What are the benefits of serving your dog or cat a high protein content bone broth rather than a just a flavor enhancing broth? Bone broth contains nutrients which can aid with your pets health. Dogs Naturally states "Not only does bone broth contain super amazing amounts of glucosamine, it's also packed with other joint protecting compounds like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid." In addition, Dogs Naturally tells us of more benefits of bone broth, such as:
  • Detoxifying the liver. "The liver is the master organ of detoxification. The dog's liver is under assault daily as the poor dog lies on carpets and floors treated with chemicals, walks on grass that's been treated and sprayed with poisons, consumes foods with toxic and synthetic ingredients, and suffers through toxic dewormers, flea and tick preventives, drugs, antibiotics, vaccines and more....The liver was never meant to suffer this onslaught and its capacity to detoxify is limited by the availability of the amino acid glycine. Guess what has tons of glycine? Bone broth!"
  • Aiding in gastrointestinal health. "The lining of the intestines contains millions of tiny holes that allow the passage of digested nutrients to enter the body. Stress, poor diet and bacterial overgrowth can cause more holes to open or to become bigger...this is called leaky gut....The problem with those big holes is that things can pass through that aren't meant to, including undigested food matter, toxins and yeast. The body will notice those undigested food particles as foreign invaders and start to attack them. This is how allergies and food sensitivities develop....Bone broth is loaded with a gooey substance that can plug up those leaky holes: gelatin!"
  • Bolstering the immune system. "Bone broth is also an excellent source of important minerals and can bolster the immune system (think chicken soup)! Bone broth is also loaded with glycine, which aids digestion by helping to regulate the synthesis of bile salts and secretion of gastric acid."          
In addition to containing all of the above benefits, CARU's bone broth is packaged in Tetra Pak ® containers. This unique cooking and packing process allows for our broth to be shelf stable for 2 years without the use of any preservatives. Our packaging is also BPA-free and Eco-friendly. The best of all is the convenience of our packaging, just open, serve and then re-close and store in the refrigerator (good for 7 days once opened). Nothing could be simpler. 
To learn more about CARU Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth for both dogs & cats, click here 
Karu's School Report on
'How I spent my summer
Hello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).

It's September and the kids are back to school. Many of them will have to report to their teachers and classmates about "How I spent my summer vacation". While I don't actually go to school, I do work every day with my Mummas and Daddas at CARU Pet Food and believe you me, working with my parents everyday can be just as challenging as going to school! So, please accept my summer vacay report.

Summer vacation started off with some store visits where I got to meet retailers who carry my products or are going to carry my products. I love store visits as I always get lots of cuddles and treats from the store owners! But, visiting stores also means 'road trips', which means I got to stay at some pet friendly hotels. I just love rolling around on those white towels. Here's me just about to go roll crazy!!

After doing a bunch of store visits, I got to go to my grandparents cottage and swim in the lake. Boy was it fun. I've included some videos of me playing on the dock and in the water so you can see how much fun I had.

I just wish I could go swimming everyday. I know Mummas and Daddas would not be so happy about that, they mumble something about my flopping ears and ear infections, but I don't mind. When I'm in the water, it's just me swimming with the fishes. Now don't get alarmed I'm not actually 'swimming with the fishes' in an Al Capone kind of way, but, I am literally swimming with the fishes. They don't bother me. All I see is my yellow Frisbee and the water, it's just great. Well, now that summer is almost over, I will watch my home movies of my summer vacay and imagine that I am there again. Until next summer my dear fishes, please don't freeze in the lake during the winter (ouch that would hurt). 

Woofs and Tail Wags from me, Karu.


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