem customers future really, really great!".
Check out these fabulous stools, designed and created by John at JS Signs and featuring Polychem translucent red!

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