The students here are on a journey in which they will leave their mark on the world.

Meet Our Class of 2017:           Shanteria DeAnaja Mosley

Shanteria DeAnaja Mosley is a Baldwin High School Senior who has participated in the Early College program since 7th grade. She is the daughter of Mrs. Valeria Hightower and Mr. Darrin Mosley. Shanteria is currently dually enrolled at Georgia Military College and plans to attend Armstrong State University in the fall, where she will continue her education in pursuit of a B.S. degree in nursing. During her free time, Shanteria enjoys cooking, sewing, watching television, and spending time with family and friends. Shanteria has shared her early college experience below.

"My experiences at Georgia College Early College have been the best days of my life. Being in this program has opened so many doors for me, and I am thankful to be a part of this early college family. Within these 6 years that I have been here, I have grown into a person that I never thought I could be. I have become friends with so many people that I never would have spoken to in a typical school setting, and being able to work with all of my peers has been an incredible experience. I am very grateful that I was accepted into this program, and I will never forget all the laughs, tears, and memories that I have shared with my classmates."

--Shanteria Mosley, Senior 2017

GCEC Students View Hidden Figures

Most Americans know of John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth and a national hero of the Space Race era. Many, however, do not know the incredible history of the West Area Computers, a cohort of African-American, female mathematicians who played a central role in this mission and advanced the Space Program at NASA during the 1960s. 

In celebration of Black History Month, students at Georgia College Early College went to the  AMC Theater in Milledgeville, Georgia t o see the movie  Hidden Figures.  This award winning movie centers on the true stories of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn, three women from the West Area Computers Division who developed essential equations and technology at NASA in spite of segregation and discrimination. 

Not only was this movie a fun opportunity to take a field trip and enjoy a piece of history, but it also highlighted the application of math and science as an agent for change and progress. This narrative reminds students that anything is possible when one uses his or her knowledge to look beyond the numbers and think creatively. 

Georgia College Early College would like to thank Mr. J. Moses and the staff of Milledgeville's AMC Theater for graciously accommodating 167 of our students as well as our parents, community members and faculty! 
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Man Up is on the Move!
Our Man Up advisement group welcomed community stakeholders to an afternoon social on Friday, March 3. The purpose of the social was to provide our male students with an opportunity to practice their business etiquette skills. Kudos to Mr. Pendleton and team for organizing this activity.
Respect, Caring, Integrity, & Personal Responsiblity