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The Curriculum Feed
May 2017

The Curriculum Feed is the monthly newsletter of the California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

A group of California school districts - including Los Angeles and Santa Ana - have opened a competition to come up with a good way to measure whether students are picking up soft skills like perseverance... Read More

As one side of the Brown administration is working feverishly to finalize a new school accountability system, another part of the governor’s team has excluded funding that may upend a critical part of... Read More

Using a new, multimeasure school rating system, the Oakland-based nonprofit GreatSchools has produced a fresh look at a stubbornly persistent problem: racial and ethnic gaps in student achievement in California schools. Read More

CASCD and its partners offer a range of professional development opportunities over the course of the year. Below is a sampling of what's coming up soon.
  • Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Using and Developing Rubrics for Grading; presented by Myron Dueck, hosted by Chino Valley Unified School District, May 25, 2017
  • Essential Instructional Routines within Designated and Integrated ELD with Presenter Kate Kinsella, Ed.D., hosted by San Mateo County Office of Education, September 30, 2017.
Visit the Events calendar for a full listing and all details. Read More

The Trump Administration has proposed eliminating Title II teacher training programs in 2017-18. Read More

If the state does not increase funding for these high-quality programs, up to 29 percent of them could shut down in the next two years, leaving more than 120,000 students with nowhere to go when the school day ends. Read More

A California-based coding and STEAM camp is expanding its tech summer camps to more locations this summer - in the Golden State and on the East Coast. Read More

A handful of controversial bills related to the teacher shortage, school start times and restrictions on parents who are registered sex offenders saw their last day for this legislative session on Monday. Read More

Projects funded by NSF and other federal agencies share 3-minute videos showcasing their work. Join the conversation with the presenters and vote for your favorites, May 15th - 22nd, 2017. Read More

What is social and emotional learning and why should schools get involved in it? A guide offers answers. Read More

As California's student population has grown and become much more diverse, teachers need support from parents, community members and lawmakers to ensure all students get the public education they deserve. Read More

CASCD education parter CUE, an organization that works with school people in California to help them 'infuse' technology into learning, has come out - fists swinging - to fight what it perceives as a move to limit... Read More

For the first time in almost three years, state officials have released an overall snapshot of how well California schools are doing after a massive restructuring that included new content standards and a new... Read More

ACSA's summer programs--the Principals' Summer Institute and the Institute for New and Aspiring Principals--provide opportunities for administrators to meet in a stimulating and supportive setting to examine crucial... Read More

Sal Khan says the new arrangements are the first he has forged with large, diverse school districts. Read More

Despite a recent wave of hype, augmented- and virtual-reality tools remain fringe technologies in U.S. classrooms, according to a new survey by the nonprofit group Project Tomorrow. Just 5 percent of U.S. teachers say... Read More

This curriculum teaches students how to investigate historical questions by employing reading strategies such as sourcing, contextualizing, corroborating, and close reading. Instead of memorizing historical facts,... Read More

California is recognizing that students who speak a language other than English are a great asset to its society and economy. Recent changes in education policy promote biliteracy. Pursuing this path puts the state in... Read More

All agree on the goal of the proposed legislation: Uniform standards to judge when students are English proficient. Read More

English learners who attend transitional kindergarten enter kindergarten with stronger literacy and math skills, according to a recent American Institutes for Research study. Read More

The College/Career Indicator contains both college and career measures which recognizes that students pursue various options to prepare for postsecondary and allows for fair comparisons across all LEAs and schools. Read More

Jamie Dorvilus wiggled in her seat, eagerly waiting her turn to talk about how   she was feeling that day. At least once a week, her first-grade class at Rohnert Park's Evergreen Elementary School moves the... Read More

Not long ago, kids did most of their name calling on the playground and in the cafeteria. Today, online attacks have become their preferred method of delivering insults. "They're more comfortable trashing each other... Read More

Great ideas and extraordinary teaching happen in public school classrooms all over the country, but these pockets of innovation often don't get the attention they deserve. More often the schools held up as models for... Read More

It is no secret that many students are not passionate about math. Students feel disconnected from what is taught in class, unsure of the benefits of math and reluctant to pursue careers in the field. Edtech is trying... Read More

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