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Jericho Drive
Follow Russ and Kitty on the Jericho Drive
Invite Russ and Kitty to your area. The Jericho Drive is about breaking the illegitimate authorities in your life and releasing who Jesus is on the inside of you. We are traveling coast to coast this year and will consider your home area as well.
2 Ch. 20:20

What Others are Saying:
"WOW BULLS EYE! The timing is not only perfect but I now understand something I didn't before. Thank God for the Prophetic and for your obedience Russell and Kitty"


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The Father Says Today:


The Father says today that the gavel has come down in your favor. The judgment is determined and the outcome is assured. Your redemption is secure and your exoneration is certain says the Father. I am coming into the midst of your situation and My reward is with Me. There is no voice of dissent that can silence the declaration that rang from the cross in your behalf:




It is finished says the Father and I will hear no accusatory arguments of the enemy against you. I have declared your freedom and directed the angelic custodians that you can and must go free from all impediment, detriment and bondage. So let there be rejoicing says the Father. Even as the apostles sang at the stocks in the lower part of the prison know this that I am bringing a shaking that will cause the prison doors to be opened and the chains to fall away. Those gates that have barred you will open of their own accord and your proclamation will be that "this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!"


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