"The End of Enrollment"
Volume 13, No. 23
Dec. 4, 2017
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Thank you to all our readers, subscribers, donors, and members who made us part of their day as we covered stories about the health care and coverage impacting the lives of people across Wisconsin - and beyond!

We covered critical issues in BadgerCare Plus, Marketplace coverage, ACA repeal attempts, and kept you informed on policy rules and updates from CMS, the IRS, and state Department of Health Services. And this year, we turned HealthWatch Wisconsin the project into "HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc.," a subsidiary nonprofit organization of ABC for Health, Inc.

ABC for Health works hard to ensure that thousands of families in Wisconsin receive the health coverage they need and deserve. What we learn from individuals and families informs the teaching and training we share with HealthWatch Wisconsin members and subscribers!

Keep those families in mind as we enter the holiday season and work towards a happier, healthier 2018 by supporting our mission of helping people secure access to health care and coverage.

An end of year tax-deductible financial contribution will support direct legal, advocacy, and education services to families in Wisconsin. Thank you, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!
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The End of Open Enrollment | Midnight PST, December 15
Open Enrollment for 2018 is in the final stretch for individuals to sign up for insurance without a qualifying life event. Many already have!

In week six of Open Enrollment, over 1 million individuals signed up for insurance--with 36% of those individuals being new to the Marketplace.

Cumulatively, HealthCare.gov collected nearly 4.7 million applications for this enrollment period to date (November 1 - December 9), covering over 7 million individuals. In Wisconsin, 128,000 selected a plan. This pace is much faster than 2016.

The Closing Window of Enrollment
We're counting down the remaining hours of Open Enrollment. Here are a few tips as we go:

1. Share resources:
HealthWatch has created resources to make the enrollment process easier. Our resources are tailored for consumers, with some helpful reminders for professionals. V isit our Open Enrollment Resource Library for fact sheets and a very popular Walkthrough video !

2. Debunk a few myths:
Especially after the Senate vote on the proposed tax package, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Remember, the ACA is still the law! Open Enrollment is still open! Take a few minutes to watch our video on Debunking Obamacare Myths !

3. Shop!
Black Friday may be over, but you can still shop! Encourage consumers, whether they are buying insurance for the first time or are returning to HealthCare.Gov that they are encouraged to shop around. Gold tier plans may be more affordable this year. While you can rely on auto enrollment for the continuation of coverage, there are more plans than ever with zero premiums, or premiums that are less than the penalty for being uninsured. Shop for the cost and network you like best. Watch our video " Shop Around " for pointers.

4. Find Local Help.
Open Enrollment has less than two weeks to go. Call a Navigator if you need assistance.
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