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September 2015, Issue 6
Have you tried these new colors from Polychem?
Creative colors.
These beautiful colors and effects are brand new, carefully created, competitively priced and available you!
Check out these exciting new colors from Polychem:
Trans Red Bronze                             PLSF 96303PT
Metallic Mazak White                        PRMF 82758PB
PMS Black 7c                                    PLSF 11307PB
S.G. Anti-Skid 432u                          PRSF 74391PB
Crescent Bronze                               PRML 96283PB

Anti-Microbial powders protect hospital equipment
Creating systems for health care facilities requires hard working, professionally applied finishes that can stand up to the wear and tear they are put through every day in a hospital. Using anti-microbial powder coatings adds another level of protection. Glory Sandblasting and Powder Coating in Orlando, Florida recently completed an exciting project to coat bracket systems that are mounted on hospital room walls and hold a wide variety of medical equipment.
A clean, fresh RAL 9010 was chosen with anti-microbial capability. James Marjama, President of Glory explains "It was obvious to us that this particular system would truly benefit from a first class anti-microbial coating. We work with Polychem so know that anti-microbial capability can be added to the powders." Marjama continues "as expected, it was really easy to work with. It sprayed out beautifully - just like a regular polyester. We are already working on the next order!"
The IFS anti-microbial solution uses silver ions, which not only help to inhibit
the growth of microbes, but as silver is a naturally occurring element, are also
environmentally sustainable. Anti-microbial capability, which can be added to most Polychem powders, is perfect for interior applications. It has been used on a wide range of applications including laboratories, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, child care facilities, public transit, playgrounds, handrails, fitness equipment and high use areas.
For more information on Polychem anti-microbial powders contact Lauren at 940.612.0401 or
Trouble Shooting Gallery
Having problems on your line? The Polychem technical team is always willing to help. Here's their approach to an issue that sometimes crops up.
Q: I seem to be having some problems recoating and applying two coats. Can you help? The main issue is I see caters and starbursts appearing on the surface of the powder.
A: There are a few potential causes. Back ionization due to inferior grounding (insulation) could be one. If this is the case avoid spraying the powder too thickly. Avoid too high of a film thickness on the first coat and check to make sure your hooks are clean. Lowering the voltage and using tribo/electrostatic equipment will also help.
Alternatively it could be caused by the voltage being too high - that's an easy fix, simply lower the KV settings - or from poor grounding. In this case check the grounding from the conveyor rail to the part.
And finally, sometimes simply having the gun too close to the part can cause this effect. Increasing the distance of the gun tip to the part should help.
If you need more help or assistance, talk to our Polychem technical team - they're happy to help.
What can Polychem do for you?
Sample panels, stocked powders and great service
Stocked panels
Need sample panels for your customers?
We keep sample panels of many of our Polychem collections in stock, so we can ship you stock sample panels as soon as you ask for them.
Stocked RAL colors
We stock many RAL colors, so they will ship to you the same or next day (depending when the order is received)
Customized RAL shades
We can customize any RAL shade with one of our "altered RAL" effects. These effects include:
  • semi-gloss
  • sparkle metallic
  • anti-skid
  • river texture
  • mini texture
  • silver vein
  • OGF
We will customize the RAL shade and ship to you in 3 - 5 days.
Custom colors
Custom color matches will matched and ready to ship to you in 5 - 7 days

Polychem translucent powders make waves
The beautiful Polychem Starbrite Copper is a very popular color,. It's used on its own or with a chrome base beneath for a candy like effect. American Powder Coating ordered this sumptuous shade to coat parts for some Playcraft pontoons, with some extremely striking results.
Craig Lewin of American Powder Coatings commented "The translucent Starbrite Copper gave us a fantastic result. It was easy to use and easy to order and we had great technical support right there if we needed it. Looking at the pontoons shining in the sun we couldn't be prouder!"
The Translucent Collection features 18 translucent effects that bring a depth of color, while still allowing the substrate below to shine through.
Created using Polychem's signature polyester technology, the Translucent Collection showcases a full range of colors from deep black and electric blue to soft pink and a gorgeous green. Some of the collection colors also feature a tiny metallic flake, and metallics can be added to every shade in the collection.
"These translucent powders really do work" explains Glynn Mason, IFS President, "and translucent colors have been hugely popular in the last 12 months. From interior designers to automotive refinishing shops, there has been real demand. Our collection has been a big part of this."
The Polychem Translucent Collection is available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with sample panels shipped out within 2 days.

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