As part of a developing partnerships between Early College and community health organizations, health educators from the Georgia College Student Health Services and the Ethical Choices Program visited health students at Early College last week. A team of Georgia College peer-educators spoke to students about the dangers of drunk driving and substance abuse. Not only did students learn alarming statistics about alcohol-related crashes and deaths, but they also participated in a simulation activity. Students were given "drunk goggles" that distorted their depth perception, a dangerous side-effect of intoxication. They were then asked to complete simple coordination tasks such as solving an infant shape puzzle and walking in a straight line. Students quickly experienced that these rudimentary tasks are nearly impossible when one's vision is distorted. 

The next day, a pair of Georgia College peer-health educators presented on the dangers of prescription drug abuse and illicit drug use. This discussion aligned directly with students' current enrollment in the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program offered through the Department of Driver's Services. 

Lastly, Amy Johnson form the Ethical Choices Program returned to Early College to present on healthful eating. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases are the leading causes of death in the United States. Ms. Johnson demonstrated how students can reduce their risk of developing these diseases and others through informed dietary choices. Students asked very thoughtful questions that made for a meaningful and engaging class discussions. 

Thank you to the community organizations and health educators who shared their time, knowledge and resources with the Georgia College Early College health classes!