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August 2017
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   Holy Cross Church Picnic
Save the Date!
Sunday, September 10th @ 11:30am
Bishop Greg will be visiting!
Needed: A Picnic Coordinator, Shoppers,  Cooks to BBQ and
 lots of worker bees to help set up & clean up. 
**Sign up in the Narthex or call the office.
Food Bank Farm  
  Lovely Lydia & Heroic Heather cut a fresh rug (& row) @ Food Bank Farm! Join the fun on Mondays and Fridays!

A couple of Slim Jims (and good farm hands too)! Jim Eichner & Jim Husband consolidate the last few seedlings of broccoli from a field soon to be bursting with veggies.

  Carl Colegrove in the back. Fr. Jim on the tractor. Pulling a million weeds with the International 274 and the Eco-Weeder. We're looking for some evening or weekend help to cultivate during the month of July, operating the Eco-Weeder, and/or tiller patrol. Work from 6:30 to 8:00pm evenings.
We Welcome our New Member 
Sylvia Ismen.

Faith Formation
Prayers & Possibility 
This past school year our High School Youth Group was invigorated by the presence and leadership of our Service Corps member, Timothy. He created an environment of welcome and safe harbor that many with the very best of intentions have a difficult time duplicating. His youthful exuberance was a benefit to the Sunday school kids as well as the youth on days such as Holy Cross Day, Seder Dinner and Easter Sunday when he cut loose and played with them. He planned field trips to various places of worship and invited men and women of other faiths to join the youth for discussion. He used curriculum provided and supplemented with his own good choices. He was a gem.   Because of these reasons, I asked for and the Vestry approved budgeting for TWO Service Corps members for next year: one for the High School Youth and one for the Middle School Youth. Think of the wonderful possibilities this will have on our youth programs!   These two members will work individually with their groups on Sundays with the help of volunteers but team up for “Drop In” and a similar Middle School mid-week program. “Drop In” takes place every Wednesday evening from 7-9 PM. The Middle School program will be Thursday or Friday. 
“Drop-In” adds both a fun and an evangelical component as many more friends are invited to attend.   Canon Malcolm McLaurin , Program Director Seattle Service Corps is recruiting members. Please keep this process in your prayers for enough candidates and two perfect matches for Holy Cross. 
                                                                                         – Sue Dimmitt
Camp Huston- All Youth Retreat
SAVE THE DATE – October 13, 14, 15, 201 –– God time , Great food, great fun, and RELAXATION. It’s a great weekend to be a Human BEING, not a Human DOING. Mark it on your calendar and be there. Depart Friday evening at 5 PM, return to Holy Cross Sunday by 11 AM. All youth grades 6-12 are invited.
  • “Everything has already been given. What we need is to live into it.” 
Register HERE

Southern Social Justice Pilgrimage Trip
was a success!
Megan, Daniel and Timothy
Here are some photos from the trip.
They are a selection of the photos that have been taken
by Donna Greene, who is one of the other leaders.
 From Megan:  

Thank you Sue Dimmitt and to all who contributed their time and energy into making our VBC a huge success this year!
We sang & danced, planted our own personal flower pots, created “tie dye” tee shirts, nature journals and made Slime. Went on a nature Scavenger Hunt; and tied it all into solid Biblical lessons which were presented in dramatic and humorous ways by our Shepherds.   
  •  Garden Experience              Jasmine Lopez, Fr. Jim Eichner
  •  Snacks and Outdoor Play     Sherry Palmiter
  •  Crafts Workshop            Diane Vanden Brook, Leah Schare
  •  Science Fun                       Heather Irwin, Natalie Schare
  •  Shepherds/Actors:   Abby Bishop, Kyle Bishop,

Christopher Vanden Brook, Ruby Venters, Gracie Venters.

 Middle School Youth, Jill Nellis, Fr. Jim Eichner and Sue Dimmitt spent the weekend at the Mission to Seafarers shuttling cruise ship workers from 72 different countries. We chatted with them about their jobs, families and life on the ship. Afterward we did chores at the mission house including organizing the Ditty Bag Shed and all its contents, weeding flower beds and, planting a flower pot, cleaning three bathrooms and vacuuming. We had a special visit from a Ship’s captain who gave a very interesting and informative talk. We made time for fun, too, with a Wienie Roast at Alki Beach, burgers and shakes at Blue Moon Burgers, a walk through Volunteer Park and Contemplative Eucharist at St. Mark’s. Thanks to all who donated to the Ditty Bags to the Seafarer’s Mission. The items are very much appreciated. 
Dinner Group at the Eichner's New Home! 

  Thanks to Jake and Floyd for your help sprucing things up
in time for Vacation Bible Camp.
Flu Shots...Save the Date!
September 17th @ 11:15am
in the Youth Room of the office.

May We Pray For You?
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