The Decisive Moment
YPL Gemini Posting 


Guess what?  You're not here to suffer.


The objective of your soul's decision to reincarnate was to rise above past incarnations and any negative karma that may have been accumulated and move toward completion of your contract with Creator. 


The path, ultimately, leads to a practice of meditation (samadhi), which allows for freedom (vimutti), seeing one's true nature (kensho), obtaining liberated insight (prajna), achieving bliss (ananda), reaching the highest/most perfect awakening (anuttar?-samyak-sambodhi) or enlightenment, and, finally, attaining fulfillment as one enters the All. 


Sounds like a lot of work.  Perhaps.  And, it might take a few more lifetimes to pull it off.  So, if you haven't started, it might be a good time to begin.


Here's the easy part.  What negative aspects you've inherited, to date, can be changed.  What has come at you, personally, can be ended.


For instance....


If a previous incarnation has made a negative contract or agreement, it can be nullified. 


If a previous incarnation has provoked someone, whose spirit is attached to each of your soul's subsequent incarnations, that entity can be removed.


If one or more of your spirit guides is negative, they can be "fired" and replaced.


If, in this lifetime, your innocence (and it is always that) has allowed a lost or malevolent soul to enter your body, it can be removed.


If, in this lifetime, someone has put a spell or curse upon you, it can be broken.


If your home, workplace or vehicle has been infected by a negative spirit, it can be banished.


It's "easy" because these are things I can do for you.


Now, here's the "hard" part.


Your response to these outside forces and the environment/family your soul has selected for your challenges and/or virtues in this lifetime has caused you to create emotional responses and both physical and mental attachments (cords) that may be negative to spiritual growth.


These are issues with which I can be of help by showing you how to create aids, cutting the cords and by providing counsel, but on which you, yourself, must work to avoid their poisoning your body's health, as well as your spirit.


It's a matter of filling in what has been negative space with positive attributes and activities. 


That may seem simple, but it can be extremely difficult for some, especially if, for example, you might have been told for years by an entity or members of your family/classmates, etc., that you are ugly, stupid, or some such and have built up feelings that promote belief in the particular issue.    


You can remove yourself from the injurious individuals or I can remove the entity and help you transform the feelings generated in response to either, but the "echo" of these messages can reverberate in your mind until you work them out.    


As one client put it, "Now that I don't have to worry about this issue anymore, what do I do with all the time I've spent worrying?"


The release of these issues is about rebirth.  It's an opportunity for change.  It's an introduction to things like dance, music, art, sports, travel, yoga, meditation, service to others...a new way of living.  But, it takes discipline and dedication on your part.


Liberation can be difficult, but it's the pathway to joy.  And, becoming joyful is worth the struggle.  That is why we're here.


There's no better time for your decisive moment.


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