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Are You a Leader?
In Are You a Leader, or Just Pretending to Be One?, Umair Haque, who is ranked as one of the world's most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50, discusses the lack of leadership, stating: "It's as if we've forgotten what leadership really is and confused it with what it isn't." Haque states that leadership isn't performing, or saying the right thing at the right time; it's being. It isn't being a high performer, but rather it's redefining the idea of performance. Leadership isn't being in power; it's empowering others. Leaders aren't salespeople; they create purpose: "They make it more possible for the rest of us to dare, imagine, create, and build."

Simon Sinek, the author best known for popularizing the concepts of "The Golden Circle" and "Start with Why," takes it a step further, stating that a good leader "makes you feel safe." A great leader is someone who makes those around them feel secure and draws them into a circle of trust. "But creating trust and safety - especially in an uneven economy - means taking on big responsibility."

Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe
Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe              Runtime 11:59

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How to Become One...
As with any form of professional growth, learning whether or not you are truly a leader and then becoming one is a multi-step process. 

Self-awareness: We highly recommend taking a 360 (we use enVision.360 ) that shows both "bright-side" and "dark-side" behaviors, as well as leadership assessments such as the Hogan Suite or others.

Understanding: You may also benefit from using a coach or mentor to help with connecting personal and professional assessment to implications for leadership development.

Insight: Accepting the implications about yourself and committing to make appropriate, guided development.

Planning: Identifying steps to change from your current state to a desired state of leadership.

Acting: Adopting new behaviors aimed at building your desired leadership repertoire as informed and guided by your coach or mentor.

Evaluation: Assessing your movement towards your desired state and committing to recalibrate your objectives.
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