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The Dates Are Set!  
Pack your bags and book your trip to Nashville.

Our annual Home Health and Hospice two-day workshops will be held in May and July! 

We have secured our members discounted hotel room rates but rooms are limited! You can find hotel rates and information on the registration page of the event.

Compliance &  Reimbursement

Event Type:  Home Care Compliance
When: May 17 - Day 1
Registration: 8:00 am CST

Workshop: 8 :30 am - 4:00 pm CST

During this session we will address the impact of the new home health conditions of participation (CoP), the most current news on how surveyors are interpreting and applying the CoPs during survey, what are the most problematic requirements and suggestions for dealing with them. We will provide focused discussion on what to expect during a survey and how to prepare for survey as well as emergency preparedness and QAPI, both often overlooked or pushed to the side as many home health agencies focused on other components of the conditions of participation. Examples of documentation will be provided throughout the day with time dedicated to open discussion.

Event Type:  Home Care Reimbursement
When: May 18 - Day 2

Registration: 8:00 am CST

Workshop: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm CST

The Home Health PPS Regulation for implementation January 2018 has brought some changes to the PPS System, but most importantly the introduction of the Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM). The Proposed 2019 should be released by this workshop and if so this will be covered. The billers and collectors are extremely important to agencies thriving in the current system so do not miss this needed education! Be the first to be current on all Medicare billing regulations implemented in 2018. This workshop will lay a concrete foundation for home health billing, as well as, financial staff by giving billers a more effective approach to the Medicare PPS regulation, conducting Medicare verifications and understanding adjustments. This session will include a detailed look into Program Integrity Risks, Targeted Probe & Educate and the criteria used for determining if you are a target. We will discuss how best to do all you can do to protect your agency. The day will include a review of PEPPER reports and a look into the Value Based Purchasing methods. Last but certainly not least, the proposed Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM) will be outlined and reviewed. If you are part of the revenue cycle in your agency, this session is a must.

Compliance &  Reimbursement

Event Type:  Hospice Compliance
When: July 18 - Day 1
Registration: 8:00 am CST

Workshop: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm CST

This workshop will address some of the greatest challenges facing hospices today including live discharges and extreme lengths of stay - both long and short. We will discuss under what circumstances a hospice can and should discharge patients and the processes that should be followed. The impact of extremely short lengths of stay and potential ways of dealing with them will be addressed. One of the best tools for delivering quality patient care and managing it properly is the Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) meeting. This workshop delves into the purpose of the IDG meeting and how best to utilize this meeting to achieve the goal of high quality, coordinated hospice care. A sample IDG agenda is provided to all participants who will learn what should and should not be documented by the IDG and the techniques to be employed in creating value and efficiency of the meeting and its purpose. Hot topics in hospice surveys and an update on how surveyors are applying new guidance given in 2017 regarding medical directors and certifications/recertifications will be shared as well as hot topics in hospice targeted probe and educate. A regulatory and policy update focused on what to expect over the next few years for hospice will round out the day.

Event Type:  Hospice Reimbursement
When: July 19 - Day 2
Registration: 8:00 am CST

Workshop: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm CST

Changes to the Medicare Hospice Reimbursement have occurred over the past few years and continue. Has your hospice adapted to Payment Reform? Do you know that you have been paid correctly? Be among the elite group of billers that are current on all Hospice Medicare billing regulations. Billing is a very critical part of hospice reimbursement. This workshop will lay a concrete foundation for hospice billers, as well as, any hospice staff that need to more effectively understand the Medicare regulations. This workshop will include field by field on Notice of Election and claim forms and sequential billing requirements. The Routine High & Low rates and SIA payments will be conducted. A review of the Hospice Levels of Care and issues surrounding the documentation toward those levels of care will be discussed. The session will review the regulations for billing all hospice service, face-to-face encounters and additionally home health providing care while a patient is on service with hospice. The workshop will conclude with highlights from the most recent Hospice PEPPER Reports. If you are part of the billing cycle in hospice this workshop is a must. 


Our HPS Alliance webinars are scheduled through December 2018!

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