The Drop Line 
October 2016 

AAPRI is the area's leading asthma and allergy practice, specializing in the treatment of allergy related problems.

Aiden starts coughing Wednesday afternoon. Again. His mother, Donna, frowns and goes through her calendar. The last time her 8 year old started coughing, it developed into bronchitis.   His asthma always makes a cold worse and she wants to make sure that does not happen again this time. Donna knows that she is off on Friday and calls Dr. Smith at the Asthma Center, only to find out that there are no appointments on Friday, but she can bring Aiden on Monday.  Making a silent wish that Aiden does not get worse over the weekend, she takes the Monday spot.

Pat’s cell phone rings Wednesday afternoon. His friend, Bill, has tickets to the game Friday night in Boston.  He wants to leave early to grab some dinner and catch up. However Pat received an appointment reminder from the Asthma Center on his cell.  It’s on Friday. Pat shrugs and thinks, “Every time I go to the office, I have to wait. The doctor is so busy he won’t even notice if I don’t show up. Plus, I have been feeling pretty good… it would be a waste of time for me to go and be told that I am fine.” So he goes off to dinner and the game with Bill on Friday.

It may seem as if the doctor’s office is busy; even overbooked, but there is a system in place. The staff work tirelessly to get patients in and seen as quickly as possible. Many things beyond their control can disrupt the flow: lab results never came over, so someone has to call and get them faxed; a patient comes in very sick and needs a treatment; something substantial has changed in a person’s medical history that needs to be evaluated. But when you don’t come for your appointment, or show up late, the organized schedule goes awry. 


Teal Pumpkin Project
The Pumpkin Teal Project aims to help kids with food allergies enjoy Halloween safely. It's become a symbol for food allergy awareness. 
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