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Earn more than just bragging rights! As a Young Chef of the Month, you will receive a FREE education badge to an ACF  ChefConnect  or  Cook. Craft. Create.  event of your choice. “ACF Young Chef of the Month” will look great on your resume! Submission deadline is the 15th of each respective month. Get more information here .

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Display your hard-earned certification with a beautiful certification plaque engraved with your name, date and certification level. Visit the member store on our website to choose your plaque.

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Start off the New Year with peace of mind and identity protection. ACF members get discounted rates with LegalShield and IDShield. Visit the Members Advantage Program page on on our website to get the best rate for you.
Learning Tracks at 2018 Events
The theme for ACF's 2018 events is Be The Change... Keynote speakers, presenters and chef demonstrations will guide you in the latest culinary techniques and inspire you to #BeTheChange in your kitchen.
Young Chefs Learning Tracks
ACF events feature live demonstrations and seminars for a wide audience of culinarians, from culinary students to professional chefs. If you're a young chef age 25 or under, ACF has selected certain live demos and seminars best suited to your skill level. Consider adding these courses when you plan your schedule!
Hotel and Travel Discounts for ACF Events
ACF event attendees receive special pricing from the host hotel and Delta airlines. Check out the hotel and travel page for the event you plan to attend for more information. Rental car discounts are available through the Members Advantage Program!
Certification News
To stay in the loop on ACF certification updates, join the ACF Chefs Certification Facebook group.
Effective Jan. 1, the Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Certified Executive Pastry Chef (CEPC) certification levels now require a 30-hour course in Cost Control Management.
Certification Commission Nominations
The Certification Commission is looking for a new member. Submit a letter of intent, resume and letter of chapter support to  
 The deadline to submit is Jan. 19.
Social Media Contest
Ingredient of the Month: Mushrooms
ACF wants to see how you use mushrooms in your kitchen. Enter the January Ingredient of the Month social media contest and you'll be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes. Contest ends Jan. 31.
Read the article and then complete the quiz to earn one hour of continuing education credit toward ACF certification.
ACF Chefs in the News
ACF chefs are in the news and make a positive impact in their communities. Share your chapter's news with ACF by sending clips to .
“I believe food is love,” Megan VanDerHeide said. “We are ultimately here to serve the community. So many different things in this world divide us. It’s kind of beautiful to be a part of something that brings us all together—food."
If you're headed to ChefConnect: Charlotte in February, check out this list of chef-driven restaurants in the area.
Trends, Techniques and Tastes
Matzo Balls that Float
A matzo ball is a delicate thing to make. Chef Natalia Garzon shares her tips to make matzo balls that rise to the occasion.

Talk about transparency!
Learn the culinary history behind gelatin and the woman who revolutionized the industry.

Subject Matter Experts Wanted
Subject matter experts and chef sources are needed for upcoming articles in ACF publications. We want to hear what ACF chefs have to say on the following topics:
  • Chef gardens -- Does your operation have a chef's garden? If so, we want to hear about it.
  • Superfoods -- What kinds of nutrient-rich foods are you preparing and why?
  • Matcha -- How do you use this antioxidant-rich green tea powder?
Email on any of the above topics to be featured as a potential source or subject matter expert.
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