August 2017

The DREAM School Year Begins! 

We have officially launched eight Montessori, nine Young Stars and two A Ganar Programs, supported by a staff of 75 and team of eight international volunteers. DREAM is now working with more than 8,200 participants per year and offering new opportunities every day!
Our New Volunteers are Here!

DREAM is proud to work with motivated, culturally-minded young professionals through our year-long volunteer internship program. The 2017-2018 cohort, which arrived this month, is very impressive and we are excited to have them! This year, we are welcoming: Anna Sebastian, who will be supporting the Library Programs and Monitoring/Evaluation; Altagracia Mendez, who will be working with the Deportes Para la Vida Program and Global Connections Groups; Javier Perello, supporting the A Ganar Youth Workforce Development Program; Luisanna Crespo, promoting DREAM's work through Public Relations and teaching in the English Programs; Nathalia Trujillo, who will be training teachers through the FUTUROS Program; and Nicole Hardy, who will be supporting Monitoring/Evaluation as well as the Montessori Program. To learn more about this years' volunteers, check out their bios  on our website
SeaLand and DREAM Combine Forces for New Library in Santo Domingo

As our reading revolution continues, we rely on the visionary support of responsible companies doing work in the Dominican Republic. Our newest partner is SeaLand, who not only want to support our innovative educational programs, but participate in them directly. We had an amazing day organizing the new SeaLand sponsored library at Escuela Virgen de Carmen in Guachupita, Santo Domingo. 
Our First Journalism Camp

Our student journalists were hard at work this summer during our first ever journalism camp! During the two-week camp, lead by five international volunteers from Spain, students spent their days interviewing community members, exploring their neighborhood and writing articles that will be featured in the Mi Mundo magazine. The student-written magazine is one of DREAM's newest programs and allows high-school students to develop critical academic skills while also showcasing all that is great about Cabarete. Look out for the second edition of the magazine this September!
DREAMer of the Month
Kevin Manning

During his illustrious career through Latin America Kevin has always given back, but nowhere as much as in the Dominican Republic. After serving as the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Santo Domingo, Kevin settled in Sosua and joined the DREAM's Executive Board in 2002. A leader in corporate social responsibility, Mr. Manning was awarded the Puerto Plateño Sobresaliente Award in 2000 and the Distinguished American Citizen Award from the U.S. Embassy in 2002.  He has provided DREAM with the wisdom and connections to grow DREAM from a local NGO that is now having an impact throughout the country.  We wish him all the best as he relocates back to the United States and joins the DREAM Emeritus Board.
Donors of the Month 

A special thank you to all who gave this month, including:

MJ & Carib Wind Cabarete     Ken Brown     Dr. Georges de Menil     
Guido Goldman     Glenn Keller     Darroch Parsons     Greg Proctor     
Marla Reyes     Francisco Rodriguez     Geomar Foundation     SwimTayka     Maria Perez     Marie Serina     Bianca Bikinis     Vacations for Change      Ruben Gonzalez      Ultravioleta Boutique Residences     
Hyatt Regency Maui      Andari Spa      Bliss      Mangala Yoga     Erik Cima     Dr. Mark Kemenosh      Christopher Lopez     Kate Sager  

A special thanks to our Shared Responsibility Partners!


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