So here's the thing, it's occurred to us that many of our readers have come on board recently and have missed out on a lot of great articles and projects from earlier times. Being the generous types that we are, we've hand-picked some of the popular, too good to miss, projects and features that might have escaped notice. We're posting the complete articles on our website and then sending, direct to your inbox, this neat little newsletter to link them directly to you. Cool right?  We'll probably throw in some new stuff too, now and again, and maybe even a few surprises.
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The Battery That Wouldn't Die!
A 100-Year Old "Green" Battery Whose Time May Finally Have Come. Edison advertised that the cell had a life of at least four years, but the materials proved to be so stable that some are still producing their full capacity today after more than 50 years!

Read the article, then build a DIY version to experiment with this remarkable technology!

An Audiophile Quality Amplifier For Your Headphones Or MP3 Player.
There are two schools of thought in the audiophile world on how to best achieve nirvana. One is to invest in huge power amplifiers and massive speakers in order to reproduce every nuance captured in a recording. The other school - more popular among the space - and financially-constrained, is to invest in low-power precision preamplifiers, amplifiers, and headphones.
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Everything You Need To Know About Bipolar Transistors, And Some Things You Don't!

The bipolar transistor is the most important "active" circuit element used in modern electronics, and it forms the basis of most linear and digital ICs and op-amps, etc. In its discrete form, it can function as either a digital switch or as a linear amplifier, and is available in many low, medium, and high power forms. This opening episode concentrates on basic transistor theory, characteristics, and circuit configurations.
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Talk Like A Dalek. It's Easy With This Fun DIY Project.
To make a voice changer, all we need to do is take the signal from a microphone, alter its frequency spectrum, and put it out a loudspeaker. So, how can we do that? Read On!

Smiley's Workshop - The Legend Begins!

Learn some C programming on the AVR microcontroller. You'll get enough foundational knowledge to go off on your own, somewhat prepared, to tackle the many kinds of microcontrollers and C programming systems that infest the planet.

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