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November 2016 

AAPRI is the area's leading asthma and allergy practice, specializing in the treatment of allergy related problems.

Here at Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island we specialize in the treatment of many allergy related problems such as asthma. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, asthma affects close to 18 million adults and over 6 million children in the United States.

When it comes to asthma we along with many other practices throughout the country have noticed a rather disturbing trend. Many use their asthma inhalers incorrectly, especially children.

For all appointments, new and follow up, we ask that you please bring your asthma inhalers and/or medications with you. If at all possible hold your inhaler dose prior to coming in for your visit so that we can better assess lung function and reversibility. This will also help us check your inhaler use to ensure that you are using the device properly.

However until you come in for your next appointment, here are some simple steps to which you can always refer, to help make sure that you use your Metered-Dose Inhaler correctly:

1. Shake the inhaler 3 or 4 times before each use
2. Remove the cap
3. Breathe out a few times
4. Place the inhaler in your mouth between your teeth and fully close your             mouth
5. Start to breathe in slowly and while pressing the top of you inhaler once
6. Keep breathing in slowly until you have taken a full breath
7. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds, then release it slowly
7. Finally remove the inhaler from your mouth

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