Greetings from Gillian & Richard 
Seasons Begin and Seasons End

By the time you read this newsletter Gillian and I will be in Arizona taking up the desert airs, cacti, and the Native American culture. We'll spend time hearing the Spanish that gives rhythm and poetry to our life in the desert sun. I came to Arizona from working as a waiter at Lake Mohonk. The dining room staff spent winters at the hotels in Chandler, Arizona. I worked the San Marcos and later moved to the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. At the time I arrived at the Biltmore, the Wrigley chewing gum family owned and resided at the Biltmore. In those days, we had dormitories and three meals a day provided--and oh yes, we made some $$$$. Life was molded for me; the true education of life. I took to hotel life like a duck taking to water, and at 70 years old I am here in High Falls at the foot of the Mohonk Mountain House. Hotels gave me the great gift of The Eggs Nest.  I'll be forever grateful for those nickel and dime tips!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting on The Eggs Nest porch has always been the experience of watching, touching and being present for our town in its daily life. The summer of '14 has been a gift of good sleeping, good corn and the clouds are the true miracle of this, our universe. Another gift of summer is Camp Huntington which has been here in High Falls since the 30's when the Rose Stein family started with a couple of chicken coops and a lot of anxious NYC parents who were giving their children a country experience. Today it's Camp Huntington. I sit on the porch and watch the counselors and clients going by merrily looking to get some treats of ice cream and candy at The Last Bite, The Kitchenette, or The Eggs Nest. The camp has now ended its summer season. This is just one aspect of a summer community of people looking to experience country life. Many years ago in 1940 Father Divine, an evangelist, had his heaven and served .25 cent chicken dinners. The local High Fallonians still speak of Father Divine. There always continues a varied population of the curious finding High Falls.  Many of our High Fallonians today were children of summers past.  They always remind me that there are many gifts of summer in the country and there are always good days in our beloved community. 

And life is bountiful. 

Just open your eyes and be present--hallelujah!

With gratitude, 
Gillian and Richard


TEN Bowls a Success!!!


Kale! OMG! It is a vegetable that has given The Eggs Nest a new beginning. Creating menus and looking around at our farming community opens our eyes to fresh and healthy possibilities. 

The TEN Bowls have taken off and are well received; there is the possibility of our kitchen being our pharmacy. 

Living life in the light is the generosity of the Hudson Valley. The Farm Hub's testing field on Route 209 is a spectacular gift of the foundation. Want a treat for the eyes? Check out the acres of sunflowers - incredibly awesome.

We acknowledge our friends and customers appreciating our new menu. We are always looking for

innovative suggestions. Thank you from the bottom of the hearts of the Murphy's and the TEN employees! 

Thanks to you enjoying our new TEN Bowls we will be sending the Rondout Valley Food Pantry over $450 this month. We will be continuing to share your generosity with our beloved community on an ongoing basis each month going forward. Check out the Rondout Valley Food Pantry here.

And the Winner of the Darshan Russell Painting is ...
Eva Tenuto
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We wanted to share this beautiful photo of High Falls shot by John Fischer, just up the creek from The Eggs Nest.  Please feel free to share with your friends...and we look forward to having you in our wonderful town. 

John is a native of the area, and while he continues to travel and shoot photos all over the place, he still doesn't forget where his home is.  He has shot many photos around here, and he always supports the Rosendale Food Pantry wherever he goes.  He donates 5% of all sales of his prints to the Rosendale Food Pantry and includes support for them in various promotions.

So please give his page a Like.  We think you will enjoy his photos.


                                                          - John Fischer Photography 
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