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                BOBSA Newsletter                      November, 2012                  Volume II, Issue 6     
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Focus on Holiday Spirit
New BOBSA Banner
Kariliss' Vision and Mission
BOBSA Member Reports from Jerusalem
Cyrus Jackson in Shop Talk Magazine




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Focus on Holiday Spirit

With the upcoming holidays quickly approaching, I would be remiss if I did not share my thoughts about how we can spend our time and money more efficiently.  This is the time of year that we spare no expense to look good and buy gifts that we cannot really afford so that we can impress others.


Historically, Blacks spend more money on our personal needs than any other group of people in America. Is this to make us feel good about ourselves or to simply impress those who do the same to impress us? It is not about whose hair looks the best or how long your nails are. If only we could realize that our values are misplaced. This is so insane; it is as if we are addicted to spending. I believe that some of us are still trying to pay down credit card balances from purchases we made for those 2009 and 2010 Christmas gifts and now here we are in 2012 ready to run up those balances again. It is time to stop the madness and reevaluate our priorities.


Times are tough now and so many people are desperate to find a place to live and just provide the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing for their family.  Some of us may be in a position to help those who are less fortunate. It is called selflessness and we must share our wealth so others will not hurt so much. This past summer my husband paid a couple of teenagers to do some work around our home, work that he could have easily done himself, so they could have a little spending money. Other neighbors did the same and these young men learned some valuable lessons such as: showing respect to seniors, being responsible for one's actions, the importance of reporting to work on time, working on a team, and pride in their accomplishments, all which are important to building strong characters.


But there are entire families that also need our support and if everyone would pitch in and do a little, it will go a long way. Our children can learn valuable lessons from us and not follow us into the same spending frenzy when they see how much we value humanity over "stuff" that we/our children toss aside the day after Christmas. It is simply shameful how much money we give to merchants for one day when our own family members or neighbors struggle all year.  This is your opportunity to invite someone into your home or you can volunteer to serve meals at one of the shelters. I believe that when you give generously of yourself or your resources, God will bless you abundantly.


I pray that the "spirit of the holidays" will move you to show kindness and love to everyone. We need to give hope to the hopeless so they will realize that all is not lost and better days are coming. Everyone goes through struggles from time to time, but having faith and believing that we have a God who will not forsake us is POWER. I am asking everyone to help our brothers and sisters who cannot help themselves and I know you will reap the rewards that only our loving Heavenly Father can give and money cannot buy.


Finally, goodwill and peace will resonate throughout our communities and the entire world only when we employ the "fruits of the spirit" during this holiday season and forevermore.  (Reprinted from November, 2010.) 


Gal. 5:22-23 NIV But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


Happy Holidays,




Michelle Carter




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Banner for 4th Annual Unity
Business Dinner
Below is a preview of the banner for BOBSA's 4th Annual Unity Business Dinner.  We are expecting a great turnout so click here to make your reservation now.  We hope to see you there!


New BOBSA Banner

Michelle Carter

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Introducing Crystal Haynes,
Founder of Luxe Therapy
Crystal Haynes

Crystal Haynes has been a hair stylist specializing in hair weaves and hair extensions for 15 years. She maintains a natural hair clientele and needed a product that worked for everyone--something moisturizing enough for natural hair and shear enough for artificial hair.


Haynes sought hair care products that had the necessary cleansing properties for maintaining a healthy scalp and still be nourishing for all of her clients. Another issue she wanted resolved was addressing the unique scalp conditions that hair weaves and hair extensions created. Despite her quest, she could not find suitable options for these concerns. So...she designed her own solutions! The result was Luxe Therapy and the development of innovative products that replenish, maintain, and beautify hair.


The Luxe Therapy Follicle Food Scalp Treatment and Essential Hair Complex Vitamins were formulated exclusively to remedy the extra stresses and scalp needs brought on by hair weaves and extensions.


The Patent Pending Scalp Soother, otherwise known as, "the hair weave wearers dream," is another exclusive product from Luxe Therapy. Having a hair weave herself, Haynes was motivated to discover a safe solution to conquer the notorious "itch" that hair weaves cause. The Scalp Soother has been praised by actresses Sherri Shepherd, Kim Coles and Regina King, to name a few.


Luxe Therapy shampoos and conditioners are full botanical, Vegan and Certified Organic. Products have been designed to offer quality results for all hair types, because everyone deserves natural solutions for natural beauty.


For more info visit site at or email



Michelle Carter

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BOBSA Member Reports on Life
in Jerusalem 
African-Americans Israel
Beauty Supply    

Devorah Mixon, BOBSA member in Israel, wrote to BOBSA on November 18th about the recent clashes along the Israel-Gaza border.


I know there may be some reporting errors circulating, but I want to assure you that both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are safe. A few rockets have landed on unpopulated areas.  A Tel Aviv rocket landed in the water and an open field. It is very disturbing to watch a group who claim they are oppressed while being supported by the world media.


This group is so oppressed and poor yet it can afford missiles and rockets to harass unarmed civilians, whose numbers are in the thousands. Don't they have better things to do with all that money?  Can this new country live off of charity and handouts from other nations? Israel pays their electric and water. How can these people be an independent country? They are bored out of their minds because people feel sorry for them. They believe their lies. Tax dollars by the billions from all nations go to these people as they make believe they are fighting an enemy. It's a big Joke! Amazing!


We are constantly praying. It could also be that Israel needs to change the way they treat their own people as well. God allows this for a reason. It's spiritual as well and Israel leaders may also be called to repent for many things. We thank God if this is the case and for His mercy toward us.






Michelle Carter



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Featured Article

Cyrus Jackson Featured in Shop Talk
International Magazine 

Cyrus Jackson with President Obama at a fundraiser in Atlanta.

Cyrus Jackson was featured in Shop Talk International in August, 2012 and in it he is pictured with President Obama while attending a fundraising event in Atlanta in March, 2012.

Jackson started Professional Products in 1995 to meet the needs of an ever changing ethnic hair care sector.  The services provided include product development, production, private labeling, marketing and wholesale.


Through the years, Professional Products has always strived to stay on the cutting edge of the latest in hair care technology and current trends. The times change but the diligent dedication to product development and industry innovations remain top priority for Professional Products Unlimited, Inc. The company grew in leaps in bound during the first few years of its existence but it was at the dawn of the new millennium that the seeds of success brought forth the most lucrative products and company growth. Under the natural hair care division Rastagroup, They introduced Rasta Locs & Twists Jamaican Mango & Lime. This product has distinguished itself among its peers as the number one complete lines specifically formulated to style and maintain locs and twists.


Professional Products Unlimited Inc. has met the challenges of a changing industry while providing products that not only promote hair health but appeal to consumer need. Today their products are sold in retail outlets from coast to coast. They have recently set their sights on the global market with distributors throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. In the competitive arena of hair care, Professional Products has made its mark on the industry and today it looks forth toward new horizons in hair care and seeks to continue its tradition to stay on the pulse of style and beauty.


Earlier this year Professional Products acquired another company called 'Mixed Hair' and the plan is to re-launch products aimed to customers with this texture. Key to this new line will be price and quality; Jackson says existing products for this market are overpriced. Jackson thinks the natural and short hair will be here for a long time. After taking years to embrace their natural beauty, I don't see women going back to reverse that because the whole metamorphism of going chemical-free or cutting their hair is a big deal; it's a commitment.



Michelle Carter



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