Badlands is honoured to be involved in this very special project celebrating Bruce Springsteen's impassioned recognition of his fans dedication as witnessed in Kilkenny on July 28.
Bruce Springsteen - 2013-07-28 Kilkenny
The shirt is the brainchild of Bruce fans Pauline Fairlie & Steven Woods and was worn by them at various Bruce shows throughout the summer. As photos of their shirts began to circulate in various social media it got picked up on by members of Bruce's entourage. Amy Lofgren saw it, brought it to Bruce's attention and Bruce read out the mantra as a total surprise at the final European show of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

Pauline and Steven approached Jon Landau Management and asked for their approval if they sold these shirts on behalf of Daniel Harrison and they readily agreed.

The shirts are available in a variety of designs and colours and can be purchased now via

All proceeds will go to the helpdan fund and if you place your order before August 27 your shirt should be with you early in September.

Refinements are still being made to the design but everyone involved hopes you like the concept and that you will support this superb initiative.

A great many people have worked on this project and special thanks are due to
Pauline Fairlie, Nellie Greely, Steven Woods, Caspa from Gorilla Zoo, Max Pedersen and Lef Carroll.

You probably know the tale of Daniel Harrison from previous mailings but if not go here to read the story of his parents incredible struggle to obtain a normal life for their son. You can also make a direct donation to helpdan here.


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