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September 2017
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Bishop Greg Rickel September 10th

On Holy Cross Day we are delighted to welcome Bishop Greg for his triennial visit to Holy Cross. He will be celebrating at both services including the laying on of hands to confirmands, Megan Elizabeth Grabow and Steven Bradford Abbott. After the service he will join us for our picnic and later meet with the Vestry.
 Snapshots of Stewardship 
   Holy Cross Church Picnic
Sunday, September 10th @ 11:30am
Bring a side dish to share. Dessert will be provided.
Coordinator Kim Eichner needs Cooks to BBQ and
 lots of worker bees to help set up & clean up. 
**Sign up in the Narthex or call the office.
Camp Casey

Camp Huston
On August 27th we welcomed
Conor Joseph Dillon and Keaton Bass
into the family of god through baptism.

Faith Formation
This past school year our High School Youth Group was invigorated by the presence and leadership of our Service Corps member, Timothy. Although the Vestry approved two Service Corps members we are only able to acquire one at this time; there were not enough candidates.
The good news is that we are graced with two highly competent High School Youth Leaders in Joi Grabow and Teresa Guenther.
 Canon Malcolm McLaurin, Program Director Seattle Service Corps recruits and vets and he tells me he has another great candidate for Holy Cross. Meet our new Service Corps Member at the Holy Cross Picnic. Please keep this process in your prayers.
                                                                                         – Sue Dimmitt
Camp Huston- All Youth Retreat
SAVE THE DATE – October 13, 14, 15, 201 –– God time , Great food, great fun, and RELAXATION. It’s a great weekend to be a Human BEING, not a Human DOING. Mark it on your calendar and be there. Depart Friday evening at 5 PM, return to Holy Cross Sunday by 11 AM. All youth grades 6-12 are invited.
“Everything has already been given. What we need is to
live into it.”  Thomas Merton
High School Youth Conference (HYC)
For youth in grades 9-12 from all over the diocese. These weekend conferences include faith formation and exploration, fun, and fellowship, through contemporary music, worship, small group conversations, games, workshops and special activities. Friday evening through midday Sunday. Themes and activities for conferences are selected and planned by the youth council.
Upcoming Retreats:
September 29-October 1, 2017, Fall HYC at St. Stephen’s Longview. $35
January 5-7, 2018, Winter HYC at Camp Berachah, Black Mountain Camp in Auburn, approximately $90-$115
April 6-8, 2018, Spring HYC at St. James in Kent, $35
September 28-30, Fall HYC 2018 at St. Paul’s in Bellingham, $35

Junior High/Middle School Youth Conference (JYC)
Faith-based fun for youth in grades 6-9. Join us as we navigate the  turning-into-teenager years . With lots of community-building games and activities, this is the place to find friends who will be with you through it all. Youth come together from all over Western Washington to share in music, worship, faith formation and fun. Friday evening through midday Sunday. Themes and activities are selected and planned by the youth council.
Upcoming Retreats: 
November 17-19, 2017, Fall JYC at St. Margaret’s in Bellevue. $35
May 4-6, 2018, Spring JYC at St. Andrew’s in Port Angeles. $35
November 16-18, 2018, Fall JYC, location TBD. $35

Safeguarding God’s Children
The Diocese of Olympia takes its responsibility for the safety of our people seriously. The Safe Church program teaches how to identify and prevent abuse within the church community, and is conducted several times per year, free of charge. The training consists of three sessions: Safeguarding God’s Children, Safeguarding God’s People and a new Anti-Racism program.
All clergy members must take all three trainings in person.
Staff and Vestry must take both Safeguardings in person. (Non - key holding Vestry may take SGC online.) All people who work directly with children or youth, all Sunday school teachers and nursery attendants must take SGC in person. All Eucharistic Visitors must take Safeguarding God's People in person. Any other interested parishioners are encouraged to participate in training sessions. Certificates are valid for five years and then re-training is required.
For any questions or concerns, please contact the April Caballero, Executive Assistant to the Bishop & the Canon to the Ordinary, at  acaballero@ecww.org .

Upcoming Trainings
 Book Club ~ Tuesday, September 12 @ 7:00pm
 This fall we’re starting off the year with a biography of Winston Churchill, Hero of the Empire by Candice Millard . She also wrote the biography of President Garfield (Destiny of the Republic) and President Theodore Roosevelt (River of Doubt). This biography focuses on The early 20’s of Churchill. At the age of twenty-four, Winston Churchill was utterly convinced it was his destiny to become prime minister of England. He arrived in South Africa in 1899, valet and crates of vintage wine in tow, to cover the brutal colonial war the British were fighting with Boer rebels and jumpstart his political career. But just two weeks later, Churchill was taken prisoner. Remarkably, he pulled off a daring escape—traversing hundreds of miles of enemy territory, alone, with nothing but a crumpled wad of cash, four slabs of chocolate, and his wits to guide him. Our hostess this month is Dianne Commo.  New members always welcome …it’s a great way to get to know other women of the church! 
Please RSVP Dianne(in the directory).
Fight the Flu!
Flu shots will be given at Holy Cross on Sunday September 17 after the 10:00 service. Visiting Nurses will bill insurance companies. Shots are $30 cash or check for those without insurance. Preservative free and quadrivalent vaccines are available for an additional fee*. 
Flu vaccines may be given to children four years old and older.
 So come help to fight the flu and get a lollypop too!
* “The preservative free, which we offer to pregnant women, is $35.00. There is a Quadrivalent which covers 1 additional strain for $40.00. The Quadrivalent is not covered by all insurances, and we only offer it on request. 
We would need to know in advance if you want that available
and how many you would want.”
Contact: Linda Wheadon - ldwheadon@gmail.com - #425-402-7313

    Women's A.M. Bible Study
Come join us on Tuesday mornings starting September 19th @ 9:30am. 

  St. Francis Day
Join us on Sunday, October 1 at 8:00am or 10:00am for the blessing of animals. Bring your pet, stuffed animal or even a picture of your pet. We bless them all!
May We Pray For You?
Contact Karen Smith to be placed on the Holy Cross Prayer Chain.