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Alzheimer's Care, Dotty, and the Fruit of the Cumulative Acts We Perform Each Day

The Dotty in this story is my mother. Born in 1916, Dorothy was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. Probably Alzheimer's disease.

The first chapters of this story can best be described by the words burden, confusion, and to a certain extent hopelessness. I think this describes most Alzheimer's caregivers.


Improving the Quality of Life of Alzheimer's Patients and Their Caregivers

"In Dr. Brandon Ally's lab, he has chosen to focus not on what is lost, but what Alzheimer's patients still retain and how this information can be used to improve their quality of life." 



Five Sources of Hope for the Deeply Forgetful, Dementia in the 21st Century

Carers are the beacons of hope to be acknowledged and celebrated in their depth of commitment. They sway the social balance toward goodness not with single great acts of love but rather with daily small actions done in great love. They model for the human capacity to accept, affirm, and connect with the deeply forgetful.


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